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Version: AoM: The Titans
Wayfarer: A Single Player Scenario
By Tombit

The sun is hot and your lips are dry. You lick them as you slowly open your eyes. A desert scene surrounds you. You do not know where you are, you do not remember how you got there.
You don't know who you are.

Wayfarer is a linear single player scenario for Age of Mythology: The Titans. You find yourself in an unknown land full of creatures, bandits and danger. Travel the sparse desert landscape, complete tasks and favours for friendly acquaintances and complete your destiny; play to find out!

To install:
Simply open the .zip file and extract "Wayfarer - Tombits.scx" into your Age of Mythology: The Titans scenario folder (default location: mydocuments/mygames/ageofmythology/scenario).

Much thanks for the download, and I hope you enjoy!
Comments and reviews are very appreciated!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
[b]Warning: Contains spoilers[/b]

Before I give the review, I'd like to point out I barely play scenarios, and the ones I do play have first gone through a harsh selection of what is, and what isn't worth downloading. The showcase intrigued me, like I stated in the thread. Below will you find my opinion about the scenario.

Playability: 4.5 makes 5
In this scenario I found no bugs, no weird losing messages, nor could I find any lag. You were extremely close to 5 points but the last, very last battle messed that up a bit.

When the final unit came from the back he always ran straight for an Ox Cart, no matter how many units I put on the task of killing it. As a result a dead Ox Cart in 3 blows. I ended up pulling some very inventive moves to stop it, and have the Einharjers follow my priest walking down the village, so they wouldn't intervene.

This is, however, not enough to degrade this to a 4, as the rest was very cleverly put together, and contained no bugs at all.

Balance: 4
From the beginning to the end it was playable, and at times a challenge. The challenges didn't require an utter genious to solve them, but they did make you think.

Like the cyclops that attacked the city, I had one unit luring it, whilst the rest was attacking it. So basically one fanatic was running like crazy in a circle, and the rest was hacking.

Well put together. The reason I'm giving you a 4 for this is because I had to reload many a times for the same reason mentioned at the playability.

Creativity: 3
The map wasn't overly creative, because it lacked depth. Quests about finding one's son have been used so many times, as have the 'defend my building' type of quests.

You did however score points here for simply making them enjoyable and challenging. Although creativity is not your biggest plus here, some other points really made up for it.

Map Design: 4
Well designed map and nice to look at. I enjoyed the small details you added like people mining and building a wall, and how the ox cart was walking up and down as if it was carrying stones. I liked how you made stairs from stone fences and how people were sitting on crates and lying down on rocks. It really gave a 'quiet village' feeling.

Why you don't have 5 points is because of the reason the eyecandy was missing. There was nothing that made me go 'wow'. And as you may know I tend to attach a lot of value to eyecandy. I do understand however, that in this scenario, excessive eyecandy simply wasn't needed. So therefore I'm going to pull off 1 point from map design.

Overall, nicely done here.

Story/Instructions: 2
This was unfortunately your weakest point. As mentioned in the creativity part, it lacked depth. The game started simply with: 'where am I?', but I figured maybe you implemented it in the storyline, and I would find out later on. Sadly this very important question, and basically the reason I kept on playing, was never answered. You ended just as succint as you began. The story was sadly unsatisfying.

Why you have not gotten 1 point only is simply because I never got lost in what to do or where to go, the scenario had proper instructions and guidance.

Additional Comments:
Although the scenario is somewhat short, it has a high enjoyability factor, and I thus reccommend to download it if you have 15 minutes of spare time and want to spend it on something nice.

Nice work Tombit, and I hope to see more of your work, as this promises a lot. You have potential.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
After playing through this scenario twice, I believe it deserves a 5 for near-perfect playability. Every mission was playable, and I noticed no bugs, not even minor. The gameplay was enjoyable, exciting, and different from the Fixed Force and Build and Destroy scenarios we see so often. Even better was that each mission required a lot of thinking and strategy. When fighting the bandits, I got them close enough to the hyena to give me the edge. When protecting the lost child, I used my Priest to block the way while my archer killed my enemies. I attacked my farm invaders from the side, ambushing them and trapping them in an akward position. Every mission left me with almost all of my health gone, but they were finishable. However, they were a bit too hard...

Balance: 4
...I had to play the last mission about 10 times over to win. It was extremely hard. My poor little men were killed by the wadjets, leaving Super-Priest to fight off four Hersir alone. It was frustrating. On the other end of the spectrum, the Cyclops was... well... pathetic. He only went after my priest, with a fury that caused him to ignore a myriad of fanatics slicing his backside. .5 off for each gives this a 4.

Creativity: 5
The map. The map. The map. I've never seen a scenario like this, and it created gameplay that I've never seen on any map, besides once in the original AoE. The quest was dramatically shaped by this, as its size eliminated annoying walking marathons. It was blow-by-blow action. Also, the city was very creative, although it was a bit of an eyesore...

Map Design: 4
...Because none of the buildings fit in together. Hey look, a beautiful stone spire, complete with notches for archers along the top. Next to Greek Fortress. Next to an Egyptian temple. All the elements looked good by themselves, but they made the town look ugly combined. The nature scenes were good, though. I felt like I was lost in a desert. The farm was also nice, but a bit bland. Too symmetrical in comparison to the sprawling town.

Story/Instructions: 3
As it was said before, you get a sparse backstory that isn't resolved. But the instructions and dialogue were fine, with no spelling errors. It was nice not to see the old man saying "Hai, OMGZ my sun is traped in teh desert. Halp plz?". However, the lack of story really detracted, and if I could give a 2.5 here, I would.

Additional Comments:
Great scenario, short and to the point. Don't expect an epic mythological adventure (if you want that, the Odyssey is at a bookstore near you). Think "playable short story". Should you download? I did. If you want a second opinion, look above you.

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Map Design4.0
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