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Hades Iz A B#T#H!!!

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Custom
Map Size: Normal
Game Type: Supremacy
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: AoM
Total Game Time: About Awhile
Player 1's Name: EM_Aflay
Player 2's Name: Echinoid
I am probobly going overboard with this submition thing, but this one was really difficult and fun for me and I am pretty sure that people have been through this problem...

When you go online, do you ever notice that everyone who picks green notoriously pick hades. everyone say's why not, and I usually get a headache momentaraly, but anyway, the game starts and, well....all hell breaks lose...if you aren't smart like me ^^. watch if you would like, as I tiresomely triumph in this match. I would like to say that this guy used hades well, and that he really worked me out, but after some serious planing, and without using any god powers, I eventually got to him, and I ended up taking him over. this is just the way I did it, but you (or any of the 8 or 7 people who still watches these) decide if it's a good stratagy or what. dont hesitate to comment on your opinion on the use of hades divious killer towns.
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File Author
Just for the record, I looked at the recorded game again and I noticed that he placed that villie right in my base at the get go! sneaky B#S#A#D!

Also, The Map Is JountheimOneHole.

[Edited on 06/28/09 @ 09:58 PM]

Ausquatch Hey Aflay, hows it going?

During the match, I noticed you did not make villagers at about 2 minutes in. You went quite some time not making any. Also shortly after you advanced, your villagers near your Pharoah were idle, doing nothing. I did also happen to notice you did not make your farms around a settlement or TC. Doing so would greatly increase food income when you use your Rain power.

I did also notice how Red managed to slip a villager around your wall, and then he started mining on your half of the map. I found that funny, to sit there and watch him mine your gold. Speaking of gold, instead of spreading out your villagers and putting about 2 or 3 on each gold mine on the map, you should just put about 10 or so on each one.

I also noticed you downloaded my game and used the Bone Bow for your Chariots. One of my favorite things is doing that to people because the buildings cannot attack my Chariots back when I have my Chariots attack the buildings.

As for villagers, you need to make more, if you watch my recorded game again you will see I made quite the bunch. The more villagers you have, the more resources you will have. Continuously making villagers will add up your population count, but eventually you will go Heroic and be able to make plenty of new Town Centers.

As for how this battle went, you did not seem to struggle fighting him. You seemed to do a good job. :)
File Author
In response to Ausquatch

Thanks for the comment ^^

you noticed alot of things that I noticed, and Ill tell you right now, 90% of the things you stated to me were nearly impossible or straight painfull to even think about. my mind was more focused on how the hell I would take that base, rather than economy, I guess I need to learn to think bothways next time.

as for the villiger in my base, I noticed him with the watchtower, and wondered about the rest of the game how in gods name he got in there, of course, til I saw the recorded game again, and I nearly died of laughter, and was pissed at the same time, you should have seen me screaming at the computer, youtube material I think XD.

I never use god powers, especially Ras, since they aren't very good, and I dont usually rely on the gods for anything other than improvements. the reason the gold miners were all clumped up was mainly cause i didn't have time or strength to organize them *I was frustrated with taking his base, really, I was*

which brings me to my next point, yes, I did very good, It was the 2nd match of the day I had won, and It was too tough to give up on. although I was sloppy, Ill admit, Im usually sloppy, I did great with the invation, and Im sure that if you see this comment, you will agree completely.

I hope I fight you soon. you seem like a good player.

**Im trying to deal with a new problem, the temples that the norse players build on your turf in the very begining. any pros at egyption know how to stop this, or deal with it in the best possible way?

I hope all of you enjoy watching me make my mind a crap stew for about 15-30 minutes.

just one more thing!
I noticed your criticism on my farmers not farming around my town. lemme tell you, the map we were playing on, Jontumheim One hole, is a really cramped map, therefore, the buildings I placed so close to the town made farming difficult, particularly around the town, or at least I last recall. to be honest, I focused mainly on the siege towers, and nothing more, so if you noticed that I kinda rushed things a bit, swaying my villagers for gold, then food, then gold, and soo on, then u'd be right, I wanted so bad to kill those towers. It was worth it I think. taking out any villagers outside the range of the watchtowers felt good too.

Again, thanks to whomever downloaded this map, but really, I apreciate criticism more, at least some imput on hades watchtowers, players picking him all the time, come on! type a little more guys :P

[Edited on 07/01/09 @ 10:02 AM]

File Author
My god, I have no idea what the hell I'm talking about in these comments and posts. It must have been a pain for people to read this stuff. Sorry Ausquatch. I'm a better typer...typist now.

I'm afraid that I cannot watch this match anymore. The game won't allow me. It must be one of those bugged recordings. I can't say much about it then, but I can say that I was very sloppy way back then because I didn't have a lot of discipline. Even now, I prefer to do my own thing, and experiment, rather than choose what stratagy works best. In this case scenario, I was trying to segregate my villigers. At the time, I noticed that when I split up my villigers to different resources, I gathered resources better than having them all in one place. It's half true. Putting villagers segregated means having to do less micromanaging to them. It also puts them in greater jeopardy. The strategy is half baked, but has something to be desired, particularly for players who have trouble gathering from trees. Just don't do it how I did it, unless you know exactly what you're doing.

All in all, I sort of remember this match. It was pretty close. I'm surprised I won at all, considering all the mistakes I made. Maybe my strategy wasn't so terrible after all.

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