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1 VS 3 HARD (30 min)

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 4
Map Type: Midgard
Map Size: Normal
AI Difficulty: Hard
Game Type: Conquest
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: AoM
Total Game Time: 31 minutes
Player 1's Name: Amruth S(Default)
Player 2's Name: AI-1(Enemy-1)
Player 3's Name: AI-2(Enemy-2)
Player 4's Name: AI-3(Enemy-3)
This is 1 on 3 at hard difficulty level. It need complete control ovver your economy and military simultaneously
- no walls(my advise is also to not build walls.Try to attack first)
- Created a lot of heroes(like hersir) and axemen infantry
- the 3 AI enemies are greeks. So they heavily balanced.
- Raced to classic age with strong economy
- advanced to heroic age while attacking the 1st AI
- advanced to mythic age while attacking the 2nd AI
-wiped them off the map. U can understand my strategy by viewing the game.
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Ausquatch This is pathetic. Everyone knows that computers are horrible at water maps. I can beat Titans at water maps for god sakes.

Not only that, but you also revealed the map? That is what most or all noobs do. I have never seen anyone even up to 1630+ reveal a map. Maybe if you had left the map un-revealed and made it at a land map, it would have been an actual challenge.

My friend and I tried taking on 3 hards at Alfheim. I am 1650+ and he is 1630+. We lost horribly. Two of the computers were Egyptian, the other one Greek. If you think you have enough skill, at a normal land map, (like Alfheim) then try fighting 3 hard computers, and tell me how easy it is.
Rating: 1
Well lets see...where to begin. Above you have noticed my other comment. AI are horrible at water maps and you revealed the map. Revealing the map is noobish. Exploring and finding things is not that hard, I dont understand why you revealed it. Revealing makes the match far easier, giving you the ability to see EVERYTHING. Almost like Omniscience but with Fog of War.

About the computers. I have said that computers are slow and pathetic at water maps, lets see the advancement times of the computers. AI1 (Red) advanced in 10 minutes 58 seconds. AI2 (Green) advanced in 6 minutes 46 seconds. AI2 (Green) did the best of the AI's. AI3 (Teal) advanced in 7 minutes 42 seconds. Take a look at those advancement times to Classical Age. Horrible advancement times. Most noobs I play have better advance times than that.

Me personnally, I am an Egyptian and Greek player, so I have no idea how Norse are supposed to play. However, I did indeed notice by the end of the match, you had a mere civilian total population (includes fishing ships, caravans, dwarves, gatherers) of 45. The total amount of Villagers, Laborers or Gatherers you can make is 80. Once you make your 80th one, no more can be made. Dwarves, you can make up to 40. During the games I play I almost always max out my Villagers or Laborers. Every game I play I make around 60 at the least.

During this match, you had idle (non active) units all over the place. Idle Throwing Axemen, idle Nidhogg, idle Gatherers, idle Dwarves, idle Hersirs. Its better to have less Gatherers/Dwarves working, than it is to have them made doing nothing. In that case, you spent 50/70 food/gold to have the Gatherer/Dwarf do nothing. Simply a waste.

Additional Comments:

In other words, you did not have a stable Economy, if you were to fight someone else who is say...1620ish (I assume that is your rating) your resources would be very low, you would not have a stable economy...and you would not be able to gather enough resources in time (due to lack of Gatherers/Dwarves) to continuously creat an army.

All and all, this was a horrible match, computers did horrible, I do not think anyone can learn anything from this, except how to reveal a map.
File Author
Oh I see. Idint realize tat i was doing this much mistakes. Anyway Ill try to rectify those and ll try to beat 3 hards at alfeim.Hey can u send me any of your 1 vs 3 recorded games o tat i could improve.. My mail ID is amruthkesav@yahoo.com
Gods_Assassin Beating a computer on hard is easy, I can beat 5 computers on hard and I usually play 5 hard computers all on a team against me!!!

Once you figure out a computer players pattern of play, it's impossible to lose against them, they're stupid and do stupid things..

Even a titan player is easily defeated once you discover how it plays and attacks.

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