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Clash of Clans Pt.1

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Version: AoM: The Titans
My first scenario, i know it is a bit short and in no way is to be compared to some masterpieces from these forums. But i am working on a second scenario following this one. Ofcourse is the responses are to bad i will stop working on it.

Would you please post a small review of you'r opinion after playing.

Intro should work, re-upped the file.
OK files should no longer be corrupt/damaged.
Please try it out.
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JDmino BTW, before you read this I am about to play the scenario so I have no idea what this will be like. I will review when I am done.

EDIT: Oh it seems your file is corrupt, try updating the file.
Ofcourse is the responses are to bad i will stop working on it.

No, no, no. You do not stop making a scenario because of bad response. You do not stop designing because of bad response. You just improve your skills and scenarios. Look up guides if you want to improve. Here are some good ones.




This is a campaign, observe the eyecandy and fluency of triggers.

[Edited on 07/29/09 @ 02:27 AM]

File Author
Ok. I'll fix the intro now, and re-up the file, if it's still corrupt then i can try one other thing.

Intro enabled and file works.

[Edited on 07/29/09 @ 11:28 AM]

JDmino Okay, re-downloading now.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Well first of all I would like to say: Wow, for a first scenario this is really good. The playability was alright, there was not much to do really, to gather soldiers you just had to walk near the Chiefs and commanders. Try setting up some small quests first. The triggers were also relly well done for this. I gave you a four because I am feeling generous;) Joking. It was a great scenario for a new designer and I congratulate you for that.

Balance: 3
Ahhhh, the balance. Balance was not the greatest in this scenario. You started with very few soldiers most of which get killed by wolves if they walk off...like mine did. Even then I could still beat enemy soldiers. I got the mercenaries and ballista, and I attacked the Yeti's. Reginleif alone almost beat them. Then with the enemy city you did not have to battle the Ulfsarks at the front gate. I just knocked down the wall, allowing no casualties and I charged in and killed the leader. Also make a delay before the: "Continue to the next scenario?". Thats about it for balance.

Creativity: 4
Although there are a lot of Clan games ou there, this one was not meant to be just a hack and slash the enemy units with your uberly powerful army was it? Not like the other clan ones. I am sure you had different ideas you could not get all of them in the scenario, am I right? I say this to a lot of newbies. Everyone is at this level at one point or another. You are pretty average already, you would get really far into the scenario design community if you keep improving. This leads to the next part of the review...Map design.

Map Design: 4
Well I can pretty much say, I don't know many newbies that know how to terrain mix so well. The cities were crafted in that natural way, it just looks like it should be there(mind, those wood fences along the road were annoying. They were Gaia, and I could just attack them, I had to take the long way :/). The map design was pretty good for a newbie so, good job. If you need hints on scenario design btw, go to the forums. We have a lot of experience(well... not me, but I am pretty good at scen design.)

Story/Instructions: 4
Well done, you fixed it rather succesfully. It has a short, decent description of what was happening and why your clan was angry etc. Very well done in that way. You did not fix the instructions sadly.

Instructions were still pretty dodgy, the objective said to rally soldiers from the other villages and then attack. I just thought... "and then what?" Try explaining in more detail what to do.

Additional Comments:
All in all, a very decent scenario, it was not a waste of time like some scenarios I have downloaded before, I don't even bother commenting on those.

So is that good enough response to keep you making the scenario?:p

If you need help with the Scenario, Email me:
Good luck.

[Edited on 07/31/09 @ 10:56 PM]

File Author
Thanks for the review, i will work away the nasty details like fences. I'd also like to thank you for the Map Design part, alot of my time went in that part. And i'm glad you like it :-). Now about the storyline, you are absolutely right, there's not really a story but making a good cinematic is something i should put my time in before working further on the next map. I'll try to make one and put it in the file and update it. Oh and it is definitly good enough to make the next scenario, altho it might take a while because i am trying to create sorts of "boss fight" and having trouble with that.
If you have any advice regardless of what point it would be welcome, now im am going to read the cinematics guide.

[Edited on 07/29/09 @ 04:47 PM]

File Author
!!Updated the file!!, changes are:

-Intro now has information about the story.
-Completely altered ending.
-Minor Adjustments.

[Edited on 07/31/09 @ 01:53 PM]

JDmino Excellent, I shall redownload and play.
JDmino Updated my review.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
It was quite a good scenario. Very good for a first map. There were many different things to do in it. I enjoyed having to fight the yetis, I nearly missed the mercenaries though and had to come back for them after getting smashed by the enemy. And I didn't realize I had to click on the leader for a few seconds, make sure to check high priority next time.

Balance: 4
Unlike JD I charged straight in and had trouble killing the many different enemies. Eventually I ran through and just managed to kill the leader, I thought it was quite good balance as I nearly lost, but suceeded.

Creativity: 3
The creativity was alright. The clash of clans part was different, I haven't seen much like it. The yetis were also, different. I enjoyed the thoughts you had put into, but thought it could have had more in it, and different ideas.

Map Design: 4
Map design was quite good, the cities looked good, like cities should. THe different places you went had great eyecandy and terrain mixing. And I have to agree with JD that the wood fences were really annoying. THere were some bits I got stuck which also annoyed me a bit.

Story/Instructions: 3.5
The story was quite good. The instructions were sadly lacking. I thought you had a nice story, it just could have been expanded a bit more, all in all nice scenario. Congrats.

Additional Comments:

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