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RMS Creator 2.0.1

Author File Description
Hermes_D RMS Creator 2.0.1

A utility that allows you to create Random Maps without knowing XS

You can see a screenshot here:

Important notice: This program is a beta version. This means that it is still unfinished and may have bugs (errors). If you find an error, or something that should work that doesn't work, please add a comment here describing it.

IMPORTANT: the Duplicate button does not work well. DO NOT USE it or it will corrupt your maps.

This program is a Random Map Script designer. You can use it without knowing anything about XS. All you have to do is to tell what areas and objects your map will have. It will generate the XS script automatically so you can play it immediatly without having to write XS scripts.

You can do with it nearly anything you could do with XS. Only a few features, such as connections, fair locs and triggers are still unsupported. I plan to implement them later in the future.

Important: You need Java to run this program. If you haven't installed it yet, download it Here

Why use this program?
The main difference between this program and other RMS generators is that with this one the shape of the map is different each time. With the other RMS generators, you PAINT land, so it will have always the same shape. In some generators, even the OBJECTS are placed at the same place, because they have been placed by hand. Also some generators make the maps look weird, like "blocky" edges. This one doesn't because it generates the areas using the standard XS commands, not by painting.

* Supports land, cliff, forest and water areas.
* Supports any kind of objects
* You can select terrains and objects from a list
* Supports constraints
* Supports changing player placement
* Supports Classes, useful for adding constraints to several objects at a time.
* Supports different object placements
* Generates both XS and XML files correctly
* Generates a clean and easy to undestand XS file, so it can be easily hand-edited.
* Generates and copies the map with one click, so testing is easy
* Can send generated maps through FTP (File Transfer Protocol) automatically. This can be used to run AOM on one computer and RMS Creator in other, and test maps with one click without having to copy anything.
* Easy to use interface
* Cross platform (works in any operating system such as Windows and Mac, thanks to Java's portability)
* Easy installation: just unzip and open

Features I plan to implement in the future
* Fair locs (most important of all)
* Connection areas
* A visual editor for the maps, where you can see how are all areas and objects placed
* Help. Maybe a longer description/explanation for each property, or a manual...
* Translations. I will do English, Spanish, French and Catalan. If somebody wants to translate to other languages, please contact me. I'll be glad to include your translations.

* (maybe?) Triggers
* (maybe?) Import an existing Random Map (XS file) not made by RMS Creator and edit it.

Instructions to run
Download the file, and unzip it.
Double-click the RMSCreator.jar file. It should open with Java
If it doesn't, right-click the file, and select Open with > Java

How to use
You can create a map by creating areas and objects. You can add new ones by clicking on the buttons on the toolbar. Then select them from the left list, and change their properties.

* Classes: A class is a set of objects and areas. When you add something to a class, all the class' constraints will apply to it.
* Areas: An area is a single area on the map, for example ONE sea at the center. You can set its position, or set the position to -1 to have it placed randomly.
* Area sets: Multiple similar areas, for example all the forests that are around the map. They are more than one, but they are all equal.
* Objects: An object on the map. Please note that one object can be multiple units on the map. Objects are arranged in groups (clusters). You can specify how many objects are in a cluster and how disperse it is. Then the placement determines how many and where groups are placed.

Important: You need Java to run this program. If you haven't installed it yet, download it Here

2.0: First release
-Added a splash screen
-Fixed some bugs with duplicating
-Fixed the whitespace appearing after terrain names
-Added support for Fair Locs (finally!)
-Added full cliff support (ramps and edges fully customisable)
-Added descriptions of properties
-Some fixes on the interface
-Added a template map

Please comment and rate. Tell me any errors, suggestions, improvements you like.
I hope this program will be useful to you.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rating: 4.0

User interface: 4.0
I love the interface because it is so simple and neat. Your program needs a AoM icon on the title bar. I don't personally like Java icon on your program. There is a bug that text is not showing up correctly when the program starts up.See the bottom of the screenshot capture below. You'll see the text is not properly shown. I know that is not a big deal but just a head up.
Screenshot: http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/1949/bug1uox.jpg

Performance: 4.0
The responsive of this program is good but somewhat funny. Like If i try insert a value that for Decoration Object to false then clicked on the text next line after that where it says Type of placement, it didn't select that text. I had to click it several times in order to select it- I don't know why but it still happening to me right now even though i have a fast machine with 3.0 ghz processor duo core 2.

Features: 3.5
You can create objects(units), and area (like terrain, water, forest, and cliff), and class. One cool thing about this program is that it has the ability to do FTP- one machine that generates RMS map and another machine could be play testing it. You could use FTP to upload generated RMS file to a public FTP server where people could download your RMS map.

Con- There is no triggers support (you'll have to insert it yourself in a text editor after you generate the map!)

Reliable: 5
With 2.0.1, it appears to be reliable enough with me. It lets you know if you have anything that are invalid or if there is a duplicated attribute that shouldn't be there and give reason why. It even warn you if there is no player area. It also fix things for you automatically like if you put "0.5d", the program will convert it to "0.5". This is essential to keep your map from getting to failed to load most of the time.

Additional Comments:
Just 2 suggestions:
1.Please do add visual editor :). I'm a visual person.
2. Add something where people can insert variables (int, float, vector, and bool) and use it on the map's properties.

"* (maybe?) Import an existing Random Map (XS file) not made by RMS Creator and edit it."
By the way, Hermes_D, XS-G4 will save it's project as XML so that your program could read it as XML if you decided to.

I still love that splash screen. It's very creative. ^^

[Edited on 08/10/09 @ 10:55 AM]

I think that this tool is even better than MapGen because this lets you place stuff near the player starting areas, such as chickens and medium gold mines, and you also get to place relics and unowned settlements per player, instead of per x tiles.
This does have quite a few bugs, though, but workarounds exist. Too bad this is de-facto discontinued though.
I made 2 RMS' with this tool.

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