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- Overlord -

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Version: AoM: The Titans

In this map you control one unit and the computer fights for you; however, in this map your unit does not fight at all. The map is also single player.

You also control the types of units that your ally will fight with; having the ability to train infantry, cavalry, and archers. To train these units you use your Overlord Points. You gain these points over time, and as your ally kills units.

At the start of the map you are at an outpost which is being attacked by natives, and must defend it by training an army.

Then, once you have defeated the small attack force, you need to retrain an army to defeat the native's vanguard. The reason for this is because you want to talk to the leader of the natives, but his guards will not let you pass. Once you defeat the vanguard, his guards will be forced to move and reinforce the position of the vanguard.

Then you are able to sneak into the native's city (an abandoned fortress) and speak to their leader, who allies with you.

Once the natives are on your side you can finally get down to the main objective of the map; and that is to destroy the gate to the dwarf's domain.

The dwarfs are angry at your taxes on their metals, and so have gathered an army and, according to your scouts, are marshaling around the gate to their home city.

You must then use the natives (which you unlocked by allying them) to defeat the armies of the dwarfs. You also receive some reinforcements from your outpost regularly, but these are scanty at best.

The Outpost
Abandoned fortress taken over by natives
Native Camp
Dwarven Gate
In game shot (you can see how small the map is)
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Swift sword
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Congratz on making a fun, unique scenario. I absolutely loved it. The playability was fairly good, no lag, the camera tracks flowed well, but there was one thing I would've liked-constant music. You put in music at some parts, but at the battles, it felt a bit boring when I wasn't worried about getting owned. One music track for outside of cinematics, or even one seperate one for in combat would've been nice. Other than that, and that a few extra unit types would've been nice, I think it's perfect.

Balance: 4.5
The balance was beautifully done. It was fairly challenging on EASY, which is a good thing. I don't even want to imagine hard...
Anyways, the only thing I've got to ask is- Was there a point in cavarly for the dwarf fight? They got destroyed by the presominant spearmen, and didn't seem that useful against slingers to make the purchase worth-while. And, seeing as the balance is so perfect, wasting FIVE seconds buying a useless unit will hurt and put you on the defense. Perhaps you could've given them a bonus versus myth?

Creativity: 4.5
I've yet to see any scenarios out there like this one. The fact that you don't command the army yourself is cool, and....new. The only changes I'd make is perhaps add a few extra unit types for more choices, and maybe godpowers. Oh, and it partly falls under this category- I didn't really like the dwarven gate.I feel it could've been eyecandied up a bit, and was "un-creative

Map Design: 5
The map design was fairly good. You put in plenty of embellishments without making it lag. My favorite part as that you increased the size of the trees. It made them seem more realistic. Not much else to say, except I love the space design thing, and the Dwarven Gate could've been improved.

Story/Instructions: 4
The instructuions were thorough, and explained everything well. And for people who were confused still, there were hints. However, two things got on my nerves-
The story was rushed. By that, I mean that "But wait, the natives are attacking" made no sense. the natives hadn't been mentioned as far as I remember, and even if they had, it could've been developed more. That being said, the story was mostly good.
Two, in the instructions, it said the battering Ram was by the wood pile. I could'nt figure out which woodpile you were talking about, and didn't find anything near the balista spot. Sorry if it was obvious, but I couldn't see it, even when I changed camera angles.

Additional Comments:
A beautifllu crafted scenario that is unique and fun to play, with excellent balance. A extremely recommmended download, and I hope the 2nd one is even better ;)

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Map Design5.0
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