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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » KAS Hero Line Wars AI v0.9

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KAS Hero Line Wars AI v0.9

Author File Description
Khan And Steak
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
Hero Line Wars AI v0.9 (BETA)

Each player begins the game with a hero. The object of the game is to buy monsters at your Team Shop, which spawn in the enemy line and overwhelm your enemies heroes. The more monsters you buy, the more Income you will regularly receive. Advance Ages and buy more powerful monsters until you are the last players left alive!. Cheers Xerxes 3902.


  • Offline/Online compatibility.
  • 4 different starting heroes to choose from.
  • 21 different creeps to purchase from 3 Ages, including 1 ultimate unit.
  • All creeps have been "cost-effectively" remastered; so that no brain power is required to see if you are being ripped of.
  • Eye-candy rich map design.
  • There are 10 levels that your hero can reach throughout the game.
  • Each hero has a different/unique god power.
  • Custom commands when playing offline (e.g. '-ar': all random).
  • When playing offline you will be put to the test against the "Smart AI". This AI knows everything!
  • Lag control.
  • Customise gameplay with options that can be changed at any time.

    This is only BETA, please tell me of any problems that you encounter, also tell me of any suggestions that you may have. More details found here, cheers for reading ~ Khan
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    Shrimp782 Sorry, but I really don't understand this game. I start the game as Gia, is that right? Then when I move the Athenas to the flags nothing happens. Is this a multiplayer game? Please respond.
    Khan And Steak
    File Author
    No sorry, You're meant to start off as player 1. To fix that, go into the editor, quickly go into the the toolbar->Scenario->Playtest->Player->1. If you are not fast enough the anti edit will take control and mess up you internal organs, so be quick ~ Khan
    Manjosp I have some problems with this map:
    1.The map is played as Mother Nature, then I can-t choose a hero without the help of Editor.
    2.When the game begins, other players don't buy any creeps. They only are staying at one place and are waiting for my creeps. This is a problem with AI? How I can solve it?

    sorry for my English.
    Map Design5.0
    Playability: 5
    This is one of the best scenario's I've ever played. I had a lot of fun playing it. Everything went as planned and the AI was great. This map was reallt great offline as it was exactly like a multiplayer map except you could play it whenever you wanted. There was no lag and it was beatifully made.

    Balance: 5
    The balance was perfect, we could both buy the same enemies so it came down to strategy and it isn't to hard to outwit an AI. Although, I thought it more depended on which hero you chose rather than who was more strategic.

    Creativity: 5
    It was extremely creative, I haven't seen anything like it. The way it was set out was perfect and the enemies varied. It was also good to see that you had incoporated wood into the scenario.

    Map Design: 5
    The map design was flawless, while nothing stood out, it didn't need to. The way everything fitted into the enviroment was great and the different ways you put different things in was good.

    Story/Instructions: 5
    This scenario doesn't need a story, so I'm not going to put it down. I knew what I had to do at all times although it wasn't too hard to know. While there was no story I still thought it deserved a five as this was a truly great scenario.

    Additional Comments:
    I reccomend this to every player, good or bad.
    Khan And Steak
    File Author
    Thanks CharlieDog for your kind review. I may be making a new version in the new future :D ~ Khan
    question there are towers in the black area with lures under them, they say double regeneration double income and random all. how do i use them?
    Khan And Steak
    File Author
    Delete the tower to receive what the lure states :) ~ Khan
    question oh, thanks!

    edit: if you have the earthquake godpower you can cast it at the enemy buyers to kill them or destroy the age advance things. maybe make monuments isis instead of nature?

    also sometimes when you pick a hero it gives you a different one (i picked kastor and got an oddyseous called paladin!)

    [Edited on 08/05/09 @ 09:23 AM]

    CharlieDog I'll be watchind and waiting :P

    Maybe in the new version, there could be relics on the ground which improve attributes? It seemed a bit bare.
    Alex Pan From what I know:

    Spam Automatons - Which cost 30 and provide income of 7(An accident?)
    Once you have a high income, age up all the way to age 3 and spam Theris - Which isn't a myth unit, so enemy heroes don't do additional damage to them. They also jump which allows them to ball up ridiculously around enemy heroes.

    Also, the first time I actually saved up for a titan it got deleted by lag control before it even got to move :(

    [Edited on 11/28/09 @ 10:28 PM]

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    Map Design5.0
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