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Codename Ripto

Author File Description
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans

Created by Yeebaagooon
Eyecandy by Baske
Mission 6 eyecandy by Elrich
Bugs fixed by Elrich and nottud

TOTD USERS: In order to make this map work you MUST create a folder in the dialog folder when installing the sounds titled 'en' and then paste all the voice acting files into that!

At long last, Codename Ripto is here! This scenario has been in development for over a year, and promises a revolution in the singleplayer scenario experience. You will travel through the past, present and future of AoMH as Yeebaagooon, on his quest to become Seraph. You will face well known forumers who will help you confront the rising evil, conspiring figures of pop culture and obscure movie references. Ripto will truly be an epic scenario, complete with music, voice acting, a credits movie, superb triggerwork and eyecandy and exceptional cinematography. There are 6 playable missions that will each see your jaw drop.
At last, my great endeavour is complete. Oh, and I'm orange too.

Please read the technical information before playing! It's important!
Please click this link to go to the showcase page that includes pictures, character information, more information, screenshots and videos. Below you will find a brief summary of the 6 missions.

Mission 1:

Location: Scenario Design Forum
Task: Recruit allies and ban a spammer
Level: Cherub
After your promotion to Cherub, Paperfriend has noticed a spammer in the SD forum. He thinks this is the perfect opportunity to test his new partner in crime, and so he released you into the SD forum with the task of recruiting allies to help ban the spammer.

This missions throws you right into the Ripto experience.

Mission 2:

Location: The Halls Of Valhalla
Task: Undergo HOV training with Shanks & Botolf and then stamp out 5 Spam Lords before returning to correct an atrocity in the LPW.
Level: Cherub
Your first assignment is to get the 2,500th post in the LPW and become more well known. The LPW can be a safe haven for your allies to heal, or it could be infested with spammers that will try and destroy you. After that you must then hunt down 5 Spam Lords and ban them. This mission has a great wandering system.

Mission 3:

Location: General Discussions
Task: Scenario Designers have been captured and forced to analyse recorded games and play supremacy. The Hordes of GD are busy at a forum party, so you must solve as many puzzles as you can before they return to the 999 fanfare!

This mission shall see Shanks face his arch nemesis; the horse penetration guy!
Level: Cherub
Information: This is more of a puzzle mission, with a great finale that sees Ripto take a turn away from reality, and go into the near-present.

Mission 4:

Location: Scenario Design
Task: Someone mysterious drugged the chocolate cake at the last FMT party, and Papaya ate the whole thing! Now Papaya has gone mad across SD, closing the 6th great and bountiful question thread (hosted by Yeebaagooon) and uploading naughty things to the DL section.

Now you have to buy forumers (with cookies) and undertake quests to get money in an attempt to bring Papaya out of his madness before the 4 corners of Scenario Design are destroyed.

Revolutionary new system where you target his stomach!
Level: Angel
Information: There are a lot of unique things in this mission. There are a lot of quests and sub-missions that will keep you entertained until the epic boss showdown.

Mission 5:

Location: HG Main
Task: Complete Seraph Training.
Level: Angel
Information: It's time to become Seraph. But first Zen wants to find out how good you really are. You will have to learn how to ban people with lightning fast speed. You will also have to learn a few Seraph related tricks and of course, you will learn how to appear offline on MSN!

Mission 6:

Location: Unknown
Task: Unknown.
Level: Seraph *Satisfied smirk*
Difficulty: Unknown.
Information: AoMH falls into anarchy, and only you can save it.

Technical Information and known issues:

I strongly advise you do not play in window mode, this can throw off some cinematic timings. If you insist on playing in window mode, don't complain when the music doesn't match up. If you have a very fast computer then you can probably get away with it.
Close MSN if not playing in window mode. You don't want annoying buggers ruining your experience :p.
All sounds must be installed correctly! Even if your computer has no speakers, some triggers rely on sounds firing events and if you don't install all sounds you won't be able to complete the scenario. If you hear no sound in the starting cinematic then you're doing something wrong.
If a trigger does not fire where a unit distance to unit condition is present, it may require Yeebaagooon himself to be near the unit. If this still does not work, move all units away from the target unit and then move one back towards him.
If you only get 26% on the final scores but you've done way more, then tell me.
The scenario may freeze for a few seconds. Don't worry - this is caused by diplomacy triggers. Just sit back and relax.
Some voice acting files have yet to be sent, if there is the wrong file where it shouldn't be, let me know.
Saving the game takes a very long time. Loading a savegame may also mess up a lot of triggers, play all the way through continually for the best experience. Reloading a save game also messes up the music until the next time it changes (this could be fixed with the Music Off cheat). If you have to save, do so before a boss or before the start of a new mission. You can save the game, but do so at your own risk.
There are no auto-saves . Saving takes a long time and doing it too much automatically would annoy a lot of people.

