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AoModAI 1.5.07 beta

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Version: AoM: The Titans
After more than 2 years of hard work, I've decided to release my AoModAI as a beta, as my free time gets more and more limited.

Here's a copy of the readme:

# AoModAI 1.5.07 beta #
# by Loki_GdD #

This is a modification based on Georg Kalus' Admiral X AI.
Its main features include:
- better defensive behavior (also near other settlements)
- Atlantean and Norse AI players now research wall upgrades
- builds walls, buildings and farms near other settlements
- changes the main base if it is destroyed (if it still has other settlements)
- rebuilds fortresses and towers
- builds mirror towers
- helps defend allied main bases
and loads of other tweaks.

The AoModAI usally beats the default defender AI (tested for Hades vs. Hades on several land maps)

This is a BETA release! I have, however, decided to release it, since my free time gets more and more limited.
It has several limitations:
- up to now it's only optimized for Greeks
- It's not been tested much on transport maps and is best on land maps only. Water maps where you don't have to transport units to other islands should work though
- it's relatively defensive, especially in cAge1 to cAge3
- momentarily it's fixed to use only the defensive personality. If you want it to use another or a random personality, you have to open the file "AoModAIPers.xs" and edit the line "choice = 1;". Either comment it out (//) or set it to another value from 0 to 5


Unzip the files to "...\Age of Mythology\ai2"
You should then be able to select the AoModAI for computer players.

thanks goes to
- Georg Kalus for programming the Admiral X AI without which this mod wouldn't exist
- all users that answered my questions in the AI forum at http://aom.heavengames.com/

Bugs, feedback and feature changes/requests:
Please send them to loki_gdd@gmx.net

Legal stuff:
If you want to modify this mod, please feel free to do so, but if you want to release it, you have to give it another name.
If you want to contribute to this mod, please contact me via e-mail: loki_gdd@gmx.net


Version history:

AoModAI 1.5.07

- initial beta release
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Nick_The_Hunn -First DL.

Great work man :) You got much time spended in that :o
tasev Very nice ai! I played a 2v2 acropolis titan. standard and aomod vs standard and aomod.

I love the way they build a fort and temple inside the walls around a tc. And when they use Apollo they can heal units with the temple.

[Edited on 04/21/09 @ 06:43 PM]

Khan And Steak Played 1v1 Me vs AI on KaS Highland - Nice job I must say. Normal Standard resigns at 12:00 - 12:10 when I use Loki FM against it. However your AI beat my initial attack! I wasn't expecting that - I forgot it was defence -.- Anyway I found a TC and steamrolled from that position until it resigned at 20:39. Still GJ! it got to Heroic too, which was a bit different. Also the walls on the second TC was amazing! it was still building the second TC and was already walling!

Yeah great job! If this is BETA can't wait for completed release 1.0 ~ Khan

[Edited on 04/22/09 @ 08:07 AM]

Rating: 5

Very nice AI; very challenging. Extremely defensive. Works great on most maps. Very good for a Beta release.

Additional Comments:

This is the best AI that I have used for my favorite random map - Coniuriatiae. Computer players are much better and make for an even more fun game now. I hope that you do get to finish this; can't wait!
Rating: 5
This AI mod is just stunning! I love how the AI defend their other towncenters by building walls and towers around them. GENIUS! This is the perfect mod for land only map. xD

Additional Comments:

All though this is the best ai mod iv come across so far i do wish that they would do better on water maps, because they hardly ever attack! Also it would be nice to see some of the other civs actually do something like the greeks instead of just farming...... I really do hope you are still working on this. When do you think we can expect another BETA or even final release?

Thanx again for all your hard work.
File Author
Thanks guys for the comments and the nice ratings!

Actually I've programmed the other civs to also build military buildings and/or fortresses, towers and walls at all of their bases. All of the core optimizations should work for all civs. I just haven't had enough time to implement and test other things like optimized research of god specific techs and other civ specific things like that.
I may include some optimizations for transport maps in the future but this will have to wait until I've put in optimizations for all civs.

The bad news is that my free time is still very limited.
The good news is that whenever I have some free time I work on improving the AI!
Comments, feedback and suggestions are welcome!
Lord_KiLLMS Interesting.... when ever i play with your ai all of the other civilizations only build farms and do nothing else. The greeks are the only ones who do whet they are meant to. hmm.

And that would just be epic if the AI were actually any good on water maps. ES seems to have a habit of neglecting ai. :(
orion1996 I AM 100% SURE THIS IS A GOOD AI, BUT IT DOESN'T SEEM TO WORK FOR ME, IS THERE ANY SPECIFIC THINGS I SHOULD KNOW BEFORE I TRY TO MAKE A WORKING SCENARIO OUT OF IT? like where i put it, and if i have to change stuff on my computer??

[Edited on 01/19/10 @ 05:40 PM]

orion1996 srry about caps^
aeroshock Hi, first I just wanted to say that I am very interested in this mod.

However, I am having problems getting it to work. I unzipped the files in the AI2 folder, as you said, but I go into game and the ai mod doesn't show up. I go into single player, random map, select opponent, and only the usual types show up (attacker, defender, etc.)

Also, I have a general question about the mod. Does it allow for the Atlantean AI to upgrade their units to heroes?? They never do it when I play against them (on hard, usually), and it irritates me so much! :p
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