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Version: AoM: The Titans
Ok so this is a map where three warriors get shipwrecked on an island in the Medditeranian Sea. Now they must fight through Norse, Egyptian, and Greek enemies. They must go North to the other side of this island so they can hopefully escape it, but it's gonna be hard. Please comment and if u can rate, but please be gentle, this is my first. Thanks and enjoy!
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Map Design3.0
Playability: 3

There were triggers, you did name people, modify the protounits, and also you had no bugs or errors in the scenario. Now, when you reach the end of the scenario, nothing happens. Add a trigger that has the units in area condition (unit being cinematic block) and then the You Win effect. Also, there were very few things to do. There were barely any acivities besides than to kill all the units along the map. You could have added some things, such as a leveling system that upgrades the characters when they kill a certain amount of units.

Balance: 3

The balance wasn't very good because the characters were too strong and could pretty much oblitirate anything on their path. Also, you gave the player 10 healing powers to use which made the player have an advantage over the enemy. The thing that brought your rating up was that there were range units (throwing axemen) behind walls and melee units guarding the walls so that the range units could attack at a distance while the melee units held off the player until the units were killed.

Creativity: 4

I've seen not many scenarios about units being shipwrecked on an island and also you renamed a lost of the units which added to the creativity rating. What brought it down was creativity was lacking when it came to the terrain. There was only one terrain overall in the map being GrassA. You could have also been more creative by adding herds of animals near rivers to make it seem more realistic.

Map Design: 3

As I said before, the terrain was a bit plain. Try mixing some terrains such as GrassB, Gaia forrest floor, Gaia GrassB and Oak forrest floor. Also, check out TombIt's Guide to terrain mixing. You can really learn something from that! :) In addition, there really wasn't much eyecandy on the map. You could have added more grass, individually placed trees, and rocks to make the scene seem more natural. What you did do that saved it from a lower rating is that you used some grass along the cliff sides and added some crates and merged buildings in the towns.

Story/Instructions: 3

You explained the goal in minimal detail using objectives. There seemed to be not much more information regarding what you were supposed to do in the scenario besides that. There was somewhat of a story added to the scenario (i.e., the characters are stranded on an island inhabited by strange cultures and monsters, and the heroes must get through these obstacles to reach the other side of the island).

Additional Comments:

This was a good first start for a scenario :) and don't be disappointed with a rating lower than a 3.0. It was an extremely good first scenario using triggers. I encourage you to make more maps such as this one! :D
Map Design3.0
Playability: 1
This got a 1 because I found it very dull to play. It was a linear, kill the enemies type map and although I liked the modifications, it made it too easy to win. The Egyptian colony's ballista towers only attacked when my units where underneath them, is that intenional or a bug?

Balance: 2
I thought it was way to easy, perhaps less modifications to the heroes. I didn't even use half of my healing potions before I got to the end of the map.

Creativity: 4
A good idea. This recieves a 3 because I like the idea of being stranded on an island with a group of Norse, Egyptians and Greeks. However, perhaps more than a basic "kill the enemies and win" style map would be required.

Map Design: 3
Some decent eyecandy, I especially liked the bit right after the Greek village, with the path surrounded by water. Also, I liked the shipwreck at the beginning. However, later on in the map, there was almost nothing except the road and GrassA and some trees.

Story/Instructions: 2
I knew what I had to do in a nutshell. I didn't know whether I had to destroy the whole villages (says destroy the villages as you go along, but I thought that would be too time consuming), and as I kept progessing it got very repetetive. Boring in fact. I was confused when I got to the end of the map after killing almost all the enemies (I just missed the Egyptian migdol stronghold). Maybe a revealer unit would be handy for this.
Story was ok, could be better, e.g. why are they shipwrecked, what happened, who/what did it etc.

Additional Comments:
Maybe an into cinematic is required. I'm no good at cinematics myself, but I always try to make an intro cinematic to make it look prettier. Also, there is a delay of about 3 seconds at the very start of the scenario. Use the Run Immediately option on the trigger menu (took me a while to work it out myself!), it speeds things up :-)
All in all, a decent map. I honestly would not say it was worth the download, but if I see an updated version, I would only be too happy to play and give a higher mark.

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Map Design3.0
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