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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » ~Gargonix Chronicles~ The Eliadon Sword (RolePlayingGame)

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~Gargonix Chronicles~ The Eliadon Sword (RolePlayingGame)

Author File Description
Impery Team
File Details
# of Players: 6 Human Players- 3 CPU Players
Version: AoM: The Titans
~~~~~Gargonix Chronicles~~~~~

~~~The Eliadon Sword~~~

-- Setup --

Player 1 --------- Team A
Player 2 --------- Team A
Player 3 --------- Team A
Player 4 --------- Team A
Player 5 --------- Team A
Player 6 ----------Team A
CPU Player 7 ----- Team B
CPU Player 8 ----- Team B
CPU Player 9 ----- Team B

NOTE: If you dont remember the teams in game or you forgot to setup the cpu players, it doesnt matter, the teams are automatically arranged in game.

-- Concept --

Gargonix Chronicles: The Eliadon Sword is a multiplayer Role Playing Game with a complex story line based on one of the episodes of the Gargonix Chronicles books of the writer Arcella.

-- Story --

The Eliadon sword, based on the mens legend of the Gargonix´s World, was a powerful weapon that had lived for a long time…
Since five hundread years ago, at the plains of Garondor, a great war from two solid and strong factions came across: Gargonix, the evil traitor of men´s god, and his deadly dark army of hell versus the courage of King´s Ashlan soldiers of Garondor.
The sword was owned by the King Ashlan, lord of the lands of Garondor. He was the hero who had made Gargonix dark powers sealed in the legendary sword.
After a phew centuries, a group of Gargonix followers known as the Barbarians, reached and owned Eliadon at Relimph City in the lands of the Keramor kingdom.
But since days ago, a group of heros of the east lands made it to Keramor, begining a great adventure trying to save Eliadon……

About the Barbarians

The barbarians, such as men and powerful monsters, were commanded by General Archediux, it is said that he fought centuries ago with Gargonix at the last battle… Archediux combines his strenght and strategy to make your journey a headache. He and his army will not surrender until they reach their objective: the rebirth of Gargonix…

-- Civilizations & Characters --

There are 4 civilizations in the game, each one has their advantage and desvantage.

*The Gargo Horde*

*The Garondor Alliance*

*The Zaharan Empire*

*The Bossism of Zhun*

Civilization Description

*The Gargo Horde*: Warrior- Hunter- Warlock- Priest
*The Garondor Alliance*: Warrior- Hunter- Builder- Druid
*The Zaharan Empire*: Warrior- Hunter- Warlock- Priest
*The Bossism of Zhun*: WarriorBuilder- WarlockPriest

NOTE: The Zhun civilization has only two characters, both of them with two classes. Obviously balanced with the others.

Classes Description

Once you choosed the civilization, the next step is the characters class.

Focus on power attack, aggresive character.
Special Abilities:
Rage (Level 1)

Focus on speed moves, fast character.
Special Abilities:
Speed Boost (Level 1)
Strike Attack (Level 5)

NOTE: The Gargo Hunter is the unique character that cant pick relics.

A basic character with the ability to summon pets for your support.
Special Abilities:
Pet Summon (Level 1)
Pet Upgrade (Level 7)
Pet Upgrade (Level 14)

With the healing abilities, this class is indispensable to choose it. Ranged and holly character.
Special Abilities:
Restoration (Level 1)
Ancestors (Level 3)
Tower Power (Level 10)

NOTE: The minions of the ancestors special ability may level too.

Focus on tower building, start with a low limit of towers that increase while leveling.
Special Abilities:
Carnivora (Level 5)
Lighting Arrows (Level 10)

Class that morphs in a period of time, increasing attack and defense while in its morph shape.
Special Abilities:
Morph (Level 1)
Curse (Level 5)
New Morph Form (Level 7)
New Morph Form (Level 14)

I hope you enjoy this map, it took me a lot of time ;) GL my friends.

IMAGES at this link:


“Life sometimes plays you a game, you need it to play it well…”

By Impery_GAD
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Python_Owner987 Playability: 5
(5 beacuse its really easy with lots of players lots of triggers and there barley any cinimatics and its a really good map)

Balance: 4
(It was kinda balance but the Paladin has too much hp and attack and the Priest or Druid has low health and attack)

Creativity: 5
(You created you own classes with special abillities so i think its a 5)

Map Design: 4
(Alot of Nice Eyecandy! It was set out like a proper RPG too)

Story/Instructions: 3
(The instructions was quite bad but at the start they had good instructions but the objective sytem fails)

[Edited on 03/29/09 @ 02:43 PM]

JDmino Python, try and expand your review to three lines a category before the mods see it, otherwise it is gone.:p
Python_Owner987, your review has been deleted because it does not comply with the review guidelines. Please read them.


Map Design4.0
First of all I'd like to say that i'm disappointed to see that no one reviewed such a great map, in which someone put a real lot of effort to. So here I go, such a great map cannot go unrated.

Playability: 5

The Playability was very nice. It was fun to play, the asignments were nice, and I liked the way you got treasure from destroying towers. Also there were powers for each class to use, so that's definitely a big +. There's nothing more to say, it really was fun to play.

Balance: 5

The balance was just as it should be. You could in no way beat it with 1,2,3 players, 4-5 it would be extremely hard, and 6 players.. it wasn't hard and it wasn't easy. Though I only played on normal mode, don't know about easy and hard, but on normal it was just as it should be, moderate.

Creativity: 5

It was certainly very creative. Especially the story. Also the way you made the whole system of powers for each class, and 3 different civilizations, that was really awesome. And you thought up very nice names too. Almost all of the names sounded good. This part definitely deserves a perfect rating, it would even be insulting to you if it wasnt.

Map Design: 4

The Map design was certainly very good. Every part of the map had eyecandy and well mixed terrain. But the reason I have not given you a perfect rating is, well you did try your best at eyecandying all parts of the map, and there were many nice things like those waterfalls, and the bridge in the beginning, and all the villages, to be honest, this would deserve a 5. But if you look at Adventurers 3, you must admit that your map design is not as good as that map's. So I really can't give you a perfect rating,but a 4 is definitely in order. Though I had a really hard time deciding on this part.

Story / Instructions: 5

I said it before, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the story, it was really interesting and I liked it alot. Also it was always clear what I had to do and where I had to go, I never got lost in the map. Well just once, but you had to search for that guy at that time, so I think that was totally fair. Again, I won't give you less then a 5 at this point.

Additional Comments:

The map was really good and inspiring. Keep up the good work!

Map Design5.0
It was fun I played myself because no one join the room so I use cheat and i got sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo far. Then I died. LOL
cobby174 Just saying, best RPG I've ever played on AoM:T hands down.
Partly cause I finished it xD

And just saying, we started with 6 players. 1 died at the start, one disconnected, 1 got hit by a meteor and got stuck in the trees.

Anyway, we finished the game with three players ;), pretty much the last half of the game. Took a solid few hours of gaming haha!

Good days..

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Map Design4.5
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