Version 0.960 (Current Version) :

Not all Botolf voice acting files are present.
Zen voice acting files not yet received.
There may be the 26% bug mentioned above, but this is not yet confirmed.
Some voice acting files may be in the wrong places.
Cheat: Get to da chopper! - Spawns the modcopter in the HOV.
Scenario file now included with the right player.
The M4 and 5 percentage freeze bug is fixed.

Special thanks:

What could I do without him? Elrich has been constantly on hand to answer my call every time something blew up. His mastermind strategies and computing knowledge compliment his sincerity and politeness. He has certainly helped move the release of this scenario forwards, and his work on Mission 6 is wonderful. I dread to think what state this scenario would be in if Elrich hadn't been its fairy godfather...
Papaya has had to put up with a lot of voice acting pestering. He's also been kind enough to upload the massive .zip file to the servers :D.
So has Shanks.
Queen Elizabeth II:
For endorsing this scenario, putting it on her birthday honours list, giving it an OBE and keeping Charles away from it.
 All playtesters and other great contributors have been thanked in the credits. There's too many of you to list here ;).

Music Artists Credit:

Benny Hill
Black & White 2
Chris Cornell
Erik McClure
Lord Of The Rings
Men Without Hats
Nightmares On Wax
Michael Jackson
Monty Python (The comedy group, not the user ;p)
Rick Astley
Scatman John
Spyro: Year Of The Dragon
Star Trek Voyager
Tatsu Takahashi

I really hope you enjoy this scenario, it's taken a while to do. If you have any comments, please post them below. If you enjoyed this scenario and wish to show your appreciation, please take some time to review (preferably 5.0), if not then please favourite instead. If you find any bugs please contact me immediately so I can fix it.

Review request: Please only review once you have played through the entire scenario.
Recent playtesters may review if they've already played it all the way through and feel free to copy stuff from your playtesting report. However, if you're going to mark down because of a bug then please replay.

Tally ho! This scenario was made in Britain.

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Guard of Olympus
Map Design5.0
Right now I don't have acces to my playtest report, so this version of the review may be a little short(of course it'll follow the review guidelines, just not my normal standard)


