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Where am I part two

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Kai Hirogashi
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
Welcome and thanks for the download! Well I put a thread in the forum but yeah and it took a little longer than expected so here it is you guys!! PART 2

The gameplay on this custom map will be alot better than the first due to my trigger skills increasing and the eyecandy should really be an eye opener! Laters!

Reviews and comments will be much appreciated.
Download and share in the experience.
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Mister SCP
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Good playable, liked the stuff about following camera and the chatting persons, the chests... Mainly I decided to give you a lower score is the fact that your triggers work to slow or sometimes just don`t work e.g. Fade in with teleport was not correct timed, the invisible wall near the secret key was at my second try not killed and I ve to give up. The next time I did this and it worked fine and the wall from your chest with the other key has the invisible wall still before it (my 3th try). But I found out that the key you have make no difference. For the chest which holding a key I would wish that u dont place a invisble wall before instead if you select the chest there would be a message like "you have no key to open it". To make your triggers faster and safer in work you can tick in the checkbox "run immediate" and/or set a higher "priority".

Additonal: It would be also cool if your friends like sky could follow you automatic (Conditions: distance to unit between sky and kai; units in area (center unit sky->checks if enemy units are around sky and a timer Effects: Move to Unit). This system u could enable and disable with the chatbox

Balance: 2
Your team was just OP, while Kai get never less then 5000 hp, Sky lost at least the half of his hitpoints. Either make more enemies or you need to give them a lower amount. I had never to worry about the healthy from my Charakter and so it was generally to easy

Creativity: 5
Creative map designing and good ideas like chests, secondary objectives and a nice Day-Night Circle. Also the fact that people talked to you was awesome.Would be a great addition if they would have voices but to find people for voiceacting is a very hard job.All in All Good work in this section.

Map Design: 5
Really great map design, good mixture of terrain a very good building overlapping, The Nature looks sooo beatifull and really nice designed ruins. The map design looked all in all so rich. This was the best part of your map. You are very skilled in this section

Story/Instructions: 3
Generally not everything was clear how to do. And your riddle was a bit hard for a german person :P. But u make tries to do it better understandable e.g. the mysthic arrows. Sometimes also your instruction came a bit too late due to fact of your slow triggers. By the way this scenario includes some funny chats and also to ask people is sometimes helpfull

Additional Comments:
Nice scenario, still a bit short :( ^^

[Edited on 04/23/09 @ 11:58 AM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 2

The playability was not well at all. To begin with, there were no instructions at all. You just wander around and look for a quest or something like a chest. Also, because of no instructions, you are confused about where to go, and the invisible walls at many points just confused you. Also, for many people, such as the dwarves, there was no specification of which to select or walk up to. The following of the character with the camera was nicely done, but it just made the scenario harder to play. As for Sky and Brokk, you had to choose to help and or add them to your party. If not, the storyline, if there is one, would not go on.

Balance: 2

Easy. Kai was way too strong, and considering the people you fight, it was not too complicated. Give a challenge for the players. Even if you tried, you couldn't die unless you wait for about an hour without attacking for the monsters/soldiers to kill you. Work on this, Kai.

Creativity: 4

Preety nice. Great eyecandy, very inspirational and great. The scenario definatly stands out from the rest, but you did not get a five because of no storyline. It is the most important thing in an RPG. Center your ideas around that. That will make your scenario much, much better, along with a form of entertainment for your players. Be sure to NEVER forget that.

Map Design: 4

Very nicely designed eyecandy, there. Most of the map, although, lacked little details. The terrains were not so flavourful. Mostly River Greek, and nothing other than that. Very great buidlings. I liked the fire pit and how it was presented. You have a thing for eyecandy, keep it up. The nature eyecandy could be a bit better, as refering to small details. Rocks, bushes, grasses, etc.

Story/Instructions: 2

Nothing at all. A one or two time message telling you what to do, or a chat directing you someplace or telling you a piece of information. No storyline. As I have mentioned before, center your ideas around the storyline. Then, your scenario will not fall apart, it will go smoothly and also keep the player entertained.

Additional Comments:

Nice, Kai. But use a storyline and some instructions next time. Other than that, nice eyecandy, keep it up!


[Edited on 04/24/09 @ 04:16 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5

This was really enjoyable. I liked the camera lock and everything, also it was nice that you didn't have to only fight and there was some thought considered into the scenario aswell. Some part were a little tricky so that's definitely a +. This can't get less then a 5.00 .

Balance: 4

The only weaker point of your scenario. Kai was way too powerful, but i guess the tricky parts of the map make up for it. I wouldn't give a 5, but a 4 suits the balance well. But really, Kai is too powerful, you should do a little less modification.

Creativity: 5

I've never seen a scenario with a camera lock before. It was awesome. Also I liked the smaller ideas you made like the mithril mines and the big arrows pointing at where you have to go. Also every person you talked to had a sound, and had something to say. Really creative.

Map Design: 5

I have seen your eyecandy. You have done better then this, but this is definitely awesome aswell! Can't wait to see your new scenario with all the eyecandy. But yes, you didn't use alot of the cool structures, but you made a beautiful atmosphere and there were some nice structures, so this certainly deserves a 5 above all.

Story / Instructions: 5

I liked the story, and I liked how you used yourself as the main character :P . Also it was nice how you had to help different people along the way. The storyline itself was just about Kai roaming around and helping people. I love free roams. Definitely a 5 here.

Additional Comments:

I hope my review is fair to all, I really do believe Kai deserves such a high rating on this scenario. It must have been really tough to make and it certainly impressed me. Good work Kai, can't wait for your next work!

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