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Brave Sword (demo)

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Demo version

IMPORTANT: This is the demo version, as you may already know. If you want to play the full version, go to this link:

Become a man, and journey into a land of adventure and mystery

Embark on your journey as Vale, a young boy who is willing to explore the world in search for adventure, and who is about to become a man. Meanwhile, a mysterious being is planning to take over the Apeiron, the strongest force in the universe, for purposes now unkown...


This is a single player RPG. The scenario is mostly centered on gameplay, more than eyecandy, for two reasons: It is made for fun gameplay, and to prevent lag (wich in itself supports the first reason).

Gameplay consists of solving puzzles, helping people, doing business and fight to level yourself, finding secrets, dungeons, etc. It is meant to be a simple to play RPG, while still having a deep or complex side, like the leveling mechanics and other features.


As the scenario is made for fun, the way to play it is simple. The camera always follows you when you're playing, and unlocks you when in cinematics. You can interact with many things just clicking. Talk to people, buy things, examine things, etc.

It is designed to easily progress in the game, find fun chores, find shops, by marking all these in visible ways. As you progress you'll become stronger, gain new abilities, new transportation forms, etc.You can also level yourself at certain points, buy new weapons, and all that stuff. The gameplay is very fluid.

Note that I have been working in the game only for 4 days. Play the demo and let me see what you think about it, that way i can know if it's worth to continue developing the scenario.

* Time cycle -not in demo-
* Diferent weapons, that can be changed constantly
* Easy and simple gameplay
* Interesting mechanics for leveling up
* Many towns, dungeons.
* Good storyline

Please note that this is a demo, not the full version, as I started this just a few days ago.

UPDATE: Bugs have been fixed, and lots of eyecandy have been added. Thanks for the advice!

UPDATE: Fixed a big glitch from the new version... in wich you could'nt move the character, becasue I messed up with wich player you are. lol

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Only submit once. The delay is so I can approve your file incase it violates the COC.

(Also it's [b][/b] for bolding.)
Kai Hirogashi
Map Design2.0
Playability: 3
The playability on the rpg 'Brave Sword' is rather interesting indeed. Chatting with people was fun but in my opinion, you need more NPCs. You did however mention that you would be focusing on the playability more than design in your thread and my friend you have made this Rpg very fruitful and nice to play. Well done.

Balance: 3
The Balance of it was well planned out. From what i saw you only fought with 3 serpents to receive your swordsman certificate. It was tough but we had already in our possession a lightning bolt god power so that put it down. You should kill all god powers from the beginning of the game.

Creativity: 4
Creativity is at an utmost high in your rpg. Which is good. I have to tell you that I had a dejavu when i was playing because it is very familiar to the way I design my rpgs. So that is good, I think its the best way to be honest. So well done.

Map Design: 2
Map design is at a low due to the map being too plain. There weren't many terrain mixing or embelishments used. It would be good to add a few objects here and there. A tip would be try to make the map look real. If you get me?
Story/Instructions: 5
Very good on this part. I was never once left with a question mark in my head. Always knew what the objective was. The triggering for this is very clever. The storyline caught my attention from first moment. It seems you have thought it through nicely and spent time to perfect it. I like that in a designer.

Additional Comments:
Once again conradulations on releasing 'Brave Sword' rpg demo. Keep up the good work and I am sure you'll get far in designing.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4/5 (up to 5)

Well, this was another lovely surprise. I liked the playability alot and I liked how you did asignments for other people. I think it rocked! Also you have done some really nice triggers like... you have to wait for the dwarf to bring you the sword from the house, that looked really realistic. I couldn't decide if i'd give you a 4 or a 5 on this point, (There were some bugs like: You shouldn't have passed the gate when the guards tell you: "you are not a warrior it is too dangerous for you to travel alone".) so I'll say 4/5 and it rounds up to 5.

Balance: 4

There was only one fight, but it did hurt Vale quite alot and it was tough, Villager vs. modified serpents is fair. But as Kai said, we had the bolt god power so that saved our butt:D.