First thoughts: A nice opening cinematic. It’s good to have options that actually change the outcome of the game, cool evil clouds battling effects, Excellent eye candy and using carry animations on the smurf lords by giving them relics was hilarious and one of the funny things with the scenario.
Playability: Excellent or better. The starting cinematic runs smoothly and all the cinematics are easy to follow. It’s not hard to keep track of the units. The LOTR music really fits into the scenario and the dialogues are well-timed except those of the gate guard you’re suppose to ally by answering his trigger question. At that place the dialogue goes to fast. Even though there are hundreds of objects the map shows no lag. The distances are just enough long so people won’t get bored and it won’t feel like it was some kind of tiny map with no distances. I like the way trees and mountains separates the sections so it’s not just a wall. This map really takes forward the “Epic feeling” of AoM that’s so unusual. Just change the player 1 to Yeebaagooon and the civ name to something like “HeavenGames” and this would be totally perfect. If it was possible to rate a scenario over 5 this is the first scenario I should have done so with. And I have played the epic The lost legion. There will be absolutely no reason for anyone not to rate this a 5.0.
Balance: The balance is almost the best part of it. There are just enough enemies and just enough allies. The balance is good among the allies too. Like those with a weak attack usually have quite a lot of hit points. The boss battle was amazing. With the use of godpowers and reinforcements it made me lose three times before I could make it. I didn’t get upset at losing as I may have been if it wasn’t so exiting and it always felt like I had the ability to make it. Not too easy, not too hard. Maxsupero is way too weak as said. It’s good that you need to answer questions and if you answered right, they would join you, if you answered wrong you would lose. It’s like real life and that gives a good feeling of balance.
Creativity: What could be more creative? This is seriously the most creative scenario I’ve ever played. The story is complex and has many twists only in this scenario! The map design is creative and I’ve never seen anything like the creativity of the story. The environments were new to me and fit in the scenario in a creative way. The triggers are awesome and I just love the way Memphiles’ arrows turn into evil clouds. I guess you’ve used a lot of triggers for this map. The camera tracks were interesting to look at and the angels were nice and creative sins it seemed to show the map from it’s right angel.
Map design/Triggering: Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! I love the design of the scenario design of this mission. The environments were interesting to look at, the roads in SD made a nice effect. The eye candy was amazing and not too huge. Nottud’s house is better than many of Oscar’s buildings! The bridge made me want to look at it many times. I guess the best way to describe the scenario is: Simple, yet so extraordinarily satisfying. I like that SD looks so natural. The only thing I can think of that could be improved is the river that could have some more details.
Storyline/instructions: Great story, excellent instructions. I especially like the way you in some way made the objectives have icon files in a tiny format so people will know who’s talking. I like the entire idea of having a e-mail messaging system as the objectives. The story is marvelous and I can’t imagine how someone can have such an imagination to come up with a story like this. I like that the story is humorous because that fits the scenario very well. To ban a spammer is funny and the way people ally me is really good for the story. I guess the only part of the story that could have been better is the beginning. How come you want to be a cherub? But I don’t see that as a reason not to rate this field a 5.0. I have never seen a story like this since Oscar’s epic campaigns and scenarios.
Overall fun: Overall this part of the scenario is very, very funny and enjoyable to play. I can’t see any reason not to rate this a five except maybe of the impossibility to save the scenario without being unable to win because of the population count. Are there no other conditions to make this possible? But that’s not a big enough problem not to give this a five.
Percent finished: 71 and 100
Humor: In the beginning I didn’t found this mission so funny. It actually just started being funny after recruiting those people. I mean that the boss-battle was hilarious, not least that noob missile that was funny and useful (For the enemy)…If this were reviewable I’d actually just give this missions humor a 4.0 but the three following missions definitely compensate that.


First thoughts: A funnier scenario than mission one and some nice quest variable effects that spiced it up.
Playability: Very good! I liked the way this scenario was eyecandied yet very easy to pass different buildings and gates. It’s nice that the head of the thread is in the middle so I always know who’s the leader of the thread which also gives a taste of if it’s a spammer or a nice Yeebaagooon place of Worship…the distances in this part of the scenario was absolutely perfect. There were so many threads that if the distances had been longer it would have been boring and annoying. I like the way many threads show up to be something completely unexpected and all the secrets that are hidden in the map. It’s good that if I’d miss an important part of someone giving me a bonus quest I can just look at it in the chat history place. I like that you are using quest variable to make something random each time someone plays. This makes a cool effect and makes the map more interesting to play again. Still I can find no reason for this field not to be a 5.0.
Balance: Beautiful! Some really nice balance since I had the ability to heal myself and I had some hard enemies like Rick Roll and Michael Jackson. The cinematic dialogues were well timed and I soon understood that I couldn’t just walk around with the other units alone and leave staff members in the head LPW thread. All my units except Memphiles died while battling Rick Roll because my staff members weren’t there. I actually had to cheat at the end, the first time I played, since Jackpb was so powerful. In the other playtests. I was more careful with my units and then it wasn’t so hard. This is to me the perfect balance: To lose a few times first but then manage to win. Not too easy, not impossible.
Creativity: What could be better than this scenario in creativity? I like the idea of other units are there like Rick roll and Michal Jackson. The scenario design is also very creative like that mystic glow around the 503 errors. It is a nice effect. I also liked the way walls represent threads and that the threads’ names are on the gate. And of course this entire scenario is very creative because, I mean how many people come up with an idea of the story of a website and their own part of the story. I newly joined the website so it’s interesting to see how this website was in the past. The humor is also very creative. In this field I can’t see that anything needs to be improved. No one will rate this category lower than 5.0.
Scenario design/triggering: really great. Some excellent eyecandy and especially TBK’s shrine to Yeebaagooon and the main thread look really great. I like that each part of the scenario seems to have a different environment and I like that this part is Norse, it seems to fit in. The stones and the trees are a very simple form of eyecandy but it’s often simple eyecandy that’s the greatest. The only thing that could have been improved is the terrain mixing, like adding a few more terrains. That’s not a very great problem since the objects still make the terrain look nice and there’s no reason not to rate this category a five.
Storyline/Instructions: I love these to fields and the instructions are just perfect! The story of this scenario is also nice with PaPaya that wants one too be more famous, which actually sounds realistic. I like the way the spammers are trying to take control over the LPW in the boss battle. Even though I don’t know who he is and why he wants to control the LPW (I am talking of Jackpb).Well, it is a great story and no one can say anything bad about it so this field will for sure get a 5.0 in every mission.
Humor: This scenario was more humoristic and with more custom music. It was very funny with Michael Jackson and the ever repeating words: “Shanks is dead! Then you must be some kind of psychopath! You’re fired”. Better than the first scenario and thereby I’d if possible give it a 5.0. But of course humor isn’t usually a part of a review so I won’t be able to when you release this.
Overall fun: A great and humoristic part of the scenario that was a nice combination of taking bonus quests, fighting and recruiting new members. For sure a 5.0, because this is an epic part of an epic scenario.(Sorry for over-using of the word “epic” but that’s the only way I really can describe this scenario such as I see it).
Percent finished: 51,101
I guess that might not even be a bug but I thought it to be best to rapport it anyway. Except that this part of the scenario was completely bug-free as far as I know, even though I didn’t complete it to 116%.


