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South Park Scotland

Author File Description
thecowwarrior *DISCLAIMER* This scenario is a (RESPECTFUL) tribute to South Park using wav files found for free online.

There have been many mysterious reports of villagers being robbed and murdered by a bandit by the loch. As the lone warrior in your wussy little town, you get to go investigate.

Have fun, its just a short little scenario, make sure to install the sound file. If you haven't seen episode 303 of SP, this will make absolutely no sense.

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Highgear56 Playability: 1
(This was the gayest scenario ever. There is no way to win.)

Balance: 1

Creativity: 1
(It's like scribbling on a piece of paper like a baby. What's the matter with you people? You come up with the dummest plots and map designs, but this... This is a disgrace to AOM.)

Map Design: 1
(Like I said, u poeple don't even know how to design a good map. How could you AOM creators even let this kinda bull**** in? Check out my scenario Deadly Encounters. It was actually created with effort and determination)

Story/Instructions: 1
(SOUTH PARK??? This is age of mythology, when greek and roman mythology and others took place, not SOUTH PARK!)

Additional Comments:

Gay, gayer, gayest.
Map Design2.0
Playability: 2
(While not very playable, this scenario is amazing funny, especially seeing the Monster in action.)

Balance: 1
(The Monster is quit a bit more powerful than you, but it's not aboot war, it's aboot a good good laugh.)

Creativity: 5
(This map, while simple, is a creative genious. That someone took the time to make this delights all SouthPark fans. While people that haven't seen this SouthPark episode would be ready to rip this map apart, again, it's aboot a good laugh.)

Map Design: 2
(It's not aboot the map, it's aboot the Moster and tree fitty.)

Story/Instructions: 4
(The story is an awesome representation of something Chef's Dad would tell (those stories are awesome).)

Additional Comments:

To emphasize the point, it's aboot good a good laugh,
not a real scenario. I also found it rude to advertise your own map HighGear56.
Highgear56 Playability: 2
(Well, I guess it's okay. I gotta admit, it's kinda funny.)

Balance: 2

Creativity: 4
(I guess makin sometin outta South Park was kinda funny. Doesn't look like 20th century stuff though, lol. :p)

Map Design: 3
(Simple, just a big body of water in the middle and trees around the remainder of the map)

Story/Instructions: 4
(There is nothing to be found anywhere except for the monster, lol)

Additional Comments:

I guess it was okay for a laugh. You people do scenarios differently than I do. And I wasn't advertising my scenario. I was comparing, sheesh.

[Edited on 03/29/03 @ 12:55 AM]

eskimo Playability: 5
(It's all about getting to Nessy so that she can take your Tree fitty. It's simple and quite amusing. It's not about actually playing, it's about a quick, good laugh. )

Balance: 5

Creativity: 5
(I found it very creative...who else would have taken the time to actually make a loch ness monster actualy ask someone for tree fitty? it's hilarious. And the part about it being greek mythology and South Park together, adds to the creativity...in no way is that dumb...you f*cking idiot--yeah you, the one that advertised his own AOM map on someone's review page. how lame.)

Map Design: 5
(Not much but that wasn't the point...)

Story/Instructions: 5
(Good Job you sexy stud you)

Additional Comments:
anyone that didn't like this, has no respect for South Park--screw you. I thought this was above awesome...I think It's THO PMS worthy...whaddya say Rabbi????

[Edited on 09/16/03 @ 05:36 PM]

son_of_osiris maybe it's good if you think about "south park",but this is a game about mytology;not anything else.If you have something related to mytology,submit it:)
Highgear56 Son of Osiris is right, man. It's Age of Mythology. Plus, I don't watch South Park. It's gay.
Map Design2.0
Playability: 1
Nothing to do here, 'cept to have a little dialog with the loch ness monster
Balance: 2
There isn't a challenge
Creativity: 4
Well, I do like South Park, and that episode is a classic one, and doing something like this isn't AoM'y thus making it creative ...(i think)

Map Design: 2
Some water and some trees
Story/Instructions: 1
Talk to the monster...that's the story
Additional Comments:
It isnt funny if you have never seen that episode, so please, spread it around to your friends for a laugh or something, but don't post it here.

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Map Design2.0
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