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Gold Forest

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Version: AoM: The Titans

Gold Forest created by raul (spirit84) with XS GEN


- 1 vs 2

- Titan difficulty for experts or hard to others players.

Run in AOM and AOMT

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rjs23 This RMS map makes a good defensive player map. Works with 1v1 or 1v2 in single player or 1v1 in online. I noticed the version says it's for Age of Mythology: The Titan, its not really for Titan version only. It works on both version because I played it on Vanilla version. Love the look of the map and the map's scenery. Good Job :D.

It would be neat if you make it go 2v2 or even 3v3.

[Edited on 05/08/09 @ 07:39 AM]

nottud I can't open the zip file! It says it is invalid!
rjs23 @nottud: perhaps your zip got corrupted while downloading? Redownload?

I can open it with Winrar just fine.
File Author
Open it with winrar.

Soon the new version 3vs3 and other defensive map.
nottud It wasn't corrupted - it just would not ope with the default windows extractor. I have managed to open it now using universal extractor. :)
rjs23 I see.

Edit: This map does not require AoMTT so it'll work on AoM too.

[Edited on 05/30/09 @ 10:28 AM]

Rating: 5
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Additional Comments:
I love this map! I've had problems with random map games being too easy. I can't win on moderate but always win on "easiest" with most games.

The trouble that I did have was that besides the huge flocks of chickens there was no game. So you will almost certainly have to farm and farming will be critical to ensure a win. You should start farming as soon as you finish off the chickens in your immediate start area. Start clearing the land too. Otherwise building large structures (like fortresses and temples) will be difficult. Because of the GIRNORMOUS amounts of relics you will need to build a /lot/ of temples.

I tested it on the original, and had no problem summoning large amounts of soldiers. This map will ensure rapid ascension through the ages /and/ a quick and easy titan. Meaning that if you want the Godzilla terrorizing Tokyo action the titans give you you should have no problem. However, the trees will make it difficult for the Titan piece to move. So you should make the gate at the entry to the zig zag path rather than close to your towncenter like you might in most maps.

If you play the greeks worship Hephestus in the Titan age because of the Plenty power and Worship Apollo in the Heroic age. The Collusi will almost ensure a greek win. All the trees and gold mines mean that they can heal themselves easily. With the riches on this map, you could likely summon thirty or fourty collosus if you wanted to. However, you'll need the underworld passage power to make sure they get where they're going on time.

I think this is the kind of game where the Egyptians will shine the most, especially worshipping Thoth and Hathor. Egyptians should start with Set if you're playing on a difficult level, because Set's summoned animals can act as reinforcements or feed your army. I suggest also that you worship Ptah because you can pay for the improvements he offers almost immediately /and/ his shifting sands power will allow you to launch an assault on the enemy without having to wend their way through the trees.

The Atlanteans will thrive as well, and may surpass the Egyptians on this map, I suggest that Atlanteans play Kronos or Oranos. Their ability to raise a lot of heroes is helpfull in gathering all the relics. So worship Prometheus if you can. Use the warp ability of Kronos to move your unit producing buildings close to the enemy, it cuts down the wending through the maze. Oranos' sky passages will save a LOT of time and trouble. Build sky passages at either end of the zig zag area and close to the enemy. And of course, the line of sight to the towncenters help too. However, Gaia is a huge hinderance here. The only advantage she affords you here is her protection from godpowers.

The oxcarts allow for the Norse to just /roll/ across the map as far as resource gathering goes. However, their "fight for favor" is a huge nuisance here because their soldeirs would have to scale the maze on foot. Thats not a good thing. However, their Hersirs will be able to gather the relics quickly. Build up a couple dozen hersirs and send them out into the maze to get the favor you need.

File Author
Thank for you rating xD
Swift sword Impressive spirit! Guess I'll have to give it a go....and your new one ;)
Amateratsu This map is frickin crazy! You should have made it easier to traverse. I love the detail and the overabundance of relics, but its too hard to get from here to there.

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