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Aflay's 3rd-

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Ghost Lake
Map Size: Normal
AI Difficulty: Moderate
Game Type: Supremacy
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: AoM
Total Game Time: Each are roughly 30 minutes.
Player 1's Name: EM_Aflay (Posiedon, Ra, Odin)
Player 2's Name: Moderate, Balanced, Random God
I apologize for submitting these. download these at your own free will, but I dont recommend it. if I could pull these off, I would. and I wont be submitting these fillers anymore. only the GOOD ones.
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File Author
Also, I am working on a new scenario called "Loki Wars!"! any comments, suggestions, or questions on why I am not posting this on the forums, feel free, just press that comment form button, and if you aren't log'd in, log in, and if you donut have a account, I mean, come on, your kidding me right?
Ausquatch First, I am going to tell you, neither of these game titles are correct, the one that says you played as Ra, has you playing as Poseidon, the one you said you played as Poseidon has you playing as Loki.

I downloaded and watched this, don't worry Aflay, I can tell you the things you did wrong, (there was very many).

To tell you first, I watched you play as Poseidon before I watched you play as Ra. First I will talk about you playing as Poseidon.

You are always telling me, military is the way to win a match, no God Powers. You used your Lure, correct? That is indeed a God Power. It takes animals from all over the map, and brings it to you, bit unfair, dont you think?

At the beginning of this match, before you advanced, you had 17 Villagers on food, nothing else. You did not research Hunting Dogs, and you gathered the Berries first, rather than the Aurochs. Hunting is far faster than anything in the Archaic/Classical Ages. With Hunting Dogs researched of course.

Somehow you managed to get Classical Age, and then I noticed you started to gather wood and gold. Once you had enough wood, you built one of each: Archery Range, Military Academy, Stable. When you play as Poseidon, you are to make at least 4 stables. You will notice good players will make Cavalry when playing as Poseidon, Archers when playing as Hades, and Infantry when playing as Zeus. Each Greek god has its benefits for its units, making the other units is not good. You should only make the other units if you are having some serious trouble.

You should very well know the counters.


Cavalry are good against archers, except Prodromos.

Archers are good agaisnt Infantry, except Peltast.

Infantry are good agaisnt Cavalry, except Hypaspist.

Torwards the end of the match with you playing as Poseidon, you used your Earthquake. I assume this moderate computer was giving you a hard time. You have told me a fe times, that using God Powers in a match is panzy way to win. Strict military win is how you like to play, from what you have told me.

Next I will watch your "Ra" (Loki) match against another computer.
Ausquatch Oh dear...
I cannot think of anything to say about this match. I have tried to watch this match, this one and another one of yours. There appears to be some sort of fualt (error) in the two games I watched. The one with you at Ghost Lake with Poseidon worked fine, but the one with you playing as Loki does not appear to want to load for me. The computers' Laborers are standing around the TC doing nothing, (odd?). While yours are in a big group, and this game also showed you exploring with a Gatherer. Sorry I cannot tell you anything about this game, something appears to be wrong.

[Edited on 07/12/09 @ 12:58 PM]

leadfoot What up Aflay its me Agamemnon. I also made a scenario a REAL good one its a CnM. I finally learned how to do complex triggers and some cinematic effects. Its real nice.
File Author
Hi Agamemnon56! hope to see that scenario soon.

Ausquatch, these scenario's are filler, and I greatly apologize for submitting them. I am planing on takeing them off (soon) or at least replacing them with good videos, but for now, please disregard them. I apologize greatly, and will heron out, submit GOOD .rec games, like the one I submitted earlier today, with the nile river. I hope you or anybody else didn't waste too much time on these, for I got very very bored, and...well....just...ignore these videos. you may not even see this message since Im pulling off the .rec submissions *if I can* but if you do, you can ask me more questions about these. for now, dont bother to download them, they aren't very important.
Gods_Assassin Aflay instead of making a scenario why don't you make your map a RMS? You can do so much more with basically endless available functions..

RMS take longer to learn and are more time consuming but the result in the end is a better map and random people cannot randomly edit your map without any knowledge of scripting..

Or you could put a password on your scenario map so no one can edit it :)
File Author
1. I ditched the loki wars scenario. Multiple myth units only worked on scenario editor, and not online :(. I might make a god is watching soon though, if I feel like it. might.

2. RM's have had my interest for awhile now, but it seems like alot of work. Ill at least think about it, but for now, I will just play on AOM.

3. I do not think that god powers are lame anymore (cept the REALLY lame ones like Ancestors-Eclipes, Flame Weapons-Ragnorock, and Underworld.). I have changed since the release of these record games.

I need to set these things on fire. They are that horrible I think.

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