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Desperate Clash

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Version: AoM: The Titans
In 1102 bc., Lord Woods was informed that an old enemy had once again arisen, and was building a terrible, terrible army to wipe humanity from the face of the planet.
Knowing he would need more than just soldiers for this battle, Lord Woods called to him all the heroes of Greece and beyond to assist.
Within a month of leaving his home port, Lord Woods was knocking at Mephistopholes' door step with a date with death.
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Map Design2.0
Playability: 2
Well it was semi fun at first, but got boring as it went along, and has 0 replay value. You get to kill stuff with your heros and myth, and try your hardest to not let them die.
It sorta reminded me of a RPG, in that you have souped up units fighting against huge odds, and quite easily die...
I had a little fun playing it, but if you make another like this, you need to add some more things for the player to do. At the start, when you had to find the relics, I thought that the whole game was going to be little 'puzzles' like that, which could lead to an interesting story, so perhaps incorporate more things like that in any further versions.

Balance: 2
You start out with a measly little army of some heros and some myth (which have been souped up a bit) and have to face a huge city filled with humans, myth, and 3 freaking titans. There is either some tactic I did not get, or you did not test this scenario enough. I attacked from the left side, and had beaten 2 of the titans (and was down to 4 people left) when I had to face the fire giant army, along with the frost giant army, along with the huge human army, AND ANOTHER TITAN. Majorly hard battle, which I had to finesse my way through, and did not seem balanced at all.
The main issue I had with balance was the titans. You never told us anything about them, and so when I got to the first one I sent all my people to it, and so nearly all my heros died in the first hit. This just should not be. Whatever you did to change the titan so it rapes heros was a terrible choice imo.

Creativity: 2
Well I don't really see too many maps like this, but I know it's a pretty common idea, because I, for one, made lots of maps like this waay back when, and I understand they can be fun, but yours was lacking compared to most scenarios.
You had some good names (did you make these up or take them from somewhere?) and really had to possibility of an interesting storyline, but you let me down, and had nothing storyline related at all...

Map Design: 2
So the forest was OK, maybe a few to many flowers, but it really wasn't extremely special. It lacked any major terrain blending, and could have used a lot more embellishment...
The City thing you attack was terrible. No eyecandy to speak of building-wise (though I understand this might be because you want the comp to build, but still...)
The little island that the fort was on needed some work, and the fort, your main main objective, was just a gigantic hill fort. Nothing more. Dissapointing, to say the least, that your final target was just some building...
Also, the starting temple (which I never understood the point of) could have used some touching up; perhaps mix a few buildings in there to move away from the generic temple look.

Story/Instructions: 1
So I started up the map and was instantly thrust into some setting that I didn't understand at all, then noticed you had some chats sent, then they disappeared so I had to check chat history, and then they didn't even really explain anything.
All I knew was that I had to find some sort of god thing, so I explored around until I found the relics and finally understood I had to attack.
Little did I know, but the titans rape all heros, so half my army died from the titans, and so I obviously rebuilt it from the temple and made a couple of manticores.
Once again, when you kill the 3 titans, you NEED that wood that I had spent on manticores to make your fortress.
You never explain why we are doing anything, you never tell us what to kill, and you never say why we want to kill the fort.

Additional Comments:
-It could protentially be an interesting map, but needs alot work work; however, do not let this stop you from making any more, I did have a little fun playing it, and the more you make the better you will get :)

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Map Design2.0
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