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Aurochs Herd

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Aurochs Herd
by Meitnerium109
Friday, May 29th, 2009

You control a herd of aurochs whose lives are being threatened by enemy units. Destroy them and escape the strange land you are on!

Features Easy, Moderate, Hard, and Titan difficulty levels.

EDIT: If all of your aurochs die, you lose. Since I was unable to program it in at the time, simply restart or resign if the case occurs. Also, if the escape boat is destroyed, this is the same situation.


So, anyway, this is a scenario I made, really just to verify I can make scenarios. In words, I'm new to this and this is more of a test than a serious scenario.
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Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
The playabillity is a 3 because it was playble although i didnt like the idea of having Aurchoses (or whatever there called) it was really balanced and i died very quick so i have to start again so its a 3....

Balance: 2
The balance is a 2 because this map is no way balanced you have animals what are really weak and they cannot beat a Anubite or even a hoplite! so whats the point of putting animals.
This map is not very well balanced!

Creativity: 5
The creativity is a 5 because i kinda like the idea of having animals and a herd and i this map is very different although is wasnt very well balanced its was still creative. So its a 5!

Map Design: 3
The Map Design is a 3, i really liked how you did the terrian and where you places the nature and trees etc and there was alot of eyecandy especially for player 1.

Story/Instructions: 3
The story/instructions is a 3 because the instructions were quite poor although straight forward but you need alot more detail into the objectives instructions etc. I like the Story line becuase like i said i love the idea of having a herd on animals although you should put like 5 animals not loads! you could of "Modified the Protounit" or somethings anways i like the storyline so its a 3.

Additional Comments: This map doesnt show that you can design and create scenario it just means you rushed it and decided to put a quote in. Anways i think this scenario is worth installing and playing because tge creativity and storyline was brillaint! P:S your should start taking more time on scenarios and dont rush then and place units slowly.

Thank You!
Map Design2.0
Playability: 2
The playability wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either. Pretty much the whole time you were just walking a path killing enemies. In order to bring my 2 up to a 4 or 5 you need to add some more choices, make me play different ways throughout the whole game. You could add some puzzles in order to save the aurochs or some word games. There are a lot of things you could have done different in place of walk down a path killing stuff.

Balance: 3
The Balance was ok but not perfect and that’s the reason I gave you a 3. I liked how you added some difficulty choices that’s always good. But some of them were either the same or to hard. You also had to use micro in order to kill some of these myth units and I always like it when you have to do stuff differently to win a battle instead of running stuff into each other the whole time.

Creativity: 1
The creativity was the worst asset of your scenario because its all been done before. Not to be harsh or anything but all you did was walk down a winding path and attack myth units. Not a lot of story either, your not even told why there are even myth units on this path or where the path is located. I didn’t want to give a 1 but you have to work on it a little start brainstorming and writing cool things you could put into your scenario onto a piece of paper. I get a lot of my ideas from commercials and movies ;).
Map Design: 2
You only get a 2 in Eyecandy because you only had trees and terrain that’s about it. And talking about the terrain it was only one type of terrain in one place you have to start mixing them to make it look more lush. Also add some bushes, flowers, rocks, and so on in order to make it look like your in a forest or on a path.

Story/Instructions: 3
The story was pretty basic and you had ok instructions so ill give you a 3.The reason is because although your instructions were good there wasn’t a story. All I knew was you’re a group of cows and you go around killing fire giants and colossus. It would be much better if you had them attack other animals or even humans, but myth units was a little to far.

Additional Comments:Over all you made an ok scenario that I enjoyed playing.All you have to do is add a little creativity into your work and put more effort on eyecandy. You could check the eyecandy thread and look at a lot of wonderful examples of good eyecandy that you could pu tinot some of your scenarios. Put some of the stuff I said into your next scenario and it will turnout great.Ill be waiting here for your next map.;)
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
I had a lot of fun playing this. The challenges got harder at a progressive rate. However, i had three disappointments here. First the anubites are overpowered so using meteor when you get to them is really the best option. Unfortunately this kind of takes away the challenge since it isn't hard to cast meteor on the middle anubite. The second issue is that the collosus are little bit too strong at the beginning. I lost about 10 aurochs killing one, and i had to isolate it first. attacking it while it was next to the cyclops would have been suicide. The third problem is that the final boss (titan) is too easy. All one must do is spam right clicking past it until the herd gets by. The super strong aurochs don't die easily so i don't think i lost even 1 during the final part. But i must say it was fun to play and it put my micro skills to the test.

Balance: 4
I thought the balance was done quite well. It took me two tries to beat though so maybe it would have been better if it was slightly longer with a wider variety of challenges (more on this in the creativity part). Aside from the anubite part, the difficulty is quite challenging and manageable.

Creativity: 4
I like the idea of the aurochs trying to save their friends and get home. It kind of reminded me of the boar mission in the age of mythology campaign. I like how as you get further into the map, the challenges get a bit harder. Remember that having a variety of things to do in maps like this can help prevent the game from getting repetitive. For example, if you would have added a small fortress with walls and archers on the inside blocking your path, it could have forced the player to change strategies to overcome the challenge. Variety is your friend in scenarios like this. A person will feel much more satisfied after passing various challenges than if they just fight their way through hordes of enemies.

Map Design: 3
Not much to say here. I can see that you designed it intentionally to be challenging to the player. For example having the titan in a narrow part of the map make the player second guess whether he will be able to get through it or be stopped in his tracks. Other than this the map is very simple and doesn't have much decorations. I'll give it a three since the design isn't much better than a random land map. The home of the aurochs would have been better if it didn't look like a plain patch of land with no vegetation: :p

Story/Instructions: 3
The story was nice but wasn't anything memorable. Although i couldn't help but feel sorry for the aurochs left on the island that couldn't fit on the boat. Perhaps cinematics showing the past of the aurochs could have given it a bit more character development. The instructions were clear and it wasn't puzzling what you had to do.

Additional Comments:
Its very good as an "rough draft" sort of map. I could see a great scenario coming out of this with a bit more effort. Some of the other players got stuck in the beginning which is something you don't want to happen because they will quickly lose interest if they can't beat the early challenges. Don't stop trying to be original, making unique challenges and story lines is what will make your maps memorable. I look forward to seeing a much higher quality scenario from you in the future!

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