First thoughts: Good with a puzzle mission.
Playability: Very good and different from the previous parts of the scenario. I very much liked that you made this a puzzle scenario with some good riddles. It was easy to see where the riddles were and the idea of relics in math series is also very nice. It makes a nice exception from fighting with this and at the end it’s good with some real battle after solving all those puzzles. The distances couldn’t have been better. A lot of SD’rs trapped in the German Discussion forum made the distances short enough but not too short. The way you make such a large variety in the riddles makes this part of the scenario more interesting. It’s good that the entire scenario has so many variations in the missions. Using some famous math series like the Fibonacchi was a very good idea but not all have heard of them. If someone actually never heard of those series and wasn’t able to figure it out he/she would probably give you a score less than five in this category, even though I wouldn’t.
Balance: Excellent, but not perfect. Some riddles were easy, some really hard and some right in the middle. It wasn’t possible to lose until the boss-battle but in that it wasn’t easy to win either. I like the way they advance in ages and every time they advance in age something harder (like Rick Roll) came up to battle. But overall I am afraid this scenario was a little bit too easy and I’d probably rate this scenario a four. It’s good with puzzle scenarios but if too many of the riddles are easy or middle classed the scenario won’t get a perfect score. Maybe add some puzzle scenes that also include battle in order to make it harder? Just because this part of the scenarios balance category got a four doesn’t mean the two totally perfect scenarios before don’t compensate that.
Creativity: Very creative. The riddles had a big variation and were overall creative. The humor was also very creative and smart. It’s kind of creative to choose General Discussions as the underworld. The idea of relics as numbers in math series is good and new. Very creative to rename a godpower and make it summon Rick Roll instead. I like the idea of your jail walls. They look nice and I’ve never even seen that object before. I cannot see any reason not to give this field a five.
Map design/triggers: Very, very good map design and some amazing triggers. I like the way you have spread out big rocks and stalagmites too make it look cool. The lighting seemed good in the underworld and the terrain mixing was awesome. I like the way some small roads seem to creep and crawl over the ground. Marvelous triggers like these walls that hold prisoners. I like the automaton base so it’s quite a good mission for me. Of cause this is a five.
Story/instructions: What could be better? Flashing objectives, icons that tells you who’s talking, voice acted cinematics and a smart story. I like that the general discussions have trapped SDers since it seems very realistic…or not. But it’s still cool with a totally unrealistic story with a lot of twists that makes it interesting. I have never seen the likes of these objectives and the story is better than most other scenario’s stories. Everyone will rate this 5.0 and if they don’t, it’s probably because of the lack of hints.
Humor: The funniest scenario yet. The German language makes a hilarious effect and it’s definitely the most humoristic part of the scenario (except maybe mission 6).
Overall fun: very funny and enjoyable to play with great playability and humor. The riddles were funny to solve and sometimes hard. It’s obvious to me that this is the mission where the skill points are hardest to find. Since this mission is so hilarious it makes it up for the small lack of balance and that means I’d still rate this mission a 5.0. It’s easy to play and has only a few bugs.
Per cent finished: 62,