Creativity: 4

There were some original elements that looked realistic as i mentioned above about the Dwarve. I really liked that. Also there were elements that we have seen before and that made the map better. The camera lock was nice, but it has been done before by Kai. I wouldn't give it a 5, but you definitely deserve a 4 here. :)

Map Design: 4

I couldn't decide here neither. So as i already boosted it up at Playability this makes up for it, here i'll give you a 4. The map design was nice, you did put some bushes around and trees, and i speciffically liked all the villagers that seemed to be in motion, talking to eachother, and also the warriors wandering around. You did not however put in anything that would make me say "Wow!". But as Kai said, you mentioned you were gonna focus on playability more, and you have definitely done excellent with playability.
Just a tip, next time use more building variations.

Story / Instructions: 5

I thought the story was really original and it was great. A young lad, trying to fulfill his dreams to become a swordsman. And probably in the full scenario, you will see all of his adventures that follow. Great stuff! Also I always knew what I had to do so the instructions were clear. This definitely deserves a 5.

Additional Comments:

This was really nice, I enjoyed playing very mutch. I hope you finish the full scenario, I'll definitely play it. Also I wish you luck in your designing future ;) .

edit: Now that you have modified the scenario, it is mutch better. I'm going to up the map design too :P .

[Edited on 06/09/09 @ 04:00 PM]

Pheonix_Fire First Download :)

But Not First Comment ! :(
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
The Playabillity is a 5! becuase this is brilliant the gameplay was fantastic, you got chores jobs and quests i loved every secend of it! This scenario/demo is very very intrecate and playble there is a few cinimatics but mostly gameplay the gamplay was probly the best ive ever seen i loved it! (I like the gameplay/playbillity because the gameplay was unique and playble there was no glitches (or was there?) and there was quests,jobs,chores and that sytem (gameplay) was probly the best.

Balance: 5
The balance is a 5 because there wasnt like titans on the map and you dont die instantly and all you have to attack/kill is three snakes so the balance is a 5 (I think i did the balance rating/review correct?)

Creativity: 5
The Creativity is a 5 firstly this demo/scenario is pure genious and secondly you use your imagination brilliantly (i think its a word brilliantly) and you use every thing correct and also you created the scenario very very well. I think this scenario is very Creative. Thats why its a 5 !

Map Design: 5
The Map Design aka eyecandy is a 5 because although you noted you focused on mostly gameplay i still think the eyecandy/map design was pure genious and brilliant, I like how you mixed the tiles E:g You put atlantis tile mixed with City Tile and that cobination was brilliant! The eyecandy of the greek road was good and mixed very well. Also you placed the buildings and unit and trees;correctly (specialy the gates) i like how you used different terrian for the blacksmith (armory)and i like how you placed the weapons and used brokk in the armoruy.

Story/Instructions: 5
The StoryLine Was Fab!!!!!!!!!!!!
I loved every second of it! i like the names you choose. Also i like the idea of a young boy who becomes a warrior swordsman thing. I like what units you used in your story line. Anways enough with storyline i like the instructions alot! i like how your explained everything and you put something like QUEST when its a quest. I also like the chores aspect because i like having different type of instructions and i also think that one of the chores was a bit wrong.... what is the personal reason of Mat or whatever his name why cant he deliver the sword?

Additional Comments: I love this scenario can i start making scenario with you im good at doing eyecandy and im also working on a large project called Four Worlds So would you like to design and create scenarios,campains or whatever with me? Btw how did you create the trigger aspect of quests? P:S Download This Scenario Now!

blaht dude make the full version soon please
File Author
Thanks for the reviews! :D

Update, the bugs you reported have been already fixed, and more eyecandy has been added. Enjoy the demo! The final version may be ready some time soon (or not so soon, who knows).

By the way, why the BB code doesn't work here? I put [color] to the text, but it doesn't appear. Is there a way to fix this?
Pheonix_Fire are you still on and btw how did u do the coulers
File Author
Thanks for comments, Phoenix_fire! If you liked the demo you'll liek the full version too.

Now, what do you mean by coulers? lol
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