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Style: Mix
# of Scenarios: 1 right now
Version: AoM: The Titans
This story follows the Hero Salfentarus. The evil god Anubis reclaims a favor from his human servant the Keeper. The Keeper finds Salfentarus and brings him to an ancient metropolis called Utopia. The Keeper tries to bring down Utopia and destroy it as Anubis wishes, and in doing so, unlocks ancient secrets. Other gods and titans awaken and unleash their might upon Utopia. Salfentarus must do all he can to save the great city.

*Custom lighting and borrowed sound
*Spotlight tab in objectives is used!
*Difficulty levels are present, so try them out.

Please encourage constructive criticism, tell me any issues and problems with this on balance, game play, fun, eye candy. . . and I will correct all details. I wish to make it better, so you people can tell me what needs to be better. EXPECT CONTINUOUS UPDATES

UPDATED 6-16-09 Most bugs fixed. Difficulty levels more balanced. Optimized fun factor.

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
I found the scenario very fun. It was enjoyable and I spent a little while playing it. It was well made and created a great atmosphere(more details abou that in map design :p). It was a four and not a five, because their were flaws in a few places. The waves of enemies sometimes took a while to arrive and left me sitting there. You also made it hard to tell that some of the soldiers were further behind the group at the start of the scenario.

Balance: 3
At first balance was out of whack. Your soldiers were
weak and the enemies could knock em out in a second. Even the only hero you had was useless. Once you got past the marsh queen the tables turned, your units 3 main units were unbelievebly strong, which lead to watching you guy shoot an arrow and seeing the unit in front of you die. Try and fix some of those up, it created a sense of boredom in some places.

Creativity: 3
Well, the rise of Aubis, pretty common idea, but you implemented your own thoughts and plans into it, to give it an individual feel. I thought that was well done.

I will use this as a cinematic base:
The camera tracks got a bit dodgy but were well done in the majority. It was well constructed and the effects were well placed and done properly. I had a problem with music. It was a bit out of plce in some bits.

Map Design: 4
Atmosphere. I was mentioning that before. For the main part, your scenario had terrain mixing and looked pretty good. It was simple and well thought out, except the elevation. The lumps all over the place were bit strange. It is not realistic to have completely flat ground, but random craters isn't the way to go either.:p Over all well done in this part.

Story/Instructions: 4
The instructions were clear and easy enough to understand, I knew what to do for the scenario, but when the fungus was mentioned, the first thing I thought was "Where are they?". You did not mark them on the map, I couldn't find them, and you did not say you could go through the blocked path yet.

The story was well thought out and I liked it, it was represented as it should, Great work, keep it up. :)

Additional Comments:
Well done mate, keep up the great work!
File Author
Okey, thanks for the comments, remember, this is only a start to the campaign, and I will continue to make changes to it. I have read your review, and I'm gunna try to correct all the things you said about it. And the actual gameplay and balance, I had a problem with because I made the map and triggers all myself and I did all the playtesting. Replaying it 100 times in a row kind of throws off my sense of perspective. So just tell me all the problems and ill fix. Im gunna update this file for download in a few days. I already have a lighting file that makes the "atmosphere" go way swamplike. and i also am gettin a new age swamp soundtrack to loop in the scenario to make it sound like a swamp.

[Edited on 06/10/09 @ 08:00 PM]

JDmino Fast learner, good man. If you want other playtesters then post something in the Forums:
File Author
Hey JDmino, for the balance part, you have to strategize and focus the enemy attacks on your hero aand shott from behind, that makes it a bit easier to kill the monsters in the first part. Where you said the funguses werent marked on the map, that part, you have to find them yourself. More on balance, I did take time to create difficulty levels. So try it on other difficulties and tell me if it still is too easy on the second part.
Guard of Olympus Downloaded. Review will be made in a few days.
Review finished.

[Edited on 06/26/09 @ 12:27 PM]

Guard of Olympus
Map Design5.0
Playability: 3
The playability in-game was good, but the cinematics lowers the score. The army I had almost never contained more than 30 men so it was easy to control. I liked that you renamed the civilisations. The custom spotlight wasn't realy good though, 'cause I think most people knows about heroes and there has been some very similair spotlights in the Fall of the Trident campain. Now to the cinematics. The cinematics were way too long and slow, and the camera just circkled around the area without anything that happened. The battles in the cinematics were also annoying, I mean, Watching a lot of turmas battle some Wadjets in thirty seconds gets very slow, aspecialy if one lose the scenario early and then is have to see the entire movie again. I suggest using build cinematic and the condition Abort cinematic.

Balance: 4
The balance was good, but the difficulty levels seemed a little too different, I mean that the difference between easy and medium is huge. The forces one starts with are perfectly balanced to the enemy forces and the witch is enough easy to kill. The dilouges and the chats were sometimes realy slow, sometimes way to fast. In the cinematics the dialouges were very long, except in some dialouges. The chats often were too long and hard to read. But overall the difficulty levels were enough balanced to give this field a four.