First thoughts:
Playability: Awesome playability. This mission didn’t show any lag even though it had some big overlapped buildings. The opening cinematic was straight to point and I liked that. You choose good places to spawn the 503 errors and they were just enough far from the “gate” and thereby I at least had a few seconds to prapere myself. It’s good that you tells who’s the giver of quests and witch ones are recruit able by marking it with red and green objects. It always happened something so this mission was interesting all the time. I like that the roads seems to tell where there’s someone/something. I like the way gold represents cookies so it’s easy to keep track of how many cookies I’ve got. Of course a five.
Balance: Good, very good. In the beginning the 503 errors were strong and I had very hard too defeat them until I realized that I was able to block there entrance and then it took a few times to finish it. The bonus missions were just enough hard and had a nice variety in different categories like destroy, find and deliver. The easy missions seemed to give a small amount of cookies while the harder ones gave more. Finding the people that gave the quest wasn’t too hard. The timing in the dialogues had no problems at all. The boss battle was balanced even though hitting PaPaya with cookies in his stomack was a little too easy.
Creativity: Very creative. The story feels good. The story of this mission is creative and it feels creative to recruit members, but different ones than in mission one. The eyecandy is creative and places like Oscars palace has new mixes of objects. The different bonus missions are creative with a nice variety. The senator bonus mission had some creativity in the hiding of those senators. It’s good that the skillpoints are hidden in a creative way and is hard to acces. No reason to not give this a five.
Map design/triggering: Excellent map design. This time it had some overlapped buildings but it was pretty mutch the same as in mission one. The triggers were well done and made some really cool effects like the gold thing. Overall I like the way percent is up counted at the end of each mission. The roads are nice and it someway really looks like I was in Scenario design, the map design fits the forum. Of course a five.
Story/Instructions: Excellent! The story of this mission is humoristic and the instructions are clear and good. The mails are easy to understand and the quests well explained. I like that if I’d found anything that was a part of a bonus mission the chat would tell me. That makes it easier to keep track of all missions. A five.
Humor: Quite humoristic with the drugged cake and buying forumers with cookies.
Overall fun: The hardest scenario that was both challenging and funny. A very nice eyecandied scenario with an epic story line and some extraordinary triggers. Well done and a 5.0!
Percent finished: 64


First thoughts:
Playability: A very playable scenario with only some lag. This scenario was the most laggy but it wasn’t so mutch lag it was actually annoying. I liked that this was a form of Strategy/Puzzle scenario and the unbanning were nice and funny. This mission were the shortest of all missions but it had the highest percent of cinematic. The cinematics were easy to follow and smoothly guiding one thrpugh the events. I liked to bake that cookie but I by mistake choose one of the ingridients wrong and there was no way to regret what was picked up. I liked the way you renamed the signs so it was easy to know where each ingridients were. Of course a five and a very funny mission even though it was a little too short.
Balance: Really good and I found it hard to get a maximum score even though it was hard to lose. The hardest part were the fast banning by get relic into the fire. The riddles (if I may call them that) was not to hard. The distances were short but I guess that’s just good since it propably would be boring go a very long way just to get an ingridence. The dialogues were well-timed and I can only hope they will be timed to the voice acting too. Really not mutsh to say in this field in this mission except maybe“Awesome!”
Creativity: A very creative mission that takes place in a very intesting place. The story is creative and later becomes true. Now you are actually a seraph outside codename Ripto. It have a lot of variations and the different missions are creative and smart. The variable in this scenario is the thing I think will make a lot of people this cathegory a five. The eyecandy is smart and new, it seems a little strange with all those crates. What are thay? Very well, a 5.0 of course.
Map design/triggering: Very nice and creative. Most of the things in the eyecandy I have never even seen before and the environments looked nice and seemed to fit in. The terrains were nice. The triggers were of course awesome as always and I aspeciasly liked some things like the unbanning where the unit came in and asked to be unbanned. The choose dialogue came exactly after the end of each cinematic so the timing of the triggers were nearly perfect. The house could have been a little more eyecandied and a little bit bigger. Still, I have nothing to say since it’s so good.
Story/Instructions: A nice story that now seems very realistic. The instructions were clear and I always knew what to do. I liked that it sometimes stood “new mail, check your inbox”. Almost un necesery when having flashing objectives banner but still a nice thing. I liked the story and the story slowly guided me through this scenario. Of course it’s hard to find a longer and more complex story about becoming a seraph but I still wish this could have been a little longer. Anyway, it still deserves a five.
Humor: Some funny things like baking a cake. I just loved to re-ban most of those that wanted to be unbanned and the mission overall has a funny story. I’m sorry I couldn’t write the five lines I this cathegory but it just wasn’t enough to write since the scenario was so short.
Overall fun: A very funny mission with a great humor and a great balance. It is hard to complete to 100% but it’s not too hard since I didn’t lose at all when playing this mission. It only shows little lag and it’s very creative. Combine these and what do we get? A five star rated mission!
Percent finished: Around 70, forgot the exact number,
***No bugs found***

