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Age of Castles V3

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# of Players: 6 +2 AI
Version: AoM: The Titans
This map was made by:
Vex_Sino (now called "ThePatronizer" on AoM online

Demigodseer made the original map, he made the basis with most of the triggers and map.Vex_Sino made the god power shops and changed some castles around to fit the river, he made one more castle and he did some of the better eyecandy.

one Age of Castles V3 Scenario

to install click the download button at the top, then un-zip the file,put the file in
your age of mythology folder in the scenario folder.C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\scenario

Age fo Mythology V3.... how should i put as the classic...well not that classic... game of Castle Conqeuring. the basis of the game is to capture every castle, now, it takes a long time to do that , but once one team takes the advantage, chances are the other will lose unless the other finds a way to turn the tables. in this version we experience vital changes.such as the river, capturing it can give a great advantage, such as faster transportation, easier defence, and with enough ships you can block all of the ship ports so the enemy wont be able to make ships.some of you may have already played this as i had hosted it several times before release to make sure everything works, if there is something you dont understand please say so before putting it into a reveiw, most things are done for a reason, just like the two cows that do nothing in particular. they are there for the laugh, as by now if you read that it wont be much of a laugh now.also we added god powers, the god powers are expensive things that can be really useful, especially the bolt, quick way to kill a enemy unit when you think it might do too much damage. in V4 , or a V 3.1, we are planning to add the ability to buy more heros that are able to capture castles, i am thinking of achilles (max 2 at a time) and a hippoloyta (max 1). we have also added more ship units and a bigger river, at this height, the river is pretty much half the battlefeild, and control of it means control of most of the war making river just as important as land.

Instructions (if you are too lazy to read objectives):
1: to capture a castle you move to the major god statue in the city , NOT the blue square used for spawning!
2:when heroes stop being able to buy stuff or units, then you have put it into a army, you will haveto delete it to make it respawn back into the army.
3: spawn killing heros is aloud, unless host doesnt approve it at the beggining. most people would hate it but its a good strategy, even though its noobish.
4: this map is not rigged, if i took over the river its not demigodseers fault, its yours, maybe you shouldve thought of sea control before the other team did?
5: reveiw after you have played it.

Thank you and please enjoy!
(P.S: this was a map i made by request of vex_sino, i stalled demi's plight for a while i know, but Demi's plight was ment as a background map i make when im not working on other maps, will be adding screenshots soon.)

Update: fixed a mistake where a unit would spawn only if you controlled a castle different . making it harder to get the unit.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
I did have fun playing this map, and it was interesting finding out the different units that each castle gives
It would also be nice if instead of subtracting the gold from the player you tributed it to gaia, since then the player can see when they have bought anything.
There should; however, be a time at the start for new players to read the objectives, otherwise the others would have a major advantage, and since p1 will have played the game before 99% of the time, the first 3 will have an advantage from that.
However the majority of the things that would subtract from this colum were small, and so overall it was a very playable map, and I did have fun playing it.

Balance: 2
Well the map wasn't too balanced in my opinion. The respawning was probably one of the bigger issues, as the player respawns so fast that if you are trying to take the base where the players respawn (which I did when I was testing) you have to rush in there with a large amount of troops and then keep them there if you ever want to keep it. Perhaps a better way would be to give the player a lure after a certain amount of time, and then they could place their hero wherever they wanted to...
Or if you don't want players to have that then have them spawn NOT right in front of a castle, and instead out in the wilderness...
There was only 1 castle that let you have access to the water, and there is no way at all that p4/5/6 could get to it before p1/2/3, so basically the first 3 players will get the 2 water castles without any fight, and the sea castle was uber defensible, making it very hard for the last 3 players to take it.
Having control of the sea gives you uber speedy units that can take you to the majority of the map, so that you can take the castles out from behind the player.

Creativity: 3
I like the concept, and you do make it work, but this is not the first time it's been done.
I always find that I include eyecandy and map design in the creativity, but I did not take off points for your map design, instead I took off points because the map was a rather simple map, and could definitely have used some added things. For example if the computer players would have armies to battle each other, and then whoever won those battles would convert to the player who they are allied to, so if the players stepped in and helped fight then they gained free troops.

Map Design: 3
Well to start off, the map was big, and you certainly tried to fill all of it, so that is a bonus; however, all that you have filled it with is clumps of trees and some random nature pieces.
You also did a little bit of terrain mixing, but as before, there are giant clumps of Grass A, with perhaps a few streaks of Grass B, and Grass Dirt...
The castle, while they looked fine, were merely that; fine. Each castle was made up of wall connectors for the outside, and some random units for the inside. There was no real difference between all but 2 of the castle other then its location and size. This was probably the major point that brought your score down, as this map is centered around the castles, so the players are going to be seeing them the most. I liked what you did with the one with the spears, and the one in the forest, so if you had just made every single castle different like that your design on them would have been much better.

Story/Instructions: 3
It took me a little bit of time to figure out that getting more castles gets you gold, as you had not put that in the objectives, and I missed out on the beginning text because I was looking at the objectives.
Also, at the start, when you have that text show up, there are some major spelling errors, which kinda threw me off. You also, as I mentioned before, should not say anything in that which you do not mention in the objectives.
There is no story behind this, which kinda took away from the mood. No reason for the people to be taking over castles etc.
Perhaps the inclusion of a cinematic in the beginning would have helped, even if you just explain some basic things, or show people attacking a castle...
You explain nothing about the situation; why are we called Noblemen? Why do these castles want to join our side? And I could keep going on, but you get the gist.

Additional Comments:
-In the player 4/5/6 starting base if player 1 (and I don't know about the others) tried to buy the militia it doesn't work.
-The Leviathan was misspelled.
-Instead of turning the victory conditions off, and so messing up the end, simply place a Victory Marker for each player, and then have those destroyed along with the players being set defeated. This way the game will actually end, rather then having the You Are Victorius while the game still goes on underneath.
-Your anti edit used a unit with a too long lifespan, I was easily able to pause the game and look through your triggers without affecting anything :D (though the triggers in the Introduction group were funny)
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
This Game is fun yes... but it gets old, after playing it like 20 times... it gets boring, but even tho it gets boring, its still always fun in a way, cause you can always take over the castle in a different way, you could always spam different units, you can always be with different people.

Balance: 4
This game is balanced pretty well, only thing I see wrong is that the units in the castles, colossus and destroyers in 1 castle... is just a little too much, also the bolt is just a little bit unfair, witch is well... my fault.

Creativity: 5
Creativity deserves a 5 because well, theirs no game like it, yea theirs other games where you need to take over stuff, and other games where you need to spam units. But never both put into the same game... then theirs added stuff. like water, god powers (2 of them), castles.

Map Design: 3
Am just going to come out and say it...the castles kinda suck... they are all except for 1... made out of wall connectors, witch is original, but looks like crap, also for what I heard, demigodseer used the randomize map tool to make most of the nature eyecandy one the map.
*the river is awesome! :)

Story/Instructions: 4
Their is not story, but the instructions are in the objective banner, and in the objective banner, the instructions are clearly listed, but yet... there is no cinematic

Additional Comments: HURRY UP WITH V4

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Map Design3.0
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