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Age Of Heroes 3000...

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Style: Other
# of Scenarios: 15
Version: AoM
Dope presents........ ~o~ Age Of Heroes 3000 ~o~

In order to celebrate Age Of Heroes getting over 3000 downloads I've decided to release an
update that makes it fresh even if you've completed it ten times already(I know you have:)).

And I'm almost done with my next Age Of Heroes II scenario so you'll get to se a teaser in this pack too.

Age Of Heroes 3000 features the original AoH campaign with a lot of changes, many of which improve the gameplay and make it even more interesting. Every scenario and cinematic have been remade in order to fix any bugs and also to make the design fresh and interesting to those who've already played Age Of Heroes.
Some scenarios feature new quest's that expand the story but don't worry, the original AoH story is unchanged.

This pack was made comletely by riotTHEquiet for his own personal use. Off course it's based on AoH's original files. While playtesting it, I've decided to make some changes myself and make an update pack that satisfies those who've already played Age Of Heroes, as well as those who haven't played it yet. The final product is pretty good so I've decided to release it and celebrate Age Of Heroes succes at the same time.

THE LIST OF CHANGES: ( By riotTHEquiet )

Corrected the grammar mistakes.
Included picture icons in the cut scenes (I hope yours [techtree tree] is OK).
Edited some scenarios so that they will be easier to play in Easy mode for those people who have trouble completing levels.
Fixed the error on the mountain giants level.
Fixed the last level so that when you are floating around, you can fire zues' bolts at the enemy.
Added in an install.exe and uninstall.exe file for PC's (I don't have a MAC nor access to one so cant help out there).
Most of the maps have been remade with new terrains and eyecandy. ( By Dope )
This pack also features some new very humorous situations, all made by riotTHEquiet which .

And this is not all. I've changed the main menu backgrounds. If you liked the old ones they're still available in original Age Of Heroes. The new backgrounds come only with this update pack.

With this update for AoH you'll also get a chance to see what's my next scenario going to look like. I've been working on it for a while now and it's almost ready to amaze you:)

Don't forget to check out the original ~o~Age Of Heroes~o~


As usual, I'll release a couple of major scenarios from Age Of Heroes II before I release the main campaign. You've already had a chance to play Age Of Heroes II Odysseus and now it's time to continue the story.

The story continues in a tropical paradise. Our new hero will get to explore the jungles,
and ancient sites where evil still lives. The story is one of the most interesting stories
in AoH series with over 20 quests and a lot of unexpected twists. The scenario features many
surprises even for the most experienced players. As always you can expect a realistic and beautifull map design with many eyecandy tricks which make the map realistic and magical at the same time. ... What?..No, I won't reveal who's the new hero so you'll just have to wait
and see.

In this pack you'll get to see only some of the locations in this scenaro.
The scenario is now almost complete. The map is finished and all that remains is some

trigger work. Right now I've finished about 35%. That means you can expect it to be released in less than ten days.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
(The game was very fun to play, and I had no lag at all on any of the scenarios. I had some problems on some of the levels, with such things as instructions, and I had to ask you for help on it, and other things like that. On the level "Ajax" the scenario messed up when I got to Athena on the other island, since I had been right clicking for Ajax to walk elsewere before the cinematic, the cinematic didn't fire correctly, because he was walking to another place, and the cinematic most probably didn't want to fire until he was near her. I've had problems like that in my campaigns before, I suggest putting Ajax on a looping trigger to move to Athena, until he actually gets there, than disable it. I loved the final scenario, even though it was a bit ugly, it was a very fun and inventive level, and I've not seen anything like it before.)

Balance: 5
(The balance was fairly good between sides; there were some levels which should be easier on easy (You can set the individual difficulty for the different difficulties with the triggers, pretty much by giving less or more units for different difficulties, less or more resources, etc.) Other than that small thing, some were kind of easy, but most were balanced perfectly, that goes for the scenarios that are RPGs ("Ajax" & "Arkantos") aswell. And the final scenario is definitely well balanced, you just have to know how to move quickly, if you can't, maybe you'll lose to all of the enemies. )

Creativity: 5
(I've not seen a great campaign like this since Vandhaal made his huge campaign; your campaign is long and wonderful, even if there are a few errors within the playability. The final scenario is what made this a five instead of whatever else it may have gotten. That is a type of scenario I've never played in this game, and I loved it. I may even make something "like" it in my upcoming campaign, but not with a top view like that, instead it will be a side view, which seems like fun, shooting people coming at you from a forest, the sand dunes, glaciers, etc. - it just sounds amazing. Thank you for making that scenario, and inspiring me to work more on my new campaign. People that design, like you, are helping keep AoM alive, and I love that. You definitely deserve the five on this creativity score. I also have given you this creativity so high because of the RPG levels, which were quite creative and long, they took up most of my time. I love RPGs like that, I've not played an RPG like that, which I've actually liked for AoM... ever.. so I believe that yours deserves a five!)

Map Design: 4
(Unfortunately, I cannot give a perfect score on the map design, partly because of the final scenario, and some of the scenarios in the middle had some lacking areas. The final scenario was the worst, however. I suggest adding a bit more eye-candy to it, to make it not so dull. There are some scenarios which have places that are missing terrain mixing, it may look good sometimes to you if you do not terrain mix, but some others may not share that opinion. Sometimes I like putting all green grass in gardens, but than I remember that others just won't like that, even though it may make more sense than having some dead grass randomly placed in as well; alwell, nothing can be perfect. You got a great score nonetheless. Great job!)

Story/Instructions: 3
(The instructions were probably the worst I've seen in quite some time, mostly because of the RPG scenarios, which take up most of the play time. Sometimes the dialog would cut off (which you've explained isn't your fault, since someone else is the one that edited it, however, it's your campaign, so you should be responsible for that in this release), the instructions would just that things like "Take the relic to the Great Temple of Zeus," while I'm thinking "Where is that?! There are temples everywhere!" You should update this again, and make sure the dialog won't cut off, and make sure the instructions are more clear. The story wasn't that great, but the instructions from the scenarios other than the RPGs brought up this score. I still loved the campaign without the story, which is rare for me, since I usually only care about the story in a campaign, otherwise I usually wouldn't play it.)

Additional Comments: This is one of the best campaigns I've played in a long while, and I hope you make another campaign in the future; your designing capabilities are amazing, and I believe you can do better than even this. You shouldn't stick with just updating this campaign, make something new, and don't make a sequel to this... please, just don't :p. I stuck with making sequels too many times, and it isn't that great, making original things is much funner, maybe one sequel is okay, and a trilogy is alright, but after that, it definitely would need to stop, which I should have done when the story was finished in my "The Councils Bad Decision" campaigns in the third part... anyway, great campaign, and I look forward to playing any future projects of yours. I hope you play my campaign that I'm in the process of making, when it's released.

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Map Design4.0
Favorites: [Who?]5
Size:7.26 MB
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