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Death of the Myths

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Death of the Myths
Scenario by: freak1995

The human beings decided that the mythology must be erased of this world.
Now they're going to fight the most terrible army of myth units, in order to accomplish their objective.

*2 giant armies fight (Mankind and Mythology), ALMOST NO LAG!
*Explore the map and find your powerful enemies!
*Don't allow your rival to kill your commanders, or you LOSE..
Read the README file for more details

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Ablast3 Sorry but the screen shot actually doesn't make me want to play the game(Without the screenshot i would've played)... Work on some Eye candy than put a screenshot. That will make us play. Sorry for being harsh
dictator159 1st dl

i looks good 2 me
CharlieDog is the scenario by itself seriously one mb. Makes me think there will be some lag
ChinoBeto Hey, this looks cool, but it looks like you didn't put too much effort in this, but actually, it looks very compromising if played.

P.D.: Effort in your scenarios I know you can do best!
File Author
the size is due to the mp3 file. I cut the original song (about 6 minutes) and left a little part (less than 1 minute). So actually, the ZIP would be 7 megabytes. Sorry but you really can't complain!
Hammerhands DUDE, I have a map that's 510 x 510. The thing is 1176KB. I also have one that's 510 x 510 that's only about 670 or so. The first one (The big one?) It has over one hundred fifty triggers. The first only has about forty or so.

So that being said, Triggers are huge. You can't actually base the 'lag' of a map on it's size. For my one meg map doesn't lag at all. Ask CharlieDog there, he's a play tester for it.
Rift Playability: 3
I liked the game, it was easy to understand and quite interesting.

Balance: 3
The game was well balanced, except the fact that the pharaoh was right there and had low hp.. That part was too easy, maybe modify protounit would have come in handy there?

Creativity: 4
It was a new idea, very nice, but I didn't like the fact that there were so many people. Should be in area's hence easier to group once you start.

Map Design: 2
0% eyecandy, bit of an average, the 2 is because I liked the mountainy area in the middle.

Story/Instructions: 5
I understood what to do instantly and it was easy to do it.

Additional Comments:
Pretty good map, hope to see more, pm me when your next one comes out :D

[Edited on 08/29/09 @ 07:45 AM]

Rift, your review has been deleted because it does not comply with the review guidelines. Please read them.


File Author
thanx rift, too bad the review was deleted
Map Design2.0
Playability: 3
As far as playability goes...it was rather nice to play. It was a surpirisingly different style of game and fun to play. The downside to this, was that the map was too small, and it was nothing but a 'cross the map, kill all you see' thing. You should have made it bigger, and more enemies, so that I would have had to actually deploy all of my armies. It's more fun that way. Don't take that wrong though, it was a good game.

I also liked that the Guardian appeared (Though it isn't a myth unit to my knowledge) It made me draw all of my units back as fast as I could, because I knew I couldn't kill it. I saw that pharoah there, and thought at first it was mine, figured it was modified to kill the guardian, realized it wasn't, and thought that it was rude that the enemy had a hero that could heal. So I tasked about five toxotes on him and went back to micro the withdrawal. Seconds later the ending cine kicked in, and I was like...what?

Balance: 2
The thing that got you here was that there were too few enemy units. The Mummies messed up my hoplites, but I didn't even have to go all micro on them to get rid of them. There were alot of heroes, that was good, it mixed things up a bit, and you didn't make them to powerful. That was a plus. Despite this, I find myself giving you a '2' here mostly because it wasn't hard enough to make me draw my units back and think on it. It was over too soon. All I had to do was throw some men at the problem. Sure it's not elegant, but it was all that was neccesary.

Creativity: 4
This was neat. When I first saw the thing the first thought I had was 'Shrek for AoM!'I enjoyed the concept and it was neat enough that I will likely play it again someday. What kept it from a five was the lack of a well designed world. There wasn't anything to make it 'pop'. Add a small fordable creek, a few mountains to pass, make the map a bit bigger, add a few birds, here and there, mix it up.

Map Design: 2
As I said, this part lacked. You didn't really have a nice city to defend, and no sign that it was just a forward base of operations. You should have added a few things to liven up the map. What was with the funny walls? There seemed to be no point to them.

Story/Instructions: 4
You did good here too. There were objectives (something I don't see very often) the intro cinematic helped to explain what was going on. I had no trouble finding out what to do. The obectives were well enough written that I had no trouble understanding them. I can;t actually say they were well written, because I didn't notice. But if they had been poorly written I would have noticed.

Additional Comments:
I liked the ending music, it was very fitting. I'm a personal fan of Metallica, but isn't there a copyright thing there?
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