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Battle of Alps

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Version: AoM: The Titans
hard game got to try receive gold you can see that on the enemy troops: medium/bronze , heavy/silver , champion/gold
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Khan And Steak
Map Design1.0
Playability: 2
This map was fun at the start, however it got rather tedious by the time you get the silver award. The classic army versus army scenario that you provided also shows sparks of RPS (Role Playing Strategy) gameplay via mediums like levelling up and obtaining certain awards. It was fun at the start, but hacking though loads of creatures can only be fun for so long. No change in objective, no change in map detail, no change in units acquired... The map provides a less than average measure of fun.

Balance: 3
The game progressively gets harder as you progressively get stronger. The monsters and the number of monsters that you face get harder and bigger as you progress. It is a gentle upward gradient of hardness, but it does its job rather well. The main thing to pick on here is the types of monsters tend to jump when in the silver - gold award areas. For instance, in the silver area you starts off versing Mountain Giants, that then goes into Fire Gaints and Chimeras. Then once you beat that area you go back to facing Mountain Giants, axemen and throwing axemen in the start of the gold area. An average/decent job here :).

Creativity: 2
Two massive armies face off... not very original. You fight through waves of enemies, gaining more men as you go. This kind of reminds me of a never-ending battle - as you fight through enemy waves and lose units along the way, you are rewarded with more units; as if to replace the ones that you just lost.

The thing that saved you from a 1 star rating for "Creativity" is the fact that you put in levels and awards to at least have something to aim for/reason to keep playing. Perhaps add in a few boss creatures that you have to kill to get the next award (one for bronze, silver and gold respectively). Maybe add in a couple of soldiers shouting war-cries every now and then. Try rewarding the player with different units to make them think about how they are going to use them in different ways instead of giving the player the same ones again and again. Just some ideas and food-for-thought :)

Map Design: 1
Rather poor, I'm afraid. The custom forest "Alps" was the only forest used, and it was placed in a unrealistic manner. It covered all of the map except one corner - which you started on, the path that the enemy is on and a mountain that is towards the end of the scenario. It was bland and didn't have to it. The path was all one terrain and the water shouldn't have even been there.

You couldn't explore the water due to invisible walls, this was bad because at the end of the water was the only good feature the map offered (the waterfall) - and you made it unavailable to view :(. The only reason that the water is there is to transport units to and from the starting corner. So if that's the only reason why not place a land bridge instead? it does the same thing whilst requiring less micromanagement, less units, an opportunity to show a decent chunk of Map Design with better results.

Story/Instructions: 1
No story - instant 3. Perhaps provide a reason why the two armies are fighting? This is a god starting point for a story to be born.

Minimal instructions - the only given instruction is the message at the start saying to keep up an attack as long as possible to try and gain various awards. Try and provide objectives, this would be rather hard with the map as it is. This is why I suggested that you add in some boss units that needed to be killed in order to obtain the proceeding award.

Additional Comments:
Congratulations ~ Steak

[Edited on 07/16/09 @ 07:30 AM]

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Map Design1.0
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