First thoughts: I can only describe this mission with one word: EPIC!
Playability: This mission is very easy to play with absolutly no lag, fitting music and it was epic to play. I liked the way the cinematics were formed and the music fits in with the story. The boss battle was epic and it requied strategy. It’s good that this scenario seems to be a mix of all the other cathegories and the boss-battle was astonasing. The best mission that was easy to play and I liked this mission very mutch. Now it’s proved: You’re better than Vandhaal. Of course a 5.0 even though I’d like to give it a 12.8 .
Balance: A good balance. It’s very hard and that’s exactly what I’m expecting from an epic boss fight. It’s just enough hard to recruit the ally (I think it was out reach) and nothing could have been better than the boss fight. The boss battle really requied a lot of strategy and aspecialsly the pervert from casino royal was hard and it took quite some time to figure out how to do to defeat him. At the part when I’m suppose to destroy some HTML the attacks could have been harder to avoid and aspeacialsly it could have been launched more than three times! Nothing to say, it’s perfectly balanced.
Creativity: Very creative. Aspeaciasly the story is great and very creative. The enrire idea of a secret HTML love place is good and the map designing there is creative. Creative lighting and map design. It was creative with PaPaya as the “evil guy” and I like the ending. As always creative dialogues and music. I liked that you let James hook come in again. Even though I banned him twice…of course this deserves a five.
Map design/triggering: Defently the coolest and best made triggers I have ever seen. Like those missiles using multiple cinematic blocks for each. I guess there are quite some lot of triggers in this map. The map design is nice and different from everything I’ve ever seen before and I like the small details in it that makes it look simple yet eyecandied. I like that you used Flying purple hippos projectiles to make it look like hearts coming down. A five for sure!
Story/instructions: Truly an epic storyline that is intesting and with a lot of twists. A mass conspiracy is a very nice idea and it really works. When I saw the opening cinematic for this mission I was very excited and the story kept up it’s high quality in the entire mission. The instructions were good and easy to understand. I liked the intesting twists and that floor thing was really funny. A great story all the way and it really deserves more than just a five.
Humor: A extraordinary funny scenario with a humourus story and a lot of fun music. The jokes and the humour is great to me even though someone might have a differn angel on humor than I have. The lighting is funny and so is the map design. Be proud of being the first AoMH angel to make a bathtub. Actually you’r probably the first Aom player at all to do it the way you did it. Nice… This was the funniest and most humoristic mission in this scenario even though it hadn’t a lot of hilarious bonus mission. The only bonus mission was made in a funny style but was I suppose to be able to fight Out reach?
Overall fun: The most epic scenario I’ve ever played and since this was the best mission of this scenario it means this has to be the best part of a scenario ever. The simple map design in this mission was nice and no overlapped buildings were needed. I aspeciasly liked the bathtub and the Freaky lighting. Couldn’t you make a light setting with renders light editor that looks like that?
Percent finished: 0,


Overall: The best scenario I’ve ever played and it took be nearly seven hours to comlete the first time I played it and I loved that. Most scenarios in these days take like 15 minutes to play through so it was good to feel the epic and exciting side of AoM for once. If I’d rank the missions thay would come in the followoving order (I write all this to come up to 4747 words, but it might be intesting anyway) .
1. Mission six
2. Mission four
3. Mission three
4. Mission one
5. Mission two
6. Mission five.
I loved mission five but it just wasn’t as good as the others and only took 47 minutes to complete…Ofcource no one can rate this scenario lower than a five since it’s an awesome game experience and it has a lot of huomour. It has astonishing cinematics and nice voice acting. I aspecialy like that you made a cretits movie since it is nice to watch and the eyecandy of this scenario is just marvelous .The story is very creative and intesting and the twists are nice. Good for new forumers (like me) to learn what an Angel and a seraph is.
Rating of scenario: 12 / 5

~Guard of olympus

[Edited on 10/31/09 @ 08:40 AM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5

Well well, where to start. I think this one of the best designed scenarios I've ever played for AoM. One of the most important parts of this is the extensive bug testing, something which is absent or almost so in virtually every other scenario out there.

