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KAS Hero Line Wars AI v0.9

Author File Description
Khan And Steak
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
Hero Line Wars AI v0.9 (BETA)

Each player begins the game with a hero. The object of the game is to buy monsters at your Team Shop, which spawn in the enemy line and overwhelm your enemies heroes. The more monsters you buy, the more Income you will regularly receive. Advance Ages and buy more powerful monsters until you are the last players left alive!. Cheers Xerxes 3902.


  • Offline/Online compatibility.
  • 4 different starting heroes to choose from.
  • 21 different creeps to purchase from 3 Ages, including 1 ultimate unit.
  • All creeps have been "cost-effectively" remastered; so that no brain power is required to see if you are being ripped of.
  • Eye-candy rich map design.
  • There are 10 levels that your hero can reach throughout the game.
  • Each hero has a different/unique god power.
  • Custom commands when playing offline (e.g. '-ar': all random).
  • When playing offline you will be put to the test against the "Smart AI". This AI knows everything!
  • Lag control.
  • Customise gameplay with options that can be changed at any time.

    This is only BETA, please tell me of any problems that you encounter, also tell me of any suggestions that you may have. More details found here, cheers for reading ~ Khan
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    AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Athens_2008 looks interesting...*Downloads*
    Shadow_Relic When I play online, it boots me to the main menu.
    geodude 'KAS Hero Line Wars AI v0.9'

    There is a . in the name, that can cause you to boot to main menu when online.
    Chaos Mage Playability: 5
    (Insert Playability analysis here)

    Balance: 4
    (Insert Balance analysis here)

    Creativity: 5
    (Insert Creativity analysis here)

    Map Design: 5
    (Insert Map Design analysis here)

    Story/Instructions: 2
    (Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

    Additional Comments:
    I love it!!!

    Only a few problems that can easily be avoided.

    Offline play: Great but you start of as mother nature and when i go up to a hero nothing happens. Can not buy or move creep buyers.
    How ever it works a little bit when you go into editor and go play test scenario as player 2.

    Online play: Can't say haven't got account (still working on it)

    So its those little bugs you need to fix
    but i love it anyway! (Total rating 5)

    P.s instructions were not the best need to explain more on what to do.

    [Edited on 10/13/08 @ 10:51 AM]

    geodude I see a review that may be deleted....
    Khan And Steak
    File Author
    "'KAS Hero Line Wars AI v0.9'

    There is a . in the name, that can cause you to boot to main menu when online." - geodude

    Well, it's not meant for online play. I haven't actually even tested it online. But everything is made so that in theory it should work online. and Changing the name is really very easy :) ~ Khan
    Chaos Mage, your review has been deleted because it does not comply with the review guidelines. Please read them.


    highfire666 GREAT GAME I i've had to change the players
    but it's a great game and very easy with 3 cheat codes maybe you could change this.
    so that you can't use cheatcodes. this are them
    first cheatcode: atm of erebus
    second cheatcode: atm of erebus
    thirt cheatcode: trojan horse for sale
    and then level up with your creep buyer and buy
    about 1000 polyphemusen they will be deleted then go to lumber. buy about 1000 lumber and go back to the polyhemusen and after done that 3 or 4 times you will have enough gold to buy
    very much chimera's or what ever that stands there and don't forget not to much of the same type or they will be deleted. i don't use it but it's very easy.
    and it is a realy good scenario
    Khan And Steak
    File Author
    No scenario is meant to be played with cheats, this one is no different. Perhaps try it without using cheats? Thank you for the comment however :) ~ Khan

    [Edited on 10/14/08 @ 04:12 AM]

    Map Design5.0
    This was a very entertaining game that kept me hooked for hours and hours. The AI was very intelligent, and gave a big challange towards the end. I found no bugs, though the lag-control device really annoyed me. I mean, I spend over 10,000 gold buying the wood I need for an army of Polyphemuses and the lag control kicks in, and eradicates my army! On top of that, I spent all my gold on wood, only to have my army destroyed. That really wasn't too big of a deal, and didn't count against your score.

    Playability: 4.5

    As I said, the lag control was the only thing that really ticked me off. It stops lag, yet causes many issues. Spending all your gold on wood and Titans, only to have your gold and wood wasted really gets on anybody's nerves. Nevertheless, it did not prevent you from getting a 5 star rating, Khan. This game wa so addicting, that I truly can't stop playing. The way the triggers were laid out was superb, and the problems and errors that occured were minimal. The lag was very light, and barely slowed the game down. The playability was exquisite, and I cannot give you any less than a 4.5. (4.5 rounds to 5.0) ^_^

    Balance: 5

    The AI was very intelligent and put up a fight, without overwhelming the player. Resource levels all start the same for each player, and no one gets a true tactical advantage in the begining. Lag was minimal thanks to the lag control device, and nothing could bring this rating down. The myth units were modified to fit their purposes as powerful "creeps", yet did not overpower the player, for their hitpoints were kept low enough so that they could be killed. The players had similar battlegrounds to fight on, and the environment hadn't gotten into the way of battles.

    Creativity: 5

    I haven't seen any maps like this one before. Nor have I ever seen a lag-control device in any scenario I've Downloaded. The eyecandy was unique, and there was nothing on this map that I have seen in any other map. Now the AI was the thing that brought this rating the highest. I ask you: Did you utilise custom AI files or triggers to make the AI so intelligent and unique as it is? Anyway, the creativity was just dazzling. I am proud to award you a five point rating for Creativity!

    Map Design: 5

    All I can say is: "Wow." This is the most spectacular swamp design I have ever seen. I mean, this was superb in every way! The use o grass and bushes was amazing, the tent with the relic in it (shown in screenshot) was stunning. The centre of eyecandy was near the lake area. The pile of stones with the water tickling into the lake was just amazing and the terrain mixing was exquisite. I... guess there's too musch to say. So, a five for map design ;).

    Story/Instructions: 5

    The introductory cinematic really told everything that you needed to know. It explained how to buy Creeps, how to choose your starting character, and how to gain gold. The rest was explained by the naming of units, signs, and such. The instructions were labelled everywhere on the map, and there wasn;t anything that I couldn't figure out by paying attention. So, yeah, another five. :p

    Additional Comments:

    Now, I know my reviews may not make much sense (I've been told that ;) ), so I hope you can understand my terrible typing skills. :p I truly believe this map is one of the best I have downloaded, and I hope you make more like this one :D.

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    Map Design5.0
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