Creativity: 4
The story was very creative, and so was the map design. I like the idea of being in a swamp, and then have to get out of there. Using the water in a good way realy made a nice and creative effect. However, using a guardian as Anubis feels a little too taken from The Corruptor and that gives you a minus point. But I did like you using Kemsyt, You seem to make him fit in the scenario in a creative way. But one thing I'm missing is the use of animations. If you use animations in a creative way, I guess this field would have gotten a higher score. Even though I like you using the Flash units effect instead.

Map Design: 5
Totlay outstanding! One of the best sceanrios with eyecandy I've seen for some weeks. The lighting effect is realy fitting in the scenario and makes it look twise as good as it would do in other case(Looked in the editor). The plants and water decorations makes a nice effect and the swamp looks realy "swamp-like". It's one of the best marshs I've seen and the monsters are placed in good and realistic positions. The witchs place is nicely made with those collumns. This is absolutley the best part of the scenario and it deserves a 5!

Story/Instructions: 4
The story is realy intresting and most of the objectives are good and straight to point. I like the use of Flash UI and it realy tells me when I get a new objective. The story with Anubis that wants too be as good as other gods is good and creative. The "bonus stories" makes it more intresting to play( By bonus stories I mean like finding the hero and make him join the player and so on). The only thing that makes this score a four, not a five, is that some of the objectives are a little hard to understund and taht some importent chats fades awy too fast.

Additional Comments: Realy good music, and the LGT file is raely fitting in to the scenario. Try to focus on shorter and more instructive cinematics. Good job, aspecialy on the eyecandy.
File Author
For the playability, I'm not really sure that the cinematic should affect this score, because its not to play, you just watch a cinematic. For the army being small, this is because, in the storyline, they are in a swamp and kind of a small group of people. The spotlight I did wasnt for a higher score, I just wanted it for people to be able to understand the game better, and yes I know the spotlights are usually stuff that you already know. Sorry about the cinematics, I tried hard on them, and I know how to abort them, but then I would have to use abort cinematic and it would be too hard, I might try though. What was your opinion on the first prologe cinematic?

Im not sure about what to say on the balance how you judged it. I thought that I made a mistake and the balance levels seem very simaler to me. If the chats were too long, I tried to do that so you would have time to read them.

Thanks for the good comments on map design, I tried very hard to create it, and for the guardian being anubis, I didnt know that the Corruptor did that, sorry, but should that count me down?, cuz it is comparing me to another thing.

Once again, thanks for the map design comments, I did work quite hard on it. Just tried to make it look as good as it could. And I want you to know that I did not create the sound files so do not credit me for that, I only used them.

If you liked the story so far, just wait, the next level, you acually get to Utopia, and the storyline really kicks off from there. I should try to fix the chats though.

Thank you for your comments and rating, I hope you enjoyed this game.

[Edited on 06/26/09 @ 04:50 PM]

Guard of Olympus Oh, yes. It was funny to play. I hope you didn't take that about the small force as critizism (exuse my spelling) since it was meant to be one of the good things. And the thing with the cinematics, the first scenario was only a cinematic, and that scenario should be a part of the rating too. That's why I included talking about cinematics in the playability field. You're right, the spotlight really doesn't matter and it didn't lower your score or anything. I may change my review when you update, if you post a request for it in the request review thread. And that about The Corruptor, you're right I was wrong too say that it wasn't creative to have a guardian as anubis before I known if you had watched the movie or not. I don't think I'll change my score in that cathegory though, even if I may change the motivation a little bit.
And yes, your map design is truely outstanding and I'm looking forward to your coming scenarios. Could you inform me then, and I may change my review.

~Guard of Olympus
File Author
No harm done, I didn't take anything badly. I suppose you are right about the first scenario. But I did intend it as the Prologue, just giving info about the game. And no I havent seen the corruptor, but its kind of hard for the god anubis to be anything else than an enlarged anubite (really dumb i bet) be patient for the next levels of the game, as the map that you are in utopia is the largest level of the game, and you are in utopia for three levels. It is 500 by 500 size, so will take me a while. Thank you for the review by the way, i just want reviews so I know what people think of my game and so I can improve on it.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
One of the best scenario's I've played. It was well made and I encountered no bugs. I have to agree with JDmino though. The hero was terrible at the start and was too overpowered near the end. Overall I enjoyed it immensly. I can't wait to play the campaign.

Balance: 4
It was fun and although the hero was overpowered near the end, I thought it was still hard. The beasts that I had to fight were creative, but I just made the keeper go in front and the myth units died easily.

Creativity: 4
Very creative. I enjoyed the custom music, especially the swamp. THe music suited the atmosphere well. Getting the people praying to Anbuis was a great effect and I enjoyed it. The swamp was great. Another great effect was fighting those thingos with the walking berry bush. (Forgot the name)

Map Design: 5
Truly great! I loved it. Every tree and beast was placed in exactly the right place. Fighting in such a great enviroment really made it spectacular. Congrats.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was good. Not the best I've seen, but at least the cinematic didn't go for 30 minutes. The instructions were simple and straight to the point. The kind of instructions I like. I thought the story was creative, but I have played better so that's why it gets a four.

Additional Comments:
Great scenario. Please inform me when you release the full campaign
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