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Version: AoM: The Titans
This is my first RPG about a dwarf named Hermlin. You have to complete quests,(9 I assume) in order to get to the king, the final quest that you have to complete.

This features a lot of really great effects, triggers, and eyecandy, so please review. Keep in mind that this is my first RPG and merely my second scenario. Tell me if you like it and if I should make some more. Thanks!

Thanks, enjoy and review! :)
Tell me if I should make a sequel or just another RPG.
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Map Design4.0
Playability: 2
There where no objectives in the game, and most of the missions overlap each other so you can start a new mission in the middle of another, and the original mission would still be going. And overall with no story there was no feeling of epic ness, so I was not compiled to finish the game. But I did.
Also a lot of the relics would not increase my stats. In the end the game was rocky and bumpy, a lot of times I had no idea what to do because I forgot what the messages said. Witch brings me to objectives; witch did not exist, so there is nothing to talk about there.

Balance: 4
I found this part ok. Not really challenging, but w/e

Creativity: 2
Go around and ask for quests, there are so many rpgs like this, and with no story it’s no better than Doom Lords 3, witch in fact actually had a little story. I decided not to give you a 1 because it was about dwarfs (we don't see so many of them) but I'm really disappointed with the quests them self. The best rpg-ish and all other games like that always have new and cool quests, and this was a lot of simple stuff like get my pig, and so little connections between the quests them self. If it had been quests to get ready for an attack on an enemy base, or defend your base, or something in that area would make the game a lot more “epic”.

Map Design: 4
It was very impressive, the buildings mixed very will, but in some parts the fire of the docks where caught in the trees, also I sorta felt like the map lacked some bushes around the trees, I mean like there was a clump of rocks and a tree, and some bushes, but nothing in-between, if you take the time to do it, it can bring the level of the eyecandy to a whole new level. Also if you want to go the extra mile, try messing with elevation. But in all I think the eyecandy was very good, but it lacked that mood to make it a 5.

Story/Instructions: 1
No story, a 1 time message to tell you what to do. BARLOG!

Tips/Additional Comments:

1. The staring angle of the logo was bad.
2. Don’t show the edge of the map.
3. I don’t know how to explain it, but your camera tracks where bad.
4. Try more flavorful terrains.
5. Try adding more, and spreading out your bushes, water reeds, rock sprites, rocks, and grass, maybe little more trees.
6. Try looking at other maps made by professionals, like The_Vandaal, or Oscar too see the many ways they sort their games to make it easy to play.
7. You don’t really need a good story, but with just a little imagination you can make it acceptable.
8. A good starting cinematic is always going to gets you a higher rate.

So anyway this is my opinion, I hope it helps you with your future projects, and good luck with them.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 2
The biggest issue with this map was the playability. To begin with, the introduction left me very confused. It basically said “Select units that have healing to do quest. Wait 2 seconds. Also select chests and relics.” In retrospect, it makes sense, but to read that with no context before I begin the game greatly confused me. The quests were dull and boring and numerous. I collected so many I forgot about half of them. Then I got stuck on a villager, so I restarted, and did the quests one at a time. You never put the quests in the objectives so I wasn’t able to kept track. You didn’t provide a flare or any hint of how to complete the quest so I was left with a very empty and bored feeling as I wandered around looking for relics and people to kill.

Balance: 2
There was no point in collecting gold or even spending it, as there was only one place to buy something, which I did, and the game was too easy to even upgrade. (Which you didn’t get the option for.) While I was playing I felt like I was playing ½ of a map. It was missing shops and levels and a storyline. It was ridiculously easy, I was never challenged, ever.

Creativity: 2
There was little to none creativity in this map.

Map Design: 3
The map design was average and the building meshing was average. Everything was extremely dull and not thought out. When you design a city, the most important part is purpose. What is the point of this structure? Where does this road go? How would this city have been designed in this environment? The complete lack of elevation made the entire map uninteresting. Elevation is an amazing tool, it can completely change the way a part of the map looks. Pieces of rocks and grass just sat around as if it was a pattern. Two rocks with some grass, then a tree, then 1 rock with some grass, then 2 trees, then two rocks with a tree, etc. That’s not map design. Map designing is CREATING and environment, I just saw some grass and rocks and trees thrown down in a very sparse pattern.

Story/Instructions: 1
Neither were present.

