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Monster War!

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Version: AoM: The Titans
*Odd & fun!
*Check the readme file for extra info and story!

By: freak1995

*PS: please review! :D
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Map Design2.0
First I would like to say that the effect to use to make the editor play a sound track is not ‘music filename' instead use 'sound filename'. I don't know why, but music filename never works for me, but sound filename will play sound tracks.

Now, onto the rest of the scenario;

Playability 2

As far as playability, we had no real trouble playing the map, though objectives would have been helpful, even one, just to tell me what to do. A message even. 'Kill all monsters!' It wasn't terribly fun, but it wasn't horrible either. It could use some improvements. Also, because the Gremlin had no town center, but had an AI, it resigned. This detracts from the 'mood of the game' as it were. But overall here...we think this map should get a 2. Not because it was a bad idea, but more because it wasn't well implemented. Although we should point out that we liked though that 'Simba' had a regen rate.

The playability gets you the two mostly because it wasn't terribly fun. It wasn't very exciting.

Balance 3

As far as balance goes, you did well. 'Simba' was decently suited to take out all of the enemies he encountered with a bit of room to spare. Though a hint in the objectives tab that 'Simba' can't really kill 'Imhotep' without first killing his army would have been nice. All of the monsters were relatively easy to kill, but we didn't see 'Godzilla' until the second pass, because 'Simba' wasn't close enough to the water. A hint here would have been nice. What brings your balance down here is the fact that the titan took so long to kill. Normally the army you gave would have been sufficient, but the Murmillos died very quickly. And it took fifteen minutes or so for the catapults to finish the job. Arcus, Toxotes, or Gastraphetes, would have been a better choice. No one wants to sit for fifteen minutes and just watch the catapult try to hit a titan.

The over all balance was good giving you a greater than average score here, Good work.

Creativity 3

The creativity here is - let's say - odd. The idea for this isn't one might generally run across, so we'll give you an extra point for it. The map design looked like default. The ridges and dips looked like you took a default map and added water, cliff, and a few bad guys. That you added some different terrain types was good, but there wasn't enough of it. Imhotep was in a cave after all, and King Kong in a city. Also, the Empire State building doesn't shoot at people. That role would have been better filled by a light house.
You could have jammed it into the corner of a map, and stuck King Kong on a spike of dirt in that corner.

However, you were rather creative here with the idea in the first place, good work here, too.

Map design 2

As I said before the map was a bit on the default side. If you’d added a tunnel entrance and an underground temple like area for 'Imhotep', we'd have lifted that to a three. If it had been a lighthouse, maybe even a four. There were no rocks, flowers, or different grass types to 'spice it up' much. Other than the rather nice fading effect you gave on the transition from Grass A to Sand D. Also, maybe using the trigger effect 'music play' would enhance the playing pleasure. Why docks but no fish? Why trees but no birds? Why grass but no bushes?

I guess no one really expects a lot of eye candy from a new guy, I know I was maker of bland maps, but here we'll give a better than nothing score because it wasn't flat, like my first map.

Story and Instructions 2

There was no story told, other than kill the monsters, and no instructions but what the introduction said there was when we downloaded the thing, said. We spent the first few seconds wondering what to do before we just started exploring. Only after we had found 'Imhotep' did we realize what to do. You might consider putting an 'is dead' trigger firing an objective. Maybe said something along the lines of 'Imhotep is dead!’ Rejoice and head north to kill Godzilla!' Maybe the hint would tell me he was in the water. Because we was looking all over the map, checking all the black corners looking for some sort of creature that might fit the Godzilla description before we found a Scylla called Godzilla in the water.

Here we'll give you a two because you didn't help out the player do what he was supposed to do with objectives.

Overall... we’d say it was a good map for a first one, I'm assuming it was a first one? If not don't tell anyone.

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Map Design2.0
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