The objectives are surprisingly fun and there are plenty of secrets to make it more fun than "go there and kill that". The micromanaging of the units was also good, although in my usual "want to keep everything alive" way, I got annoyed at having to wait 5 minutes for my units to go to the healing point and back.

Again, the lack of the standard "kill that and everything inbetween" was one of its strongest aspects. Although I would have probably kept playing because of the whole AoMHness, the exploration and searching for new followers was certainly a strength. There are only a handfull of scenarios that do this, and even ones that I like a lot only have a couple of sections where you do something other than massacre the entire population.

Probably my main complaint in this is the combat. Although it's really just the style of AoM, what I did for virtually every fight was have all my ranged units at the back and Alyssea running around with the main boss following. It got a little tedious after a while, although I guess it wasn't that bad. For reasons I'll go into more later, I also had to keep mephiles away from the fight all the time.

Balance: 5

Well uh, I guess the whole strength in numbers thing is one of the things that keeps this balanced, because some of the bosses are trully hellish. Not like it's unbalanced or anything, but some of them are pretty tough. For general combat I several times ended up withdrawing from combat to send all my units back for health. Maybe a very slow regeneration would be good for that.

Creativity: 5

The whole scenario idea of AoMH in AoM is something that even I can list a couple of dozen examples of, and I'm sure there are more. Notably this is one of few that actually got finished, but I think that the creativity of the storyline isn't a problem.

What was really nice are the ways the members are represented. I really liked being able to go through and see names that I hadn't seen in a long time.

Map Design: 5

In terms of eyecandy: Although this was far from weak, I have to say I was a little dissapointed. It is far above the quality of the standard scenario, but then again this isn't a standard scenario. I think that although it gets the job done and is mostly visually appealing, there are a few sections that I think had opportunity for some trully specacular eyecandy, and it was a little bit of a let down. Scen Design was beautifully done, and I think captured the "image" of what I'd expect from it. Individual buildings were often well done if a little odd, and although that's probably what was intended seeing a house made up of Thor Armouries in the middle of a forest was... yeah. I think that the Halls of Valhalla section was probably what dissapointed me the most. Although it works gameplay wise I think that there were opportunities for great places here that were missed out on.

Map design in terms of layout:

This was for the most part nicely done. There were some areas, such as killing the elite smurfs in the panultimate part of stage 1 where I ended up rushing in with only a handfull of units and the gate locked with most of them outside, and although the gate locking was mentioned in one of the notices I think that it could have helped if the smurf was a little bit further back.
The layout of almost all the areas, other than a few places was superb though, and I guess while it could have helped with some obvious fog of war friendly landmarks I only got lost a couple of times, which is pretty rare for a sort of non linear scenario like this.

Story/Instructions: 5

Well, the basic storyline of "Yeebaagooon gets promoted" I have to say isn't exactly the highlight of the scenario, but I think it fits his sort of narcissistic online persona, so I don't mind that.

The instructions were quite good. Clear and got to the point, and while they also weren't the highlight of the scenario they were a lot better than having to sit through 5 minutes of cinematic for something blatantly obvious, e.g. Adventurers. The whole reworking of the objectives tab was also pretty cool.

Additional Comments:

I have a few minor gripes, but one thing that consistently annoyed me throughout the scenario was Mephiles. His purple and black Evil thingy whatever gets really really annoying. I ended up having to take him out of combat every time because he would shoot and it would cover all of the other units in the fight so I couldn't see their health. If I recall correctly it is the same attack as in Desert Conflict, but in that there were only a couple of units so I didn't mind as much.

Other than that though, superb work. Trully one of the best scenarios AoMH has to offer, and a little freaky how it's sort of come true. I hope you continue your excellent work.
Map Design1.0
Horrible pointless waste of time, too pre-occupied with "LULZ" and annoying memespeak to be entertaining in the least.

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