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AnnoDominius Presents: DEITY

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# of Players: 2
Version: AoM: The Titans


Not so long ago, the earth was a god-fearing land where titanic deities ruled over their dominions. Now, with AnnoDominius' DEITY, return to that time and experience the online multiplayer scenario unlike any other. Deity: the time of the Gods has returned...


2 Players battle it out in a random map with a twist.

Sacrifice Cows, Villagers or Relics to gain favour with the Deity.

Witness the benefaction of the Deity or suffer its wrath.

Perform all Sacrificial Rites with a respawning Shaman

Awaiting Confirmation


[sub]Copyright © 2009 AnnoDominius. All rights reserved.[/sub]

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Pheonix_Fire First Download :)
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
Well obviously this map is made to be a supremacy game, but with a twist, and in that aspect it certainly did well, but this is all it is. A simple supremacy, with some sacrificing. The sacrificing also got kinda annoying, because the pharaoh and the cows had terrible pathing along the top of the sacrificing place, so it took some major maneuvering to actually get the game to recognize you were trying to sacrifice a cow.
However, discrepancies aside, it was quite fun, and I did enjoy playing it. The only other qualm I had was that anybody who played atlantian was severely set back in term of sacrificing villagers.

Balance: 3
As I mentioned above, the sacrificing villagers part was not good for players playing atlantian, as, obviously, their villagers cost more and train slower.
The main problem I had with balance is the importance of the center sacrificing place. You have to sacrifice stuff pretty often or you will be destroyed by the god, and so if one player gains the upper hand there, the other player has essentially lost. Also, when I played, I had been sacrificing cows and relics as fast as I could, but when the god sent hekas, there were still 2 of them sent to my base, which did some major damage. So even when trying really hard to sacrifice stuff I was still punished by the god.

Creativity: 4
Well the map was certainly very interesting, and I would have given it a higher score if there had been more to do. However, I enjoy playing supremacy, so I had fun playing it, and while there have been maps with sacrificing made before, they have never been automated, and this one succeeded very well in that regard. I liked the bonuses you could get, and it was creative enough to make for a whole different style of gameplay then a normal supremacy map.
Probably one of my favorite bits was how you made the attitude of the Deity change toward the player who sacrificed most, etc. This really was a cool feature, and made for some serious competition.

Map Design: 4
Well the majority of the map was styled as a normal random map, but it was more then that. You made it look a lot better and did some nice stuff with the sacrificing place and the respawn area.
You also did a good job of making the two sides evenly matched, without having everything perfectly the same, and so that was nice.
However, since this was just that, a supremacy map with some extras, it wasn't perfect...

Story/Instructions: 3
Well the inrto cinematic was nice, and did well to set the tone, along with giving the general gist of the map, but it didn't really give any background, and there wasn't much of a story, so perhaps that could be improved upon.
The intro cinematic gave a taste of what to do, and, while I normally dislike maps that make you read the objectives to be able to play the map to its fullest, this one gave you time to read them, so you could set up your economy and scouting, and then read the objectives.
The instructions were good, and short, which helped for new people to the map to not be too far behind, but for p1 who had played it before, there was an advantage to knowing to send your pharaoh to steal the other player's relics quickly.

Additional Comments:
-I definitely had alot of fun playing this map, and even though I didn't give you a supremely high score, I am not saying that I disliked the map, or that you should be in any way discouraged by my review. Instead I merely found it to be a rather simple map (and I appologize if I missed some aspects,) and I would definitely play any more maps like this that you made.
Pheonix_Fire This map is quite bugged...
The triggers dont wrok too well and i cant sacrifice
VeX_Sino It works fine... it's just kinda weird how its set up... your pharo can't be too close... but it cant be to far away, it needs to be up on the hill thing, best thing to do is experiment, it took me bout 5 min to actually learn how it works... lol
Dimir_Guildmage One: You need to get a minimized herspides in the sacrificial pits general area so gaia noobs can't use gaias forest

Two: You need to Widen the Space of the pit and fiddle with the triggs so it actually makes the sacrifice when u get into the pit

Three: Are you making a 4 Player Version?

other than that the idea is good i just cant really make a sacrifice cuz my cows get caught up on each other and then when id o get everyone in the dime size pit nothing happens .....

[Edited on 06/13/09 @ 11:16 AM]

Nick_The_Hunn This seems very interesting AnnoDominius.
Hero of The Age Can you make it to single player?
File Author
Thanks all for your comments,

@ Azur_Fire: Thank you very much for your review, it's very thorough. I am happy you enjoyed it and to be honest for my first multiplayer release I am content with a 3.4. If I make adjustments I will take on board a lot of what you say, I will expand the sacrificial ground, increase the percent of aid granted to atlantean villagers.

I think the double punishment is an error. I think the system, i set up punishes you straight away when you reach a category 2 annoyance with the deity when in fact it should wait until every six minutes and check teh annoyance level then. I think i can fix that with the 'disable trigger' effect so i'll give that a go if I update.

My main concern around adding more features creativity-wise was that I didn't want to overload the player. I found when testing that I got distracted so much by the sacrificing that anything else included and I wouldn't be able to play at my best. Perhaps there are other things I could include as bonus features though so I may think about this in the revisited version.

I'm glad that you liked the map design, however, i'm not sure how else you would want me to improve. I didn't want to cake the map in eyecandy as it would cause lag. What, for you, would have made this rating a 5?

Also, does there need to be a 'story' as such for multiplayer maps? Mythodea is one of the best multiplayer scenarios out there and has little in terms of back-story. As the game is not intended to be an indepth RPG I think you are perhaps a little too harsh here, esepcially as you say the instruction worked well. Perhaps you means something that I'm not realising?

Once again, thanks for your review. I think the problem people have with me and some of my maps is that they see scenario like ROME and MesoAmerica and think 'oh great this new map will be just as complex and intriguing' and they are sometimes disappointed with the simplistic nature. However, I believe that simplicity is on the whole the point of this map and shouldn't be a negative feature. The triggers involved to get the Deity to favour a side are complex enough I can tell you.

@ Phoenix_Fire: Can you elaborate as to where you're having difficulties?

@ Vex: I think perhaps I am too used to single-player systems and need to get used to the pace of a multiplayer map and how the trigger systems must differ. If I re-release this I will endeavour to fix these problems.

@ Hero: I probably wont, as I don't do AI config and to make the computer work in this map through triggers would take an absolute age.

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Map Design4.0
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