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The Journey

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Version: AoM: The Titans
The foolhardy Crassus, with the arrogance and pride of a young warrior, with the intelligent Thyreus, along with burly tank-like Minsthras must unite and get to the end of the map (Sometime soon I hope to create a short novel or something along those lines explaining the story - this is all there is for now)

These three heroes must journey to the end of the map (hows that for imaginative!) by completing five mini scenarios, linked by Sky Passages. The heroes each have flaws and strengths, so it is up to your strategy to keep them from being dead at the same time (they are your only units (or are they) and if all your units are dead: game over).

This won't be anything special in the eyes of veteran map-makers, or the general AoM players out there, but it took me a lot of time to complete. If you want to know how far this has come since the very first file I uploaded - Look on my profile for the earlier version of this map.

Any bugs, glitches etc, please comment on this page. Feel free to give as much (hopefully constructive) critisism as you want.

How to install

<("<) README (>")>

Simply extract the file "Scinart" to:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\scenario

And the sound files to:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\sound

By Chimeracranium (Chimeracranim) now known as Necros
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
This was the best part of this scenario. All of the triggers worked and the instructions were clear. The map looked nice and there was no way to get around what you were supposed to do. I liked that you had to use many different strategies in the different sections. I did get bored at sometimes though, I found myself stopping to let my units heal. Also I think it would make the map a little livelier if you added a play music trigger so that it wasn't so blank. But besides those, the playability was amazing.

Balance: 3
I found this scenario pretty easy. The only way you could lose is if you just went into a bunch of enemies with low health. Which was really hard because your units healed. The hardest part was at the end with the giants that seemed impossible to kill. Maybe you could have added a time limit or something. Of course, if you didn't use specific strategies, you would have a hard time with the scenario.

Creativity: 3
The creativity is ok in this scenario. There was absolutely no story and it was just a kill the units map. You did have to use strategies though and I liked that. The map was really good and I liked how you modified some of the units to make the game a harder. The idea with the sky passages and the different sections was good too.

Map Design: 4
This was a really good part of the map. The terrain mixing was wonderful and I liked the way you placed the trees and mountains. I really liked labrynth section too. It must have taken a long time just to make the map so this part was really good. The reason you didn't get a 5 was because there was no amazing eye-candy to look at and nothing that looked spectacular. But besides that this was a wonderfully put together map.

Story/Instructions: 3
The instructions were clear: Get to the sky passage, fight through the units. But there was no plot or story. Why are they on the journey? What is their motivation? There is a big hole in this part and after I finished I still had questions. You don't really even explain who the characters are. Otherwise, the scenario was great and the instructions were clear. I never did not know what to do next.

Additional Comments: This is a really fun scenario and is worth the download. It is a little easy, but like I said you have to use strategies or you'll die a lot. The map looked really nice and the instructions were clear. However there is no storyline to go with the great map. All in all, this is a really good scenario!
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
Well done in this field, it was extremely fun to play. I played it once and then went back and played in speedplay (which is a cheat) for the hell of it.

Unfortunately this was not a five because of the parts where it was too easy and boring, such as the first two areas, but the labyrinth was excellent. I have to say the archers you couldn't get too were annoying, but other then that it was great.

Balance: 3
This got a three because the players heroes were a bit overpowered if you know what mean. They had massive advantages against mythunits and they just bashed human soldiers killing most of them instantly.

Also instead of making heroes that heal themselves(or make them heal really slowly, I think you can do that.) I think making strategicly placed healing areas would be a great idea.

Overall balance was moderately done, but could use improvement.

Creativity: 3
In creativity, you have to admit that you have a pretty common type of map. What you did was hack at the enemy soldiers and try and get to a specific goal, eg. Sky Passages.

But your ideas were well thought out and this is much better than some of the maps made these days. Great Work.

Map Design: 3
Your terrain mixing is great, better than mine for sure, but that is not much of an achievement :). You have some talent in natural eyecandy, there are a few others that have that potential.

The thing that brought it down to a three was the absence of eyecatching objects, great terrain and well placed embellishment is good but, things like citadels, even small ones will always bring a rating up in my opinion.

Try looking at some of the map design kings, SoV, Oscar, Baske, aZeusdude and The Vandhal.

Story/Instructions: 3
The instructions were clear enough: "Get to the Sky Passage", but the Story was empty. A short cinematic explaining what happened and why it happened would have made this a four.

Overall it was a great scenario, awesome and Good luck. Hope to see more of your scenarios out soon!

Additional Comments:
You have some potential talent and I suggest you work on it, just keep practising. As I said Keep up the good work!

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Map Design3.5
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