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Pirate Life 2

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Version: AoM
Just like the old one but more options and larger map: upgrades: more different crew there are two villages this time and on the obelisk stand the price
the food are your resouces you can buy resouces at the market. If your rescources count 0 you will die and have no reserve life for this cind of death.you can talk with the villagers to heard the rumors

p.s. srry for my bad englis again
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Khan And Steak
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Let me start by saying that there is a lot of potential in this map. It's entertaining, captivating and keeps the player thinking how they can overcome hard obstacles. With that said, it just isn't utilised to its maximum capacity - there's some things to tweak and modify. It's a good map, I had a lot of fun playing it however there where pitfalls as well. Such pitfalls include:
The 1 temple that you get can only hold 5 relics, yet there are much more placed on the map.
Certain shops/merchants like the burning pitch temple does not work :(.
The food decay is a nice add-on but is a bit too fast. This wouldn't be a real problem except the it takes so long for the trigger to loop (to buy the food).
The units are a bit hard at the start, more on that in 'Balance'.
If you lose your "captain" and "2nd the captain" you cannot pick up any more relics thus pretty much lose the game. Perhaps a shop where you could buy a "2nd the captain" but not a "captain" would be a good instalment?

It took me three tries at the map before I finally couldn't go on due to the above reasons adding up. I do believe that maps should be played a couple of times to be beaten so good job there :). Don't be discouraged however, this is a good map - it just needs some tweaking :).

Balance: 3.5
It was hard but sometimes insane. It was a bit jumpy at times also. For example, at the start of the game you are kill Hippocampus in the water - that's fine, until you suddenly hit Krakens, that one hit you main boat and quickly destroy any others that you might have. And if you decide to go the other way you hit Scyalls and Jormund Elver, which are just as bad.

The land wasn't much better, the first units that you encounter will annihilate you unless you either
A. Go in with a massive force (unlikely because you need the money to buy food and ships)
B. Wait until the city force goes in and wipes most of them out (thus losing the money that you would have gained if you killed them).

The money was a good addition, however you get the same amount of money from killing a Kraken as you do from killing a sea-snake or a Hippocampus. As you can see a Kraken would kill easily 4 ships and a sea-snake or Hippocampus 0 ships. I believe this unbalances the game.

I do like how the game is hard though, it tests you in a multitude of ways. I am uncertain whether to give you a 3 or a 4 as you really are 3.5, however for now I will give you a 3 based on the facts above. The game cannot be beaten on the first run though - you know that you can beat the game if only you changed how you did a certain thing or objective, which is good. I do wish that you would have made the four difficulties different though... that way you could accommodate more players skill levels rather than just the advanced-experts.

Creativity: 3
As I stated in Playability, this map has a lot of potential but just doesn't utilise it. The little things are what brought down the mark here. Going out and collecting treasure to grow your pirate clan is a great idea, but the fact you can only hold 5 relics in your temple stunts this idea short of its goal :(. The islands where all unique - which is great, the monsters where mostly unique - which is great. The fact that you could buy ships and crew was good - but the execution again let you down.

Making sure that the "buying triggers" all worked and changing the priority from "Normal" to "High" would have brought this rating up to a 4. Make the town units move, add a couple of whether conditions in (as far as I know the sea isn't always that calm), a few more ships, perhaps another town and there's your five star rating for Creativity.

The execution let you down, but the ideas where perfect.

Map Design: 4
I think you excelled at this area - a massive improvement compared to your last pirate scenario. The city was fun, pleasing to the eye, embellished but not polished. The track between the towns is a good example of your 4 star Map Design - it has got ruins, bandits, nicely placed trees and a decent curvy path. The map is not over eye candied but it isn't polished either. Loved the islands, but perhaps add in some more little things like seagulls? I would remove the trees in the water around the islands also, they don't look appeasing to the eye.

I liked how each island was different, the centaur island, the Erebus/scorpion island, the evil pirate island - liked the variety. Overall a good job here, add in some little things and you might see a 5 star rating.

Story/Instructions: 1
Again, execution was poor. The story of a band of pirates going out to expand and rule the seven seas is a great start. However the story was never flowered in any way, shape or form to create what it could have been. The lack of story brings "Story/Instructions" to a maximum of 3 stars. Onto the objectives/instructions.

Unfortunately, minimal instructions given. After having no direction to start heading in you finally end up talking to a villager that says "there is been told that the path to the other city not save is anymore" and another one says "no one want to leave the village anymore with those bandits". As you can see not much of an instruction but it is an objective even if nothing more is made of it. I know that your first language is not English and that would explain the bad spelling, punctuation and grammar - but if you did provide them then that would boost the "Story/Instructions" rating to a 2.

Try not to be discouraged this is an okay/decent map.

Additional Comments:
Congratulations ~ Steak

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Map Design4.0
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