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Kronos vs. Isis

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# of Players: 2
Map Type: Ghost Lake
Map Size: Unknown
Game Type: Supremacy
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: AoM: The Titans
He started to spam the turma early on, nearly destroying me about 10-15 minutes into the game. But thanks to mercenaries, I was able to beat back his turmas and promos, while I went and destroyed his wood economy, effectivly shutting down turma production...then he resigned. I'm not sure why, as his food and gold was still high up (he could easily produce murmillo's and the like), and he could just task more villies on wood...but anyways, I won.
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Sam_Ham 1. You were way too slow right from the start. During the game load screen
hammer 'h' until you hear the tc sound, then the villager hotkey (v by default)
to begin queueing up villagers from time 00:00. Immediately select your vills and Pharaoh and look for the brown spots on the minimap which indicate food in your los and move them there asap. After that go back to the tc and set aq.

2. Rally points. I can't believe no-one has picked you up on this yet. Select your
TC and right click where you want the villager to go when it is created. It will then AUTOMATICALLY gather from that resource. Think about how much clicking time this will save you, not to mention idle time.
All TCs should ALWAYS have rally points to a resource whilst aqing villagers. All you need to do is change rally
points in archaic.

3. Gathering from straggler trees as Egyptian. No good. Your lumber camps are free and it is far more productive to send the first wood vill to build a camp by the best forest.

4. House placement. No good. Place your houses around your towers, 3 per tower on the side closest to the enemy. This gives them free protection from melee units. Have one vill in archaic build all these houses.

5. You scouted boars pretty early. Go hunt them asap. Not only are they much faster than berries, but are in a more exposed location, so you want to eat them all before he starts pumping turmas at you. Instead, you
walked FURTHER to gather BERRIES? This is a basic principle: hunt >>>>>>>>> berries/chickens. Remember it. With
regards to this, get hunting dogs asap on 99% of land maps, not husbandry. They are both cheap techs which can be researched
before classical, but you want the hunting bonus first, even if it's only for 3 boar/zebra. The only exception is on Oasis
when you have no start hunt and nothing more than 2 zebras anywhere, and loads of goats.

6. Temple placement. No good. He can easily destroy it way out there, it is barely protected by one tower!
Build the temple next to a tower, in range of the TC but at least one farm's distance away from it.

7. Notice how you had loads of idle TC time in archaic waiting for that 400 food? This is another big mistake. You should never have more than a paltry few seconds of idle time in archaic. To avoid this, you could have continued pumping vills to goats by your TC (you would have got the same adv time with more vills), or simply hunted the boars instead of walking to the berries.

8. Why have you not built a monument yet? This is a must have and should be gotten very early in archaic (after HD)

9. You in general need a better archaic build. Register an account at http://agesanctuary.com. Then go to the AoT portal under network at the top of the main page. Then under the recordings menu, choose Isis. This will give you a list of all the expert Isis recs ever posted. I assume you already know how to watch recs.

10. Get the eco ups. This is _crucial_. You want to have at the very least hunting dogs, pickaxe, flood of the Nile and husbandry before you hit classical. Get hand axe depending on how high food the map is/how fast you want to FH. At the latest get hand axe during heroic transition (when doing an 8:00~ FH). Instead you got ONE of these (whilst advancing at a crazily late time), and started making... BARRACKS? YOU ARE GOING TO FB AN ATL AS ISIS WITH A 7 MIN ADVANCE AND CLASSICAL FIGHT? Ok, you are lacking basic knowledge of how to play Egyptian. In short, fast heroic. Watch the recs I mentioned above and see how the experts go about it. By all means you can barracks fight vs kronos, but you need to be classical by 5:30 at the latest.

11. You still only had 3 houses after advancing, and you were popped when he attacked you. This is unforgivable as Egyptian. Your houses are free, have one vill make them all as I said earlier and you will never have this problem.

12. Do not queue up a ****ton of spears in one barracks. This is TT, use autoqueue. This way you do not tie up res unnecessarily
in unit production and can spend it on other things, particularly !!!ECO UPS!!!

13. Idle TC time in classical. Again unforgivable. One of the foundation stones of the entire games is as follows:
NEVER, EVER, STOP, MAKING, VILLAGERS. Make them until the icon turns red and you cant make them any more. Leave aq villagers on in all your TCs at all times. This alone will skyrocket your rating.

14. I'm not sure whether you know how to use aq. Click the unit once, the click the green rotating arrow on the bottom of the screen. Now the
unit will continue to be produced until you stop it. Always use this feature.

15. You have more basic problems, but making the mercs was a bad idea. His turmas weren't doing anything but dieing to your TC fire. Why waste all that gold on units which die pretty soon and he can just run away from. Pointless.

16. You lost all your slingers to his turma. Another critical lesson to learn. NEVER FIGHT BATTLES YOU CANNOT WIN. You will get better at judging when you are going to lose a battle before it begins. Never just leave your units to die, run away back to your TC if you cannot beat his army. Unit conservation is critical, you don't want to waste res on rebuilding units, it allows him to get the edge.

17. He was beating you easily so I have no idea why he resigned.

Ok, here's what you need to work on, in order:

[*]Use aq to have a never-ending production line of villagers.
[*]Use rally points in archaic instead of manually sending each vill to work.
[*]Research eco upgrades. This is indescribably critical to achieving a higher rate. Just get them asap. All of them.
[*]Improve your build order by watching expert recordings.
[*]Improve your strategy vs each god on each map by watching expert recordings (i.e. learn how to fast heroic).
[*]Use aq on military units.
[*]Do not lose units unnecessarily by fighting battles you cannot win.

If you do all the above (and it's honestly not that hard is it?) you will see a marked difference in how well you play,
and the rate of players you can beat. Once you think you have these basics down, post another game (a loss is preferable).

As an 1850~ rated Isis player, I can tell you from experience (I was once as bad as you) that reaching 1700 is not very tough.
If you want it enough, follow advice given, play a lot, watch a lot of isis recs etc, it's far from beyond anyone.

p.s. sorry about the retarded spacing I wrote it down in notepad first.

[Edited on 12/03/08 @ 10:06 AM]

File Author
Wow...thanks man. I'll try to bear those points in mind whenever I play...

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