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# of Players: 2
Map Type: Ghost Lake
Map Size: Unknown
Game Type: Supremacy
AoM Version: AoM: The Titans
Okay, so I didn't quite follow ALL your tips...I forgot to check the list before playing (I haven't played 1v1 since that game I posted)...but I followed quite a lot of it...

Just so you know, my opponent resigned as he had to go eat...ah well.

Sam_Ham, any further critique that is possible with this posted game would be much appreciated.
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Sam_Ham A much better archaic purely by virtue of aq and rally points.

You got housed at the first attempt, which is always bad. You need to remember to send a vill to build 10 houses around your towers when you hit 15 pop.

You still need a better BO, which can get you up at 6 minutes with 12 food/6 gold/3 wood villagers or so.

You put a few too many vills on food to begin with. Start with 5 on hunt, instead of 7/8. Put the next 3 to gold, 1 more to hunt then the next 3 vills to build a monument (You again forgot this, very important not to do that) after which they go to wood. Next vill builds a house, temple, rest of houses. Then distribute between food and gold until you have 12/13 on food and 6 on gold.

Grab pick axe, husbandry and flood of the nile in archaic (pick axe before husbandry).

Here the lack of a monument meant you could not get the flood tech, and you should have got pickaxe before hitting advance too (you had loads of res).

When you hit heroic, instead of putting down all those barracks, you should have built an armoury with your wood vills while pumping vills to herdables. Then advance as soon as the armoury is finished under Nepthys, using prosperity with pharaoh empowering during transition (take all but 6/7 from food to gold during this time).

When you hit heroic put down a migdol/siege shop near a gold mine and build a second TC, start making CA and Elephants.

It will take you a while to get good/used to this strat, but it is 100% the most effective strat in all situations except vs Krush, Oranos 4:00 or Loki heimdall rush.

Good job getting shaft mine early, but when doing FH save your food for elephants rather than bow saw, which you can get later (as Isis is nowhere near as wood dependent as other civs, the wood ups are not quite as useful). You should have got Bast's Adze tech for wood early classical though.

You get a bit overloaded on resources early, which is a common problem for new players. You need to be fast spending your res. If you look at your res bar at 10 minutes and see 1k of all res, you are doing something right (eco) but you are also doing something very wrong (not spending it).

You should have spent it as I said earlier on heroic advance and then aqing CA/ele. Spend additional res on new TCs, uprades, buildings, whatever. Saving it up does nothing, so always be thinking what you could be spending the res on and DO IT! For example, with the res you had (assuming you are going full classical), You could have made 2 more TCs and got all the copper armoury upgrades. That's all you needed to do to play this game about 100% better, just spend the res you had!

You were generally a bit passive. At 16 minutes you had 1000 more score than him (a serious advantage) and an eco about 100x better than him, and better upgraded units. But you didn't attack? Why wait for him to build up? If you make units, you need to use them otherwise they are worthless. If you just attacked him even around the time you hit heroic, it would have een all over.

Getting good at aom is all about being able to do these things simultaneously: Attack/raid him, whilst not forgetting to keep spending resources on upgrades/keeping 0 idles at home. Don't devote all your attention to one thing.

Basically all you needed to do to murder him this game was spend your heaps of res, and aq military units from more than one building. You also had slight gold issue which can be solved by building a market as soon as you hit heroic and begin aqing camel caravans (another important eco thing not to forget).

So, in summary:

You had a good eco, keep this up.
Use the fast heroic strat in most situations.
Spend your res all the time, never stop.
Attack, raid. Especially if he is sitting back.
AQ mil units from all your mil buildings.

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