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monkey worshippers

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Version: AoM: The Titans
you have to kill the monkey worshippers, and teh monkeys, free the prisoners and capture the relics.
to find out more, download the file and play it.

this is my second map, if you find it stupid, im ok with that, laugh all you want.
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Map Design2.0
Hey this is my 2nd review ever, I hope you think it will be fair.
This scenario was about killing a horde of monkeys and their worshipers, on your way you are aided by some allies and you also have to free some prisoners. It's quite short, but still, it was fun for me :P .

Playability: 3

Hah, well it was a funny scenario, and a funny objective hah. Even thought it is only your 2nd scenario, you have already added in triggers, and I liked them aswell. You send food to your allies, and they fight for you. preety nice hahah. Still you have alot to learn, but in my opinion, you have started just fine.

Balance: 2

It was all good and well, in the beggining it was a bit too easy, but towards the end, even though I got all of my allies to help me the Circes were just too powerful for my units to handle. So the balance was not very good. To make better balance I advise you to playtest your scenario yourself untill you decide that it has an appropriate balance.

Creativity: 3

It was preety creative, and I found it funny too. It was an original idea, a fine one, but I don't think it cost you mutch time to think of and it wasn't like a great big storyline. Still i'm sure you deserve a 3 here. :)

Map Design: 2

There was still no real eyecandy, though I liked how you put different fish at the prisoners' base. Also there was alot of grass A, but still there was some variety in the terrain, so you're getting a 2. Also i'd recommend you to look at some nicely eyecandy/map design rated scenarios and learn there how you could add some extra atmosphere to the map. I recommend you add rocks, grass, bushes, berry bushes, columns, fountains, trees, waterfalls(only in singleplayer) and other stuff as you like. It really makes the scenario mutch more beautiful.

Story / Instructions: 2

There were some instructions, but they weren't very specific and here i'd recommend you add objectives, so if you accidentally forget your current asignment, you can check the objectives for information. There wasn't mutch of a story here, it didn't explain why you had to kill the monkeys, but it was funny so i liked it. A 2 would suit this well.

Tips / Additional comments:

Fine for a beginner, just keep at making scenarios and you will get better. But just don't give up.
Map Design2.0
Playability: 4
Well I can certainly say this was fun to play! I loved the fact that you get soldiers by fishing, but I think it would better if instead of the resources automatically being sent, the player has the option to send the food. I loved the chicken storm at the end :P

Balance: 2
This was very one-sided as you start with a big army and soon get even more units. I didn't even need half of them! At the beginning I just one Achilles to draw the enemies into a ring of my soldieres and crushed them! It only got interesting when those Circe's killed half my troops!

Creativity: 4
Maybe I'm being a bit generous giving you a 4 here, but quite creative. Monkeys! I haven't seen a monkey scenario since "Attack of the Space Monkeys". I think you should download that (its a movie) if you haven't already.

Map Design: 2
Mostly grassA and some trees. However I LOVED those fish! How did you do that! Simply amazing! You could use that idea in future scenarios just to make them look better :P

Story/Instructions: 2
Story - You gotta kill some monkeys for some reason. It mentions about relics, but I don't think you actually need to garrison them to win. Instructions - kill the monkeys. A bit vague. At the beginning I didn't know what to do, so I killed some minotaurs then ambled along to the fishing place where things started getting interesting. Have some objectives and a hint for this.

Additional Comments:
Great for a second scenario. My second scenario was god-awful compared to this! Probably some army fighting another army with no triggers. This is amazing for a second scenario. Keep practising, read some stuff in the "Design hints, tips and tutorials" section to see what to improve upon for the future.

Great stuff!
Map Design1.0
Playability: 2
The scenario was amusing, but lacked any challenge or interesting ideas, effects, or dialogue.

Balance: 1
You start with a huge army that only grows, which alongside with lighting bolts and a chicken storm, makes the scenario a cakewalk. I'd suggest making the reinforcements less , or making the enemies harder.

Creativity: 3
Monkeys are amusing, but the execution of the map was abysmal. Try adding in a storyline and some side quests.

Map Design: 1
It was mostly grass a with a forest and some buildings. Nothing to make your eyes pop. You should look at some guides for making cities, as an urban enviornment would make this map much more interesting.

Story/Instructions: 1
There was no story nor instructions beyond kill the monkeys and their worshippers. Perhaps a little more background would make this more interesting.

Additional Comments:
Overall, the scenario needed some more work, though the original premise is promising.

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