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The curse of Duriel

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Twenty years ago Duriel the dark one was defeated... but on that night he swore he would return to destroy the city of Cherb. Jankas, the city priest is the only one who still remembers... Can he save the city and defeat the dark one?
Easy to titan difficulty setting
Alright eye-candy
and big battles.

Better starting camera track
Harder ending

While you may think it has stuffed up, there is a bug which I cannot fix.
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Guard of Olympus seems good. I am going to download and review
Guard of Olympus Really good! Only if the cinematics hadn't been so slow. I don't have time review this right now, but soon.
Guard of Olympus
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Exellent playability, no lag. There was epic battles and even the epic battles were easy to control. i liked that it was able to train new units, it made the battles better, just so that it's not only the almost immortal unit that is fighting against their massive armies.The only thing that needs to be improved is the cinematics. try adding more waypoints so the camera wont go crazy from one side of the map to the next side. Also enshorten the time the dialouges are up, sins waiting 15 sec for the next dialouge to show up gets boring and makes you think something has gotten stuck.An excellent scenario that was funny to play even thouh it could have been longer. Thank you!

Balance: 5
Perfect balance!Not to easy, not to hard.The ememy had massive attacking armies and i had massive defending armies. I liked that I was able to buy new units and the reinforcements seemed balanced into the number of units they had. The priest had a little to high healing rate but if I gon into their armies with just him I would lose.good timing in the attackes, the attacks were spread out over enough much time, all units didn't com at the same time.I actually couldn't find anything that needed to be improved exept the boss battle that was way to easy. But it didn't mattaer.The overall feeling was still 5 in this field

Creativity: 4
A creative scenario. it feels good to play a creative scenario for once. Aspecially lately there have been one person spamming scenarios without creativity so this is an good exeption.I liked that you renamed all the enemy forces.The eyecandy was creative and some of it i have never seen before, like the rotting logs outside the gate.The story was creative but more should have been explained in the first cinematic. The boss battle could too have been more creative, chose another unit to fight cause an very big tartarian spawn doesn't really feel creative.Great anyway!

Map Design: 4
Quite good.The terrain mixing was nice but what actually was good with this scenario was the extra eyecandy.Like the flowers, rotting logs and aspeacialy the underworl passage.the mix of the enemy units was nice and that makes the map look better.I am missing more water and cliffs, and some normal villages would be nice sins the city is just too advanced. small poor villages are nice too.

Story/Instructions: 3
Half good. I would give the story a four and the instructions a two in score. The story of this evil person is good, but why does he return now.That's another thing that could be explained in the starting cinematic.I like that the lords of the city doesn't belive the priest and that the priest is fighting for himself, without any massive reinforcements.The instructions are bad.There are no hints or anything that actually tells me what to do.add hints to help the player. Even though some missions didn't even need hints cause the objectiv was so easy.E.g:Take the priest to the underworld passage.Easy to understund.

Additional Comments:Great scenario!Just improve the camera tracks and this scenario would be near perfection!
flexers Loved the map ,fun to train all those troops
i outnumbered all the enemies but boss fight was really easy.
File Author
thanks for review and good comments. I decided to make the boss fight easy as I couldn't be bothered making the perfect balance. There's one cinematic near the end of the boss cinematic where it pauses for a while. I think its a bug and I'm not sure how to fix it. I'm interested too, what difficulty did you play on? I think titan may be impossible whereas easy is well... too easy.

[Edited on 06/01/09 @ 02:05 AM]

I_hak_yer_cmputr I thought that scenario was really good, except at first I thought the battles were easy to win with no need to train units. But then I saw the buildings and I realized I did need to train units. So throw in a hint or something saying 'Train units with the flashing buildings or you will sorely lose'
Curse of Egypt Dude!,You always have to train units!!
File Author
I changed a few things and updated it. Not much, but it will be better for people who download for the first time.
File Author
If anyone could post a link to how to turn units. e.g. put units on their side or upside down. I would appreciate it.
Guard of Olympus search for Cheesy editor patch and it should appear some files. In one of them the description is "Now you're able to rotate units on their axes'" or something like that.It has detailed installation notes in the zip file. hope that helped.
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Map Design3.3
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