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The Maze Of Despair

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Did the rating get you? I thought so. ;)

The Maze of Despair was taken from one of my fantasy novels from many years ago. And while the maze did tend to inflict despair, it was much, much worse than this one. For one thing it was three inches in standing water and algae, the walls were a horrid hue of orange, and certain parts of it had reversed gravity! That's not to mention the note takers!

Lets just say that here, all you have to do is kill monsters, rescue the Sexy Assistant, and have fun!

The Readme has changed too, and some of the problems are addressed. There is a difficulty difference, albeit a simple one. In hard and Titan the map resets to black every fifteen seconds, but on easy and moderate it does not.

But be sure to report back to me on your successes! Seriously though, I'd like to know, if you guys - and gals - like it, I'll make another!
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Map Design5.0
Let me say first that I thought that you had a nice idea for this, but I'm sorry to inform you that I wasn't completely satisfied with this scenario.

Playability: 3
-By resetting the blackmap periodically, the scenario got much more frustrating than it should be. This is maybe acceptable for hard and titan modes but not for easy and moderate.
-Relics seemed to serve no purpose but to distract. Including relics that improve stats of the main character would be better. (IE: relic trick was confusing.)
-Increases in stats were well triggered and ingeniously integrated.
-Objectives were helpful.
-No glitches

Balance: 2
-Maze too large to keep people interested. This sort of thing, without any guide or map, could take days (literally).
-Enemies are simply annoying. The maze is confusing enough already.
-Interesting at first.
-Enemies were well-placed.
-Map of maze included.

Creativity: 3
-Idea has obvious boring ring to it.
-While it may be based on a novel, this sort of concept is far more interesting in books.
-Maze idea was appealing enough to be interesting.

Map Design: 5
-Smooth, well done landscaping.
-No placement glitches.
Occasional trees and rock formations make the map look about as good as possible without hindering the gameplay.

Story/Instructions: 4
-No intro cinematic.
-The Sexy Assistant was funny to listen to at first, but then she got annoying. And the siren that tells you that there's a battle going on is just as bad.
-Relic trick was interesting but overall, confusing and not instructed upon.
-Easily understandable.

Additional Comments:
It was a decent concept that could have been better implemented.

[Edited on 05/30/09 @ 07:47 AM]

Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
Jeeesus! This was a fun map, albeit I didn't finish properly. It certainly drove ME bananas! So many enemies in a confusing maze filled with darkness... aaaaah! Great playability, its not a 5 because it got too repetetive (and I didn't get halfway!). Also, first time I played, the Sexy Assistant fought the boars, then wandered outside the box for some reason. She get mauled by hoplites pretty goddamn fast. I don't know why she decided to do that. This may need fixing, but I didn't experience this the second time I played.

Balance: 4
Well balanced. It took 30 minutes of pausing the game, typing "Divine Intervention", bolting, then repeating to enemies until I realised I respawned when I died. Ah. Well balanced, as I said, as you get to respawn, and there are more temples.

Creativity: 4
Original, I haven't seen anything like this before. I liked the little Spotlight, giving a background to the story. The most creative part however, was the LOS/Fog Of War and how it kept disappeaing. Nice trigger work!

Map Design: 3
Lots of walls. Some GrassA. More walls. GrassB. Relic. More walls. Rocks and flowers. Oh and guess what, more walls!
I liked the occasional rocks and flowers spread throughout, and the trees in one part, giving a different feel from being stuck between walls. Some terrain-mixing, not enough in my eyes however.

Story/Instructions: 2
I liked the spotlight giving some insight to as what was going on, but the intructions were confusing. I got some relics and the gate opened. Then it said get some more relics. I typed in "Lay of the land", being the dirty little scumbag I am, and saw dozens of relics! Was I supposed to get every single one? And what was the titan doing standing there? (Forgive me if I quit too early and missed out on some information!) In the end I fired dozens of bolts at the titan and won. Yay!

Additional Comments:
Waaay too long for someone like me. I have to do schoolwork and revision etc, and don't have that much time to play on AoM. I did like the map though. Maybe a smaller map size? Ah well. It certainly was worth the download.
You mentioned it was in one of your fantasy novels from many years ago. Do you mean your own novel you wrote, or one of your favorites? I would like to read it someday :P
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4

Generally this was very good. The scenario worked well and the challenge of finding ones way around the maze was entertaining. However the enemies were kind of annoying and one just had to wait until they died, especially with the anubites that would jump over from neighbouring parts of the maze. It was also pretty repetative, and I don't see what the temples were for.

Balance: 4

Although generally good, the large amount of hoplites at the end were too strong and I had to wait a while while my character countinously died and respawned. I don't think they should have been as upgraded as they were, maybe medium holpites at the most. Also the titan was too powerful to kill without dieing numerous times.

Creativity: 3

The trouble with this was that although the maze was well designed, it was pretty much the same throughout. The enemies in all the parts that I played were also only hoplites and anubites. I think maybe you could have added som variation, and had some special parts of the maze where you had to do extra tasks, such as dodge fire balls or something.

Map Design: 3

As I've said already, the maze was good, but repetative. The terrain was just grass and tiles. There was one area covered in acid but it served no real purpose that I could see. However the main reason this only got a 3 was that, whether intentionally or not, I was able to complete the game without ever using an area well over half the map. I simply walked down the right hand side, with the overall path being pretty much a straight line from the starting point to the titan. After I had finished, I viewed the map in the editor, and there were lots of interesting areas and enemies, but I did not have to explore or kill them.

Story/Instructions: 2

The story was pretty basic, and the intsructions did not help beyond the begining. Again, this may have been a glitch, but after being told to find a way through to the Sexy Assisstant, I received no new objectives.

Additional Comments:

The maze itself was a very good job, but I think the enemies inside it could have been improved, aswell as adding some variation to the maze. I also liked the upgrade system and the way the map went back to black. Good job overall and I hope to see some even better maps from you in future.

[Edited on 06/10/09 @ 02:48 PM]

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