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Age of Castles V2

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 6+2 AI
Version: AoM: The Titans
This is Version Two Of Age of Castles. In This Game you start in your starting city and you capture nearby bases to attack and conquer enemy castles.Some units cost gold, other don't. you can buy hero upgrades to improve your hero. NOTE** your hero is the only one who can capture castles, in later version i may add a way to get more heroes.

To Host:
player 1 = human Team 1
player 2 = human Team 1
player 3 = human Team 1

Player 4 = human Team 2
Player 5 = human Team 2
Player 6 = human Team 2

Player 7 = Computer Team 1
Player 8 = Computer Team 2

Quick Details :
Conquering- to conquer move your hero to the major god statue and wait a while. if it doesn't convert in 5 seconds then chances are a glitch happened where the hero is removed from the army . you will then have to delete your hero. this shouldn't effect game play too much, it may be annoying though.
Respawn: your hero respawns every time you die.
Buying: to buy you move to the blue square near the unit or upgrade , you have to have the right amount of gold. and once again, this may be the glitch.
If You move to the major god statue and it still doesn't convert chances are it already did and your allied god is probably Zeus , look at the archers to make sure, or the tower
Basic Info: you gain more gold from more castles. this game was made as even as i could, i will make it more even for player 1,2,3 who start off in a small disadvantageous position. in v2 you can expect multiple heroes , better eyecandy. (this was a old map i made a long time ago, never released it till now , that was when i had really bad eyecandy skills).
geography gives good advantages in this map, so use them...
I suggest you keep ALL your bases under defense or you may lose a strategic spot.

Victory: To win you must capture all the castles. i suggest capturing the starting base last since that's where they spawn.

Good Luck, Have Fun!

Update: Diplomacy Fixed. Seems there was no Diplomacy making players 1,2,3 enemy with 4,5,6

V2 Released!: sorry but i didnt have time to work on eyecandy, V3 will be worked on by VeX_Sino who has time on his hands to make the eyecandy, V2 releases the use of ships!, i made the small river a bti longer and added 2 ship shops, these shops let you buy a longboat that can hold 30 units, one castle is an island so you might find that as a problem, v3 will be done by vex_Sino , as i had said, V4 will be worked on by both of us, we will increase map size to 1000x1000 and make a jumble of more castles, and probably an ocean with another mainland. please enjoy!
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File Author
Please Enjoy it, V2 will be better.. much better.... specially on the eyecandy... and maybe some extra triggers to make the unit move.....oh, i found out why th heroes dont buy units or capture castles sometimes. its because you put them in another army which removes them from there first one which was used to buy units for. if you do add them to another army by mistake. simply delete your hero and use the one which respawned, other than this being annoying it shouldn't effect your game play

[Edited on 03/22/09 @ 12:12 AM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
The playability is great in this game, you have to capture a castle/fort to defend and train units. Every castle gives a different unit which makes it very enjoyable. The thing is, in this game the key is to control multiple castles so you can make a variety of units. Also you always need to think of strategies and countering your enemies. I saw you had some great ideas to make up this scenario. Through playing the game keeps enjoying because there is always something new, another fortress or another main unit upgrade. Also the map itself gives great abilities for ambushes and strikes.

Balance: 4
The balance is a hard subject, because every castle gives a different unit. There are a few castles giving multiple units, lets say if you have only the ulfsark castle you won't be able to survive vs a big chieroballista army. That for example is a bad thing about the balance. But still its a great game because you always have your allies, coöperation is a needed thing. So if your allies aren't willing to set up some teamwork your a deadman. Also every unit has a counter unit at another castle which makes the balance managed between the alliances.

Creativity: 5
When playing you can feel the creativity, the difference in castles is great. Sadly nature could use some boosts, if you increase your skill it would look even better. Still there are some nice battle places like the chiero and raiding cav spot's forest is very nice for battles, no lack of creativity in this game.

Map Design: 4
As i said at creativity, the game could be improved at map design, make more maps and you will improve. After than make a new version again to make it look better, it would be awesome.

Story/Instructions: 4
The instructions are well done, messages in the start and you've done the objectives nicely. One thing, add music.

Additional Comments:
It's a great game worthy to download and play!
I really like it, i also hope this review is well done.
Also, i forgot one thing: you can improve the game to by using technologies for example medium and heavy infantry, cavalry, archers to make their looks better. I get the feeling now they look naked.

[Edited on 03/22/09 @ 05:45 AM]

File Author
oh right, i keep forgetting since i have my own music playing in background.:). thanks for the review. im ganna start on version 2 soon and get the eyecandy working up. i admit its filthy eyecandy compared to today's work of mine
File Author
UPDATED, plz rate, V3 being made by Vex_Sino, coming soon
Kjervar uhmm I asked a stupid question and found the answer but I can't delete this post, how do I do that? (if i find the answer to this stupid question you will never know what I asked about mwahahaha)

[Edited on 09/08/09 @ 06:53 AM]

File Author
too bad cause i know your stupid question and V3 has already been posted >=P

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