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Gods are Watching 0_O

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# of Players: 3 Gods + 6 Mortals = 9
Version: AoM: The Titans

Version 1.0
Basically it is now playable< I apologize for the fake release.


  • Starting force: The mortals get to choose a small and weak fighting force along with their starting villies to protect them from the dangers of the map and other players.

  • Gods die out: Gods start with some favor, which decreases over time, if a god favor reaches 0 they die out, but they can replenish it by having mortals sacrifice in their temples, basically sacrifices give gods PP and give them more time to live.

    The gods:
  • Player 1 will be Holy God
  • Player 2 will be the Underworld Lord
  • Player 3 will be the Guardian of the Earth


  • What is "God are Watching"?
    Answer =
    Gods are watching is a scenario which is basically supremacy but with some players being gods granting stuff to the "Mortals".

  • Why do I wanna play an edited 3 gods are watching?
    Answer =
    This map isn't an edited version, it was started on a new map, larger than 3 gods are watching, mortals are not only 3, I mean come on 1 mortal per god seems few, so I have 6 mortals plus the option to play with less players, the main idea about 6 players is that you can play 2 VS 2, 2 VS 2 VS 2 or 3 VS 3, but I must confess, my map kinda looks like river civ.

  • I like the idea of gods granting stuff and all, but a lot of n00bs tend to abuse their power and just kill us off, or I am a god but the mortals just leave the game cause P1 is killing us all of, that is why I hate this game, so why should I play yours?
    Answer =
    Easy, this is where my unique system comes into play, in other games the gods are overlords and decide everything that happens, especially P1 with the most OP units...like titans, well in this game "Gods are watching 0_O" all 3 gods have equal power and different advantages, but one weakness, the gods actually need mortals to be powerful, you see, in the shop gods can grant unlimited units and god powers, but they come with a price, which isn't resources, it is a resource only mortals can supply them with....SACRIFICES, each god has a temple and the end of the map where if a unit is sacrificed the gods gain Power Points which they can use to grant the mortals units as a reward, and storing a little extra for themselves to buy their own army, and thats not all, if a god is offered many sacrifices he will gain bonuses, such as extra Power Points and hopefully if were lucky, letting the god summon himself in the world of the mortals (No its not a titan, there are rivers you know, we must let our god travel all the map).

  • What else does your map have?
    Answer =
    First of all instead of starting with those annoying citizens when your not Atlantean (Which you probably do like, if so you disgust me ;p), you start with the villagers of your own culture thanks to one sole trigger I added.
  • AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Squishfellow First DL! First time I ever got a first DL!

    I'll play this online and test it sometime this weekend. I expect it to be a great map, and I hope you have an anti-edit or three in place.
    Henrz Slight problem... when I tried to play it it was paused and we couldn't unpause, and also p5 doesn't get the starting recources only 75 food and 25 gold.

    [Edited on 10/20/08 @ 01:29 PM]

    demigodseer weird...thats what i sometimes get when i play rpg's.....scary....anyways its sounds like awonderful map and its great....but i dont have multiplayer......if only people could make AI's for thes egames like hero line wars
    File Author
    Oh my apologies, I'll fix the minor P5 resource bug in a while, I am a little busy right now ;p.

    As for the pause, what do you mean?, if you only see a big relic than it means it has been viewed in the editor, if that is the case, just download it again.
    Shadow_Relic Colors should've been: p1-white, p2-black or red, p3 green(er)
    File Author
    Player one was white.

    Player two has a dark red color.

    Player three has a "Pure" green color.

    Pretty much fits since green was already taken by a mortal ;p.
    Die_Mortal HEY! You finally got it finished! Good to see it released. I dont really play much anymore, but I'll try to find time to check it out.
    Henrz Sneaky, I just looked back at this and, if there was one, the anti edit system (the relic thing you were talking about) didn't work.
    Killer_Dong looks good sneaky, id dl but im quitting aom lol, i cant go to forums cuz im banned, etc

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