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Egyptian Rituals

Author File Description
Curse of Egypt
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
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csone1121 Is there any other imformation you can post about it, like what it is about?
JDmino Can you please turn off Caps Lock, it is very annoying. And could you post more information. If people don't know what this is about, they won't download. So do your best to give them all the information you can.
CharlieDog You're going to need to improve a lot. I saw no terrain mixing and there were no objectives. In two scenarios i had unlimited resources so it was basically impossible to lose. It had no storyline. While this is not to discourage you, I would advise checking the scenario design forum.
Map Design1.0
Playability: 1
This would have gotten a 2 or even a 3, but it was the second scenario that brought it down. During that scenario, my units kept moving to random locations, and it really pissed me off. The rest was all right. The triggers worked fine, but I was bored a lot. Maybe you could make some secondary objectives that could make the main objective easier and give the player something to do.

Balance: 2
The balance was not very good. In the first and last scenario I had unlimited resources and there was really no way for me to lose. The reason I made this a two was that there was a titan in the last scenario that made me have to think about what units to make.

Creativity: 1
There really is not that much creativity here. There is no story line, the map design is not that good, and nothing is really original. "kill all units and buildings" is the main objective in all of the scenarios and that is not very fun or creative. Try making different types of objectives to mix it up once and a while.

Map Design: 1
This area could have been way better. There were two terrains used in all three scenarios, Sand A and Egyptian road. There is very little embellishment and there is nothing that made me say wow or even made me take a second glance. There is a lot of empty space, in this empty space, place things like pyramids, sand dunes, etc. It would make the scenarios a lot better!

Story/Instructions: 1
There is absolutely no story in these scenarios. Why is general Melagius (I think thats what it is) attacking, or why are there norsemen in Egypt. It would help a lot if you explain this. There are no instructions in the first or third scenarios too, just chats saying "defend the city", or "look a titan". After I defended the city, I didn't know I was supposed to destroy the town. And after I killed the titan I didnt know what to do next.

Additional Comments:
Sorry for the bad review, but I think if you spent a little more time on these, they would have been a lot better. Keep downloading and with practice you will get much better at making scenarios!
Guard of Olympus I think this looks good and i am going to download and review.
JDmino That was a bit harsh Csone, he is new after all.
csone1121 I gave him things to work on, and if he changes the scenarios a bit, I'd change my review. I would not want people to go easy on my scenarios just because i'm new. I'd want to know what I could do to make i better.

[Edited on 06/03/09 @ 08:12 AM]

Guard of Olympus sorry, but i wont be able to review this in some time.writing the Codename:ripto playtest rapport really takes all my time.
Guard of Olympus
Map Design2.0
Now it's time. My Ripto rapport is done so I'll review this now

Playability: 2
The playability wasn't really good. I had a few troops and a towncenter, but there were no resources so i was bound to Archanic age. Look under nature in the objects section and you will find trees, gold mines and food. In one scenario the units kept going to the same spot over and over. That's rather annoying and I were have to go to the editor and turn the looping trigger off. I also dislike that the victory condition is all units and buildings dead. That makes it take an eturnity to finish it since i'm have to look around all map to find the last military barrak or anubite. The distances are way too long and it gets annoying to walk in one minute without anything that happens. Make smaller maps in the feature. Since there are three scenarios in the zip you could actually make a campain out of it with the campain maker tool.

Balance: 1
Very unbalanced. The scenarios are either to easy or too hard. In some scenarios the enemy has devastingly mutch more units than I have and since i'm unable to advance in age (Except in the scenario in witch you gave the player unlimited resorces that was way to easy with my Son of Osiris and that mutch troops against there two waves of axe and spearmans) it's impossible to win. The timing of those few things that's being said is really bad and it's almost impossible to read them all at the same time. I guess the last scenario was the most balanced since the enemy had a titan and I was able to train units.

Creativity: 1
This really wasn't creative at all. it was simply a fixed force battle scenario pack. Fixed force with totaly un-balanced armies really doesn't feel very creative and the map design is'nt creative either. The story is lacking and it feels likeone of those scenarios I myself did right after finishing Fall of the Trident. Try to come up with a story first and then try to explaine the story in the scenario. There were nothing special with any of these scenarios and thereby the rating of this cathergory must be a 1.0

Map Design: 2
Not really good. All that Egyptian road terrain that the all of the scenarios are totaly covered with really gets boring to look at after some time. There are no trees, rocks, sanddunes or any special eyecandy in any of the scenarios. Read to five star rated guide about terrain mixing, I think that would help you. Also try to be creative and come up with some eyecandy. The thing that makes this score a two, not a one is that the enemy city in mission two is rather nice and the buildings are placed in a nice way in that city.

Story/Instructions: 2
No story and no instructions. I'm sorry, but it's hard to know what to do and where to go without instructions even though i could guess what the goal was: Destroy all enemy buildings and units. there was almost no story, no cinematics to explain, but I could in someway understund parts of the story: being attacked, counterattack but in the last scenario I didn't understund a thing. I mean, Why were the norsemens attacking and how did that Titan escape tartarus? You didn't tell me that i were have to attck them, all the instructions via the message box said was "Defend your city". But no attackers came. Use objectives to tell people what to do. to do this make an objective under scenario in the editor and use the objectives trigger effect.

Additional Comments:Try to prove that you can make good scenarios or people will propably stop downloading your scenarios. sorry for sounding harsh, but that's the way it is.
CharlieDog I actually didn't mind the scenario that much. At least you programmed some triggers into it. You are improving from bandit chase and noresland. Let someone else playtest it first to see if it's good before you post on here. Otherwise people could stop downloading.
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