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Version: AoM: The Titans
This is my first RPG about a dwarf named Hermlin. You have to complete quests,(9 I assume) in order to get to the king, the final quest that you have to complete.

This features a lot of really great effects, triggers, and eyecandy, so please review. Keep in mind that this is my first RPG and merely my second scenario. Tell me if you like it and if I should make some more. Thanks!

Thanks, enjoy and review! :)
Tell me if I should make a sequel or just another RPG.
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Sir Takamahri Very good, very good, I like RPGs. I like the map design, escpecially the bridge. And I don't think I found a single grammatical/spelling error in the whole thing! Though, the thing is, there was a COMPLETE lack of storyline or climax. You don't why you're where you are or why you're even a dwarf. And as soon as you kill the hydra the scenario ends. But, on the whole, pretty good.
I can't wait till your next one, aZeusdude2!
File Author
Thanks! I'm thinking about making a sequel. And it will have a storyline. Glad you enjoyed the RPG! :)

[Edited on 12/23/08 @ 09:14 PM]

File Author
Please review. I need to know what you guys think.

[Edited on 12/23/08 @ 09:05 PM]

CaveTown An rpg without a story... that's just weird... I think that the story is the most important part in an rpg.
File Author
Yeah, it is preety wierd. My upcoming RPG(s) will ahve a story. Before I can get started, I need a review.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 2
There where no objectives in the game, and most of the missions overlap each other so you can start a new mission in the middle of another, and the original mission would still be going. And overall with no story there was no feeling of epic ness, so I was not compiled to finish the game. But I did.
Also a lot of the relics would not increase my stats. In the end the game was rocky and bumpy, a lot of times I had no idea what to do because I forgot what the messages said. Witch brings me to objectives; witch did not exist, so there is nothing to talk about there.

Balance: 4
I found this part ok. Not really challenging, but w/e

Creativity: 2
Go around and ask for quests, there are so many rpgs like this, and with no story it’s no better than Doom Lords 3, witch in fact actually had a little story. I decided not to give you a 1 because it was about dwarfs (we don't see so many of them) but I'm really disappointed with the quests them self. The best rpg-ish and all other games like that always have new and cool quests, and this was a lot of simple stuff like get my pig, and so little connections between the quests them self. If it had been quests to get ready for an attack on an enemy base, or defend your base, or something in that area would make the game a lot more “epic”.

Map Design: 4
It was very impressive, the buildings mixed very will, but in some parts the fire of the docks where caught in the trees, also I sorta felt like the map lacked some bushes around the trees, I mean like there was a clump of rocks and a tree, and some bushes, but nothing in-between, if you take the time to do it, it can bring the level of the eyecandy to a whole new level. Also if you want to go the extra mile, try messing with elevation. But in all I think the eyecandy was very good, but it lacked that mood to make it a 5.

Story/Instructions: 1
No story, a 1 time message to tell you what to do. BARLOG!

Tips/Additional Comments:

1. The staring angle of the logo was bad.
2. Don’t show the edge of the map.
3. I don’t know how to explain it, but your camera tracks where bad.
4. Try more flavorful terrains.
5. Try adding more, and spreading out your bushes, water reeds, rock sprites, rocks, and grass, maybe little more trees.
6. Try looking at other maps made by professionals, like The_Vandaal, or Oscar too see the many ways they sort their games to make it easy to play.
7. You don’t really need a good story, but with just a little imagination you can make it acceptable.
8. A good starting cinematic is always going to gets you a higher rate.

So anyway this is my opinion, I hope it helps you with your future projects, and good luck with them.
JDmino In most RPGs you choose missions you want to do, and you can overlap them, so that was fine. I was just pointing that out to guy above^^ because he said that it was bad to do so.
File Author
Thanks for the review, TriggerGuy. I'll follow your tips and try to improve my RPG making skills.
Perhaps some more feedback guys, or did he cover it all?
File Author
How about you, Oshron? You promised a review.
Trigger Guy covered some suff, but I'm thinking about some other things in the scenario, and some more tips or nice trigger effects. I can't wait to hear your review,
Oshron. Please do it soon, I wanna start on another RPG, and finsh it, or at least get halfway done by the end of the break.

[Edited on 12/25/08 @ 05:06 PM]

hydraman1 I have no idea what Trigger Guy is talking about. This is a very quality map, and I like the overlapping quests. This is the best RPG I've seen on AOMH.
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