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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Capital Contest - Thracian Capital by Nick_The_Hun

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Capital Contest - Thracian Capital by Nick_The_Hun

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Version: AoM: The Titans

Some time back we had a 'Capital Contest', i was a bit overambitious about it.
After some time i lost interest in the map and left it unfinished.
But now it's done!!

The scenario is about a Dacian warrior who has to leave to the Thracians. He was send on a mission to investigate a leak in the Thracian Army.
You can walk around in the city, enemies will popup and try to assault you.
From the start on you can train, at first you will gain kills over time and after level 4 you'll have to fight by yourself. It wont be easy at all!
It's a small scenario but i hope you enjoyed it!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Guard of Olympus
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
The playability was rather good, though sometimes I got confused on what to do and a Bug occoured, a bug that made the scenario so easy that it was impossible to lose, as I'll mention in the balance field.
I like the way this map shows no lag, even though it's filled with objects.The distances between the different places are not to long, not too short, and the zooming is very nice, since it shows the map more detailed.
The first cinematic was good, not at all jumpy or laggy, even though it shows the end of the map and that's not really good, even though it doesn't matter a lot. I like how you focused on making the first cinematic short, so people will not be bored by watching it
again if they lose. The scenario was majorly fun to play all the way through, but somethings wasn't really good:
1:You didn't explain or sent flares on where to go or what to do, once the lighting just changed to a black version and a random dialouge appeared, that made it hard to understand and the lighting didn't really fit the scenario eithet, actually.
Try explaining where to go by more carefully written dialouges and ultimately some flares, I had a hard time finding that boat, and that really lowers your score, the map should be simple to play and the player would not have to look around all map to find something.
2: in the beggining, one gets the very powerfull main charakter, and seven other of his kind a little later, which makes the scenario confusing and the main charakter hard to see.

Balance: 1
The balance wasn't good at all, since it was impossible to lose, therefor I really can't give you a higher score, sorry. The main charakter is obviously the huskarl, and he grows strorger and levels up all the time. Then the player is granted like
eight huskarls, and that really unbalances it, since all the huskarls are really strong and the enemy are very few, and not at all strong. And as it is no way to lose, this sceanrio
doesn't deserve a high balance rating.

Creativity: 3
The scenario was very creative, but was some times hard to understund. The plot was very creative and rather realistic, though nothing really explained about what happened before the last battle, the one in the city.
The names in the scenario are creative and so is the leveling system. The triggers ain't really oridginal, there's nothing I havn't seen before actually. The way you rotated the buildings
seems creative to me. The very few bonus missions was creative, although not all of them worked really good. Still, a good job at the creativity.

Map Design: 4
The map design was good, and had both natrual and "big" eyecandy. I liked the way you've mixed the differnt styles of eyecandy; your "small" natrual eyeacndy is nice with a lot of rocks, trees and details, like small grass or flowers.
You've made the natrual eyecandy intresting to look at, and that's really good.
Your mediuam eyecandy (e.g the buildings in the norse village at the start) is really nicely made with overlappings and rotated buildings. The buildings you rotated seem very
accurately placed, so does the enlarged ones.
The big eyecandy in the city is ok, but not the best, since some buildings seem a little out of place, though of course some others look really good.

Story/Instructions: 2
The story is hard to understund, as I mentioned above, and there was no objectives, so I can't really give you a high score in this field.
The story is hard to understund, for example, why does the huskarl want to go to that city, what happens at the end, how comes the city has got an enemy past the river and so on
There were no objectives, and sometimes it was hard to know what to do, which isn't really good. Like the transport ships, there was no way to find them, no flare, nothing at all.
Therefore, this field doesn't really deserve a high score. The only thing that keeps this up a little bit was that the story sometimes was rather intresting.

Additional Comments: Sorry for taking so long time to review the scenario, and for eventual spelling/grammar mistakes.

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Map Design4.0
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