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Together As One

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Version: AoM

Together As One -
By Fintrollx


On a saturday morning Jason a 32 years old strong warrior decided to go to see his relatives in the nearby village from his house. The villages have had peace for many years at the time, only in these few days rumours of beasts freed by Hades himself have came to the ears of villagers. Some villagers are scared to leave the village some find themselves leave as soon as they can... Jason didn't care much of these rumours he though they were just gossip by some crazy old man, who came to the village on monday. Jason took a trip with his foot to see his relatives, he had an great time seeing his family for sometime he had been so busy taking care of villages works lately, he slept a night in the house there. on Sunday morning he had an strange but strong feeling that something is wrong in his hometown.
Jason said goodbye to his family and went back to the village to see what's going on in there.

Instructions and Author's notes

You play as Jason and go back to the village, his hometown but quickly you see somethings wrong in there. Do not let Jason die if so you lose the scenario. This scenario includes no building or economy running, only strategic defending and troop moving, microing troops is also suggested. If your going to review this map don't be too hard on me, this is my first map in Age of Mythology. Have fun and good luck! (This map works on both AoM and AoM: The Titans)


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File Author
What do you guys think of it..?
Llaman Downloading now, I'll submit my review after.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 5
The playability was very good. There was no trigger bugs, nothing like that. Lagging was something I didn't have to worry about in the scenario. I wasn't lost at one point, wondering what to do nor did I have to wait an extremely long time for something to spark. Well done in this area.

Balance: 5
For this section, the scenario wasn't extremely difficult nor extremely simple to complete. Jason's health was rather low compared to the others (perhaps you could use the Modify Protox is it? trigger to increase his health) but that didn't matter too much and it's rather minor. I think I played the scenario two or three times before I started working out a tactic. To me, the balance was perfectly fine.

Creativity: 2
This is the area in which you could have improved on. There weren't any breath-taking trigger tricks or more triggers to make the game seem more interesting. Perhaps you could take a look at the Triggering Guides. Triggers really do make a game tonnes more interesting and in some cases challenging. It was...not too original but not too common when I was granted some troops. You could have added something to the end of the scenario too. Sometimes looking at other people's scenarios/campaigns can help a lot and get your brain thinking up new and creative ideas.

Map Design: 3
From what I saw, the Map was fairly well done. It wasn't anything spectacular but it was decent nevertheless. You could try adding some minor details to the map and it can make a big difference. There's some good guides around here as well as Eyecandy Maps found in the Downloads Section. Even try the Eyecandy Thread. Moving to the camp, the layout of the camp was very nice and the environment surrounding it fairly good.

Story/Instructions: 3
Another area you can improve on. The instructions (although there were only one or two) were rather clear and easy to understand. You could have added some other objectives such as 'Keep The Enemies Away From Your Relatives' or something similar to that. This would blend in with Triggers. The more triggers (not too many though that it lags) and objectives you have, the more challenging and fun it is. The story, which you've mentioned here in the download page, is not hinted in the scenario. I only guessed that Jason's relatives were the Old Man and other Civilians. You could have added some history or simple dialog that explains what Jason's doing and perhaps a short, jolly conversation. Try and work on this in the future.

Additional Comments:
Overall, this is a very good scenario for your first. You did well and I'm sure you'll improve in the scenario's to come. It was suspenseful at parts and required some strategic planning. Great effort and good luck for the future.


[Edited on 11/04/08 @ 01:55 AM]

NeverPlayedHalo3 If the playability was good, why'd you give him a 3, instead of a 5? Anyway, seems good, I don't play much, but, good job for even making a scenario, people Don't realize how hard it is. As long as you keep perusing, and making your scens better and better, you're bound to come up with a masterpiece sooner or later. Good luck. :)
Llaman Wow, barely thought of that.
Alyssea Yay, another vanilla designer.

I'll download and review when I get home.
File Author
Thanks for the Review Llman i appreciate. I agree i was not really creative after all but my skills are not enough to make really original triggers yet. I think i maybe start a new project, but im not sure yet since AoM lags on my computer pretty badly (old computer, bad graphics controller)
MasterBeef Llaman, your review is a bit short. Try to lengthen the description and, when you can, read the review guidelines:


:) I don't want to sound like a mod, btw.
File Author
More reviews and comments are welcome, what do you guys think of the balance atm? for me it's not really easy but not too hard, but i wanna hear your opinions.
Man_of_Thunder Hey do you think i can try to modifiy this senerio? I mean im going to give you full credit keep the layout the same, just bring out the eyecandy a little. I was bored one day and started working on yours so you think i could finish it?
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Map Design3.0
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