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The Great Battle (updated for content)

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Version: AoM: The Titans
I designed this map because I decided that fighting battles and winning wars with thirty to sixty men was something that wasn't done. It was generally done with thousands of men. But due to the limitations of modern processors and map size thousands of Greeks assaulting thousands of Egyptians is not really easy.

So here, I designed and built two armies of a couple hundred men apiece (I didn't count them), and two castles for defense.

This map boasts my first published cinematic, four different difficulty SETTINGS, not different maps, this is just like the campaign. It also boasts quite a few triggers, four possible reviving units for the player, and more.

Here you will find all but a few of the Greek heroes (Only one campaign hero), gobs of myth units, the chance to kill a guardian, modified titans, and even a super hero. My Sexy Assistant makes a show in this map, as she did in the last, and as always she kicks ass.

There is a readme, for info on where to place the folder, but there are no cheats this time.

You may need to Download the Admiral AI for the game to properly work... Sorry y'all. Didn't know that before hand.
Download Admiral AI from kalus here



Two new Hero twins, and Theseus

Different beginning cinematic for hard and titan difficulty,

Different major god (Hades),

New armies,

Unit work triggers,

Admiral AI,

And three Pegasus scouts!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
it was really fun to play. i played it 3 times through and tried lots of different things. it would lag a little though. there is a bug? with priest of isis unit, it never dies! it will just get up in a few seconds.

Balance: 5
it was very balanced. the army were very fair because you didn't have one type of unit that would own. every unit you had they had counters for and vice versa. You start with 1900 or so pop and i ended with 301!

Creativity: 4
i haven't seen a scenario like this! a huge army instead of the 30 or so that would normally win! the enemy town was very creative with the walls shooting arrows and such. the town looked creative with the wall placement in the entrance.

Map Design: 4
it was good. obviously it wasn't supposed to have lots of pretty trees and bushes and leaves falling to the ground. it was a wide open battlefield like it should have been.

Story/Instructions: 3
you need to give more to the instructions, "and lay low the enemy" sounds good but it doesn't tell you how to win kill all units, kill there citidel, what? only the hints give good enough help to clarify the instructions. the story was enough because it was really just a battle no need for a story other than a greedy king.

Additional Comments:)
this is my first review so i probalbly messed up on something.

[Edited on 08/06/09 @ 04:07 PM]

Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
Well the game starts off fine, but my major complaint is that you have a ton of villagers for the player, but they start just sitting around. Use unit work on the villies to save the player having to tell all his villies to do the stuff they are right next to.
After that annoying start I sent my entire army to attack them, and even though I micro'd alot I was still destroyed, so the only way I could win would be to build units, which I of course did, but it was rather annoying getting them to the place to fight (though the passage later was handy)

Balance: 2
The computer player is obviously stronger then you, what with the giant army of war elephants (which were about as strong as each of my heros...)
The other annoying thing is that you had arranged my units so that they were in front of the units that countered them, so I had to move them around so as to have the greatest advantage.
The main point I have, which is what dropped your score a huge amount is that there is a 0% chance you can lose. The computer never attacks you, so you can just keep gathering resources, and keep sending people to attack, no matter the difficulty (though I only tried easy and titan.)

Creativity: 3
The map was fun to play, and certainly had some creative aspects, such as the heros leading the armies (which I certainly enjoyed) but a map with just a couple of armies to fight is not that creative.
I would suggest adding some more features, such as changing to god powers you had (since I used my bolt on the son of osiris, which makes having it a bit useless)
Maybe you could also add some reason to explore the rest of the map, as I never bother to go anywhere but the little area between the two forts, and afterwords when I looked at in the editor I noticed there was some interesting stuff there, which I would have liked to have had a reason to look at.

Map Design: 3
Well the map design was about average, nothing really stood out to me. I always like the trick with the walls over the gate, but it's not very original, and it's only a small thing. There was pretty much no buildings mixed together, and the excuse that you needed them to build with is false, because you can still leave an opening...
The area between the forts should have been what you focused on the most since this is what the player will be looking at the most, but all I noticed was some wierd flowers on the ground (doesn't seem to fit a battlefield) and it just seemed to look kinda boring. Only when I looked at the editor afterwords did I notice your graveyard and the place with the waterfalls...
I would just advise you to spend a bit more time on the areas that you think the players will look at the most, rather then make some nice things in other places.

Story/Instructions: 4
For a map with this concept the story was very deep, and I especially liked how much you wrote for the spotlight. However, the objectives were kinda sparse, which can I guess be excused for how simple the map was, but still I think you should have had some side missions.
The map was simple, so the instructions were more then adequate, and seemed to me to tell you too much what to do, you could have left it a little bit more up to the player themself.

Additional Comments:
-The priest of Isis is annoying :o
-The sexy assistant was kinda random...

[Edited on 08/11/09 @ 12:39 PM]

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Map Design3.5
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