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My Fishes

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Version: AoM: The Titans
--My Fishes--
By paulgreece

this is a Single Player Scenario

someone has taken your fishes.take them back.

this is my first file and now i start to play in the editor so if you found any mistake please tell me to fix it and next time not do it again.

read the readme
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Guard of Olympus
Map Design1.0
Playability: 2
The playability was, in my opinion, bad and the scenario wasn't funny to play. First of all, a few things annoy me. 1): Using the ships trying to get to the areas that holds the fish, I must take one ship at the time. It gets rather annoying to do this four times and I would recommend you to use bigger rivers.2):At the beginning I got a little confused, the objective was to take the fish stolen by the enemy back. Where is back? And there was nothing telling me that I had obtained the fish when I had done so. I would suggest that you use the "Message" effect with the message "You have obtained the fish" and then the "Destroy" effect on all the fish.
3):Always spellecheck your scenario and watch out for every grammar mistake; it gets rather annoying to read all messages and chats when nearly everything contains grammar mistakes.
4)[B]The most major problem[/B]: At the end of the scenario a strange bug appears, a sign comes up and sais "Age of Mythology has stopped working". This thing only appears in this scenario, and it does so every time I try to play it.
5): Refering to the balance field, all the time awaking Arkantos gets annoying and boring. this wouldn't have tp accour if the balance was better.
Though, I must say that there was no lag and that it was easy to garrison the units in the ships. This highers the score to a two.

Balance: 1
I find this scenario very un-balanced. It's simply to hard. What I mean is that a few hoplites and Arkantos don't stand a chanse against better heroes and four times more troopes, in one case conter-hoplite units. To make this scenario balanced, you will need too heavely improve player one's army, or make them have less troopes. You could also research witch units are conters. then you could vary the units in my army so that some of my units conter there units, and that some are weak against them. But too me, this scenario would be unbeatable even without the playtest bug (mentioned above). You kind of forced me too cheat if I were to have a chanse.
The hoplites I had all died in the first enemy city, and after that it was the regenerating Arkantos and the ships left.
One good thing was that the ships helped a little and made some battles a little easier, but they wasn't good enough to change my score in this field, sorry.

Creativity: 1
I couldn't sence any form of creativity at all in this scenario. The story, well read the story/instructions field, wasn't really creative. And i disliked that there was no veriation in the armies. All armies just existed by one sort of unit and a hero. try to mix all units as mentioned before.
The chats didn't seem to fit in to who it was who was speaking. I mean, I can't imagine that Arkantos without any clear reason yell "whatta!". It really doesn't fit, and it doesn't seem too creative either...
Now to the map design creativity; I couldn't see anything that was creative. It was no veriation, the map all looked the same, wherever I looked. This doesn't give me the impression that you have been thinking excactly what to do, you just done something on random.
Always think before you do anything: would this fit or not?
If you are creative that would resault in better and more creative map design.

Map Design: 1
I miss some very importent things in the map design. First of all I miss terrain mixing: the taerrain is all GrassA and it isn't very intreasting too look at. Nore are the endless forests that covers half the map, or the rivers with no decorations and no nature objects, except a few sharks that really doesn't seem to fit in an greek river.
then i miss elevation, some cliffs or elevation changes is always nice.
I recommend that you read a few map design guides, they can be very usefull.
i would aspeacialy recommend Guide to terrain mixing under Design Hints, Tips, and Tutorials.
also place Gaia objects to make the scenario look more "alive".

Story/Instructions: 2
No story, a few instructions. First of all, what is Arkantos, Kemsyt, Kamos and gargarensis doing in what seems to be greece?
How did they get there? How comes the "evil" heroes have taken some islands? those are all things that has to be explained, perhaps through a cinematic, there are some great cinematic guides that I recommend you to read.
Then to the instructions. There were only one objective, and it didn't really explain mutch.
What I mean is that the objective is refering to the hint, and the hint doesn't explain mutch either.
The worst part is that it's about Arkantos trying too take fish stolen from the "evil" heroes back. But since when does Gargarensis has nothing better to do then to steal fish?
I mean, why did he steal the fish?
Where did he get his armies?
As said, you must try to answer these questions in your scenario.

Additional Comments:Sorry for the harsh review.
Just keep designing and read a few guides and you will improve your design. It just takes some practise.

~Guard of Olympus

[Edited on 07/19/09 @ 11:18 AM]

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Map Design1.0
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