Additional Comments:
1.Grammatical error…”Kill the man that is Kraiin….” “Is” should be “has.”
2. I wasn’t sure if the relics were working because I picked them up and there was no noise or acknowledgement of my hitpoints upgrade. I looked at my hiptoints later in the game and saw they had gone up so maybe they did work?
3. Gold us useless.
Map Design2.0
First of all, I am scoring this based on a scale for ALL scenarios. I do believe that it might be good to make classes of scenarios like beginner/intermediate/professional so that the 'Pros' with 4's and 5's don't overshadow a beginner's scenario which in a beginner's class was better than most and in that group also deserved 4's and 5's.

Playability: 2
The beginning instruction: "Select units that have healing to do quests." was very confusing. "People with quests for you are highlighted with Healing sfx's. Select them to begin a quest." or similar would have been better. Also, every begin quest trigger was not on the highest priority (all the way to the right) which is why it was taking a couple of seconds to fire. It is very important that you give the fastest feedback possible to the user(player) while they are trying to figure out your scenario so they know right away they did the right (or wrong) thing. I also recommend to start a quest, that you must not only select a unit, but the hero must be close to the unit as well (i.e. use the condition "distance to unit" as well as unit selected). As mentioned before, since the objectives system was not used for each quest so there was no to-do list of quests you have started and/or finished. I was able to use pgup/down to see the dialog of the quests, though.

The map itself also was a problem to playability. Some of your quests sent us looking for the river, the city, the forest and the mountains. The town was not distinctly created from the rest of the habited areas (perhaps a wall around the city itself?), so the left half of the map seemed to be all town making the 'go to the town' direction useless. One quest unit towards the upper left by the tamarisk tree could not be approached because the path was blocked by walls on both sides. I thought it was because the walls were too close, but looking at the SCX in editor shows invisible walls in my way. I suppose this was to stop the hero from starting that quest until they were ready and you removed the invisible walls - good idea! Only problem is that since the only condition to starting the quest was selecting the unit, you could start the quest even without the hero being hear the quest unit (add the condition: distance to unit like I mentioned before).

Balance: 2
Since there were no wandering monsters in the quest, the threat from the few stationary quest monsters was minimal making the entire scenario too easy. You did attempt a bit of a store and upgrades, but I bet even without the upgrades, you could have defeated the quest monsters anyway.

Creativity: 2
I like the idea of exploring the map to find gold and health upgrades. If your triggers for these quests were on high priority, I would have figured out what to do, but since they were slow in reacting, I walked by at least one of them and it didnt' react in time to give me the upgrade. It was only when I knew to stand still near the object and give it time that the trigger fired and I was upgraded. The storylines were not particulary creative or unique. The map was ordinary and didn't reflect much creativity either (creativity defined as using ideas never used before or at least never used that way..etc)

Map Design: 2
My first thing I will say is that the map was FLAT FLAT FLAT!!! This is a common fault in many maps I have seen. The city was built pretty well for a basic scenario. There were simple creative structures (the shrine/altar) but other than that not much building mixing. A tamarisk tree was a bit obstructive. It blocked my view and I couldn't click to where I wanted to walk because it kept selecting the tree instead of the ground. The map was larger than it needed to be and since the town was the left 1/3 of the map and the final quests were in corners on the opposite sides, I was forced to walk through boring, flat terrain to find the quest monsters. I don't enjoy quests that are simply 'find this object'. Especially when the map offers no eye candy as payment for long travel. I recommend turning off Fog of War so that objects you have scaled up/down from their original size always appear that size and not POP into their scaled size when approached. There was no distinct forest that was mentioned in one of the quests making the quest hard to finish. The edges of the map were painfully apparent. Hide the edges of the map at the bottom by making impassible terrain near the edges so that they stay dark (unexplored since the unit cannot walk there) and you can use elevation and sized up rocks/boulder walls etc..to hide the left/right/top edges.

Story/Instructions: 1
There was basically no connected story and hardly any instructions and those that were mentioned were confusing (see above). There were many quests, but their stories were barely interrelated, so you cannot say the scenario had an all-combining story.

Additional Comments:
Despite the many things I suggest to fix, I give you an applause for FINISHING a project. This is something I have yet to do and many many other projects die like the flavor in gum and are thrown away unfinished. Please don't be discouraged by the low scores, you are at a starting point and now I hope you have a clear path to greatly improve upon your scenario skills. Keep learning to use triggers and cinematic tracks and building storylines with suspense and challenges and resolves. Once you get more basic skills under your belt you'll be ready to express your ideas in ways that will surprise and entertain your audience.

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Map Design3.0
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