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Age Of Heroes II Reginleif

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Version: AoM
Dope presents...

~o~Age Of Heroes II~o~

Age Of Heroes II continues and Reginleif is a new hero. The story continues in a tropical paradise. Our new hero gets to explore the jungles, and ancient sites where evil still lives. The story is one of the most interesting stories in AoH series with over 20 quests and a lot of unexpected twists. The scenario features many surprises even for the most experienced players. As always you can expect a realistic and beautifull map design with many eyecandy tricks which make the map realistic and magical at the same time.

~o~Age Of Heroes~o~ feeling,
Over 20 quests,
Interesting storyline,
Realistic map design,
A lot of eyecandy,
Day and Night cycles,
NPC's with interesting chats,
Many new eyecandy and gameplay tricks,
and a lot of AoH fun...

The Story...

The story is set at about the same time as Age Of Heroes II Odysseus. Regeinleif wakes up in a strange land and can't even remember how she got here. The last thing she remembers is being chased by giants... an now she's here. But where is ''here''? These lands seem beautifulll with sun shining on the beaches and birds singing in the trees. But there's more to this land than a couple of birds. Her instincts tell her she should exyplore deeper into the jungle...
The rest of the story must be played trough... enjoy.

All important informations such as installation intstructions etc. can be found in ReadMe.txt.

Age Of Heroes II continues soon with the last singleplayer scenario.. and then....
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
(Insert Playability analysis here)
It was a realy good game and i liked it when I played it.
But the Bears where to strong.
and when i needed to go to the top of the mountain there was one tree. That holded me away from the top(The passage was blocked).
And ones you changed in reginleif there was only a litle amount of enemy's.

Balance: 5
(Insert Balance analysis here)
everything was good only there where not enough missions from the troll. (my opinion. It's fun getting missions from a troll.)
So give more missions.
Maybe also from that culture that was destroyd.
And lengthen the day-night cycle.
It was to fast night and to fast day. (again my opinion)

Creativity: 5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)
It looked creative to me.
It was an island with a volcano (am i right)
I liked the part where you had to go to that city with the caravans. But there was only one enemy when you had to protect them.

Map Design: 4
(Insert Map Design analysis here)
The map was full of eye candy.
On some moments to much.
*A monkey that stoud in my way.
*A tree that blocked me.
*A dead deer inside a small road, I had to wait until it dissapeared.
*The Shrine wasn't easy to reach because the columns where to close and almost block me.

Story/Instructions: 3
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)
The instructions where sometime not clear to me. The pings where to short. And the tips gave not enough instructions. (sometime)
Maybe you could ad more Cinematics to explain more.
I liked the story but it was a bit short i tought it would take an hour or two to play it
but it took me only 45 minutes.
On the end with that general or something you could have given him a name because you had to seek him. And go with your character to all that units that stand there.

Additional Comments: (this is my first review)
I can't wait till the next one.
are you making that right?
And use change name.There where much units that would look better if they had a name.
I am sure this could be better. (unless it is the meaning to let monkeys block your way)
I hope your not mad for this review

[Edited on 12/07/08 @ 05:44 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 1
Let me set off by stating that I have downloaded this scenario under the pretense of correcting my previous judgment having given you time to take feedback on board and implement it into your future productions. Unfortunately, it appears that you have completely disregarded any criticism and feedback and have produced a mere replica.

In my last review I gave four points that needed to be improved on to up the playability factor: excitement, life-factor, tasks & storyline, and use of day/night cycle. None of these points undertook any change. The game remains as unexciting as the last one I reviewed and what's more there is no music to at least give it an atmosphere.

The objectives/action of the scenario still have no correlation with the narrative, indeed there appears not a be a narrative at all, simply a jumble of unrelated tasks with no unifying sense of progression or gratification.

The villagers in the towns remain standing still so it looks unrealistic, they do at times say nice bits of random conversation but the player cannot tell who the conversation is coming from and again there seems to be no 'point' to it; it is more distracting than beneficial.

The playability rating may appear low in comparison to some of the scenarios out there, but as there was no improvement and quite possibly a negative development on the scenario it has to be rated lower than before.

In my last review I said: "it seemed you just included [the day/night cycle] because it would look good". I advised to give it a purpose rather than just putting it in there to score points. The attempt did not fool me initially and indeed it failed to fool me this time; no difference or improvement had been made to this.

Balance: 2
You have improved the balance somewhat in this scenario compared to Odysseus, however, this improvement is infinitesimal. There was at least the ability to die in this scenario, however, you need to make healing more obvious than putting a healing spring in the middle of the city; and perhaps more interesting: a potion-shop would have suited far better. The signals were also defective as they fired much too fast, it would take me 10-20 seconds to find out where I was supposed to be going, the lack of progressive linear narrative further affects this confusion.

Creativity: 2
You have received a lower creativity rating than before partly because no real attempt has been made to improve but also because there was not even a sign of some of the at least partially creative features as before... or perhaps I was just so frustrated at the lack of improvement that they didn't appear significant. Either way, this scenario remains generic and backwards. This sort of scenario design had its place when we were not quite so technologically advanced with the AoM editor as we are now, but now it appears boring and lacks innovation and quality.

Map Design: 4
There appears to be a recurring theme here as I wanted to give you a lower rating here because of the lack of improvement on the last scenario. I have refrained however because I do give credit where it is due. You do have a talent with map design. The maps are well constructed and delivered, believable and naturalistic, however you have again ignored feedback and failed to give it that final point : the wow-factor of a beautifully crafted town and pieces of eyecandy that make you think 'how was that constructed?'.

Story/Instructions: 2
The objectives were hard to follow. Putting them in the hints section is a bad move. That section is called hints for a reason, to be used as additional help for players struggling with the current mission. The missions themselves were poor and uninteresting, as before you lacked any sense of cuase and effect and they seems random, clichéd and inconclusive , for example, why would a female cult ask a member to mine gold to join? that seems somehwat counter intuitive if you ask me.

In response to my last review you said: "this scenario marks the begining of a new campaign, it's not suposed to be detailed and explained all at once". This would have been a valid response if the scenario itself appeared to be part of a campaign. However, there is no progression. This could easily be a stand-alone scenario and not bothering with explanation and detail just because its 'part of a campaign' is redundant and makes your work uninteresting and a times frustratingly poor-quality.

Your scenarios would seriously benefit from a greater use of storyline. I would suggest downloading other scenarios out there which are either stand-alone or part of a series and seeing how they use narrative to link all the scenarios together and also how they use RPG features to make it fun and interesting to play. A great example of a stand-alone RPG which does this is Istari's 'Sorcery' and if you want an example of how to link scenarios with a narrative check out my Cassius Belli scenario, Eazy's Dracula scenario is also a good thing to reference.

Additional Comments:
I downloaded this scenario hoping so much that you have taken on board what I said before and I am disappointed that you haven't. Constructive criticism is there to make you improve and should be used to perfect your technique. I stand by my ideology that this 'could' be a great good scenario, it certainly has the potential laid out there but your not listening to feedback and acting on that. You have all the elements that a potentially great designer needs to posses: dedication, ability to complete, understanding of the editor, natural map design ability, and an artistic flair. This being said, you are still trying to be too prolific in your scenario releases. I imagine some of these took a few months to compelte. However, if you worked on them for even just one month extra before releasing them you could create something wonderful.

[Edited on 12/07/08 @ 06:19 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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