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~A Cold Land~

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Swift sword
File Details
Version: AoM
This is a random Map Script in which you must build up your base in a very defendable location and navigate through cliffs and forests to find and defeat your foes. There are other settlements throughout the map, and other interesting things like:

Two Fortresses Find two settlements in the center of the map that are easy to defend. However, there's not a lot of extra resources in that area, so you must be prepared to simply make it a military base, due to it also being a small area. You can make good use of the extra population it gives, and it is far better than the other settlements due to the small area it spans.

Little Hunting There are a few huntables near your starting position, but not much else other than near settlements. You may have to farm alot in the cold Northlands, although you are welcome to explore to find the elk avaliable

Rich Land Although low in hunting, you should find plenty of gold. That doesn't mean you should waste it, however. It's also quite easy to get raided, because many of the gold mines are in the center or close to it.

Dry No water is present on the map. It's frozen over, so no naval wars or fishing to exploit. Sorry about this, but it would ruin the food aspect.

Thick Forests There's plenty of wood spread around the map, but it may become a curse as well as a blessing as it blocks your progress through the cliff passings. Most of the forests are very large.

Only 8 Players! Don't host anymore than 8, or you'll have an angry player or two who didn't get a towncenter!

Although it may seem like this map is focused on defense, don't be fooled. Most of the settlements are close to the middle of the map, along with what little hunting can be found. You also won't find many relics unless you explore extensively. The center of the map may become a slugfest due to the powerful defense position it commands, and the two towncenters. A person could hole themselves there and last against far superior numbers, because it's a small area but big enough for buildings like fortresses. The map also features the best eyecandy I could manage, with rocks, bushes, trees, and rotten logs found a little bit. There is also a few different terrains present.

Have fun waging war with your friends in this cold land of the north!

Updates Thus far: Added bunch of embellishments, fixed problems stated in the thread, added resources, and removed a few gold mines for balancing. Also tidied up this post, making it look much more organized :D.
Another update: Based on Rjs23's review, basically did everything he suggested. Now 8 players, more eyecandy (still not beautiful, but god the rxs file is looking full...
Also, several balancing issues mentioned are now fixed. Thank you for your patience in redownloading, just trying to make this perfect XD
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rating: 3.5
Strategically, this map is pretty good I must say. I personally liked how the focus was on the center of the map which promotes more aggressive fights. You placed more animals and settlements in the center. The way the cliffs protect every player is also a nice touch. The thing that I disliked was the shape of the cliffs which looked kind of dull as they weren't very curved and had no change in elevation at all. I believe the map would have been much better if the trees were more spread around and grouped up into small forests, not big ones. I know the map is called Cold Land but that doesn't mean you can't use different textures alongside ice. There are many textures in AOM that portray a cold environment, not just one.

Additional Comments:
Good work for your second map. Make more and I'll be sure to rate them.
Rating: 4
Ditto pretty much everything that MetallicThor and rjs23 have said. Needs more resources. I don't mean a whole lot, but definitely some more. Relics too. I did like the defense that the cliffs added around the starting town center.

Additional Comments:
Sorry, I didn't like this map a whole lot...
*UPDATED* 10/6/2009
Rating: 4
Gameplay/fun: This is a fun, basic supremacy map. You win this by conquering your opponent or win by wonder. This is my favorite type of game play. Nothing really new here in my opinion. Update: the map is a little bit better, but still nothing major new. 4.5 out of 5 from 4 out of five.

Balance: According to the new updates, the map's balanceness is much, much better now. So far, there is nothing in the map that make this map unbalanced or flaw. It is 5 out of 5. It was 3 out of 5 because of many unbalanceness in previous version.

Eyecandy: With the most recent updater, I can see that this map has more animal variety to hunt with for villagers. All the terrains are filled with mixture of snows, ices, and cliffs. It fits well with terrain’s theme overall. I am bit pleased with the progress overall so 5 out of 5. Oh btw, keep your eye on your villager's hp when you're hunting out in the map. it was 3 out of 5

Capability: Recent update now allow you to play up to 8 players maximum. It was previously 6 players maximum. I played it on both AoM and AoMTT so it worked fine on vanilla and chocolate versions.
Overall score: 4.5 out of 5. It was 3.5 out of five.

Additional Comments:
I have updated my review. You have so far update everything based on our review. Just add more player and keep the map balanced and u'll get my perfect score.

Total score: 4.75. (rounded to 5). Not the perfect score but nearly perfect.

[Edited on 10/06/09 @ 06:00 PM]

Guard of Olympus
Rating: 3.5

Playability: I mostly enjoyed playing this map, and I played it single player. It was intresting with the "fortreses" and the deathmatch aspects (all techs automatically granted when advancing in age). However, it had a few bugs, bugs that only would be present when playing single player.
The AI was working at the begining, but after hiting classical the AI stoped working, resulting in no raids, almost no training and very poor defenses. This is because it's not enough food near the base and the enemy couldn't find any other food. Alot of villagers just stood idle outside the TC. However, I wont mark you down too much on it as it only happens like 1/3 of the times and only while playing single player. If you removed this bug the map would be even more enjoying to play.

Balance: I know you did it on purpose, but the resources are very unbalanced, especially in Archanic. It's very hard to find enough food in early game, and therefor it's hard to advance to classical. The distances are way to long, the map is huge, and sometimes villagers have to go for a minute just to reach a food source containing 500 food. There has to be more food near the bases, so the players can atleast reach classical before having to walk with villagers all over the map. In the first few raids when playing moderate, the oppent can actually defeat the raiders which is a big plus for a map originally meant for multiplayer. It's not easy to win, but you always win at last. The resources are equally balanced to every TC though, and that's very good for multiplayer play.

Creativity: I found the map very creative, and the bonuses and different strategies available was very nice. I really like the deathmatch part of it, not having to buy all upgrades but still not having way to much resources. It's all very creative. I just wonder one thing: What is those Egyppian tents doing all over the map, they look a bit random and it's hard to know why they are there...The map design was rather creative, but not enough to give you a 5.0 in this field.

Map Design: The map design was better than on an average random map, and the objects really fitted the terrain and enviroment. I like the rocks, grass and bushes placed, and how they are placed. Rocks are very often seen, but there is little grass and very few bushes, which fits well with the Norse style. The forests and cliffs are placed in a good way, as are the TCs. The animals are not placed very well, because sometimes wolfs and elks stand just next to each other, which is a little strange as the Elks should fear the wolfs. The terrain mixing is good, but there could have been a bit more of the Snowgrass terrains.

Additional Comments: Very well done, far beyond anything I could do. :D

[Edited on 12/19/09 @ 03:56 AM]

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