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Wtf? How did I lose?

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# of Players: 2
Map Type: Ghost Lake
Map Size: Unknown
Game Type: Supremacy
AoM Version: AoM: The Titans
Total Game Time: long
Player 1's Name: vK_Iron
Player 2's Name: peantubutter
Wow, I had him gold starved then he got up two Midgols on me that I couldn't stop because of gay monuments. Then I tried to titan/wonder....

Guy was surprisingly cocky

What did I do wrong??
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Shadow_Relic 1st dl!

^(above)=Pointless post :P
Major_Rackham Advice:

1. Build eco guild immediately, not after a bit of a walk.

2. As atty, is more important to explore with sheep.

3. Think out the pattern you want your oracles to explore.

4. If you were going to 4:30, your 6th vill goes to food while a wood/gold one builds your temple.

5. Vs Isis, I normally 2 TC to counter his FH. If you don't do that, fake a rush while in reality you are booming.

6. If you do krush, krush with an advance of 3:37.

7. Vs Isis, u don't want to make that many proms as he counters them way too easily and is burning up your favor.

8. Kill the obelisks that give him LOS to your FB.

9. I see you like to rotate your map. I can tell you I don't do that and I don't see many experts do that, but if it works for you, meh...although I would just say it is a waste of micro time.

10. You were popped a bit.

11. Work on your speed (I reccomend BloodSport).

12. Deconstruct his temple before his advance so he doesn't get his free MU. If he does 2 temp as isis, just pull back and boom while raiding while he is still thinking krush and has spent an extra 100 gold.

13. Work on preventing idle vill time (this comes with time).

14. Manage your eco better, spend your resouces. You had 1000+ gold and wood while having 100 food or so. Don't let this happen. Build more buildings, grab as many TCs as you can to outpop him.

15. Buy your eco ups as soon as you can afford them approprietely.

16. You fought some needless battles that just caused you to lose units, don't do this.

17. Gold starve means to gold starve. You basically just caught him a few times mining. If you are gold starving, guard all gold, hit his home gold repetitively so he doesn't feel safe mining there. If he can still put up a good fight and it doesn't feel like he should be able to with no gold, he has probably found some distant mine that you missed. At this point, your gold starve is pointless so you should switch to a different tactic, although never giving up on raiding in general.

18. Use a better unit combo as the game goes on. You could easily of afforded the more expensive cherros and they would have helped with the battles significantly more.

19. He was making quite a few anubites, with all you wood and gold you should have made heros out of some of your turma to deal with them.

20. Don't fight losing battles, more so, recognize them earlier and abandon them.

21. Use implode by builings not in the open. Since you were going for a titan, it is an excellent distraction and should be used as such.

22. Since you went for titan, you decided it would be best to pull back and secure it. All that did was give him map control. Try to still remain on the offensive even as you go Titan.

23. Your titan is meant to be used. Whilst you were building your wonder, you kept the titan back to guard it. Don't do that. Go hop from TC to TC or something destroying them. In this particular case, however, go for his forward migs and siege camps then TC hop. You army should accompany him to take out MU counters (his priests).

24. Don't be afraid to let your titan get hurt. At the end there when the massed phants were attacking near your wonder, you held the titan back at first. Immediately send him forward to kill them and drain that large amount of resouces from him.

25. In general, you should just gain more experience by watching more recs.

There's my two [twenty-five] bits of advice, xD

[Edited on 12/23/08 @ 10:59 PM]

DTD_PhaiL I'm sorry, but I really really have a problem.

I read the "Help" to tell me where to save what file (e.g. .rcx) But, before I did it, I tried to the file with several different files, Including Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player. And now, I cant find a suitable program that will work, even Movie Maker. Now, the file will always stay on the last program used.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem so I can watch videos? (Better put, what file to open the video with)


[Edited on 12/26/08 @ 08:54 AM]

Crusading Knight
You shouldn't have used Turma while your enemy (Egypt) was in the Heroic Age. You waisted your Mythic Age God-power.

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