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Combination Effects Expansion

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Version: AoM: The Titans

This is an epic project. Two key points are made with it. One, newbies and newer people will (hopefully) learn how to use triggers and create some other effects. Two, for advanced designers and those proficient with triggers, this will be a great help for reminding how to make cool factors, and probably even new ones.


If you have downloaded Combination Effects before the date of 26th September 2009, then re download it now. This is the new Combination Effects Expansion, there are many new features. Parts of the map have been fixed, mainly typos and problems. The main part is that many text files are also included with it now, that show you some awesome trigger effects, and help you with some triggers.

Click on the words the arrows are pointing to to go to the forum thread for combination effects. Wait, you need to. It has all the information about it and features and guidelines that you will need to read. CLICK IT OR ELSE!!!

Oh, and one more thing. If you rate my file or just comment on it, don't you dare give Combination Effects a lower score or opinion because something didn't work right for you or there were bugs. I swear to you, every bit of it is working right, there are no bugs whatsoever. If you think so and something happened that made you think that, you either just aren't smart enough to see how small of an impact it had, or I meant for it to happen. Also, the readme tells you everything to do, if you don't follow it exactly, then you messed it up, not me.
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JDmino Not everyone visits the forum or scen design. You should put down what this is about(of course, I already know).
File Author
hey jdmino, i updated all the problems in the map, so its better, you should redownload. But i DID put details on this page for it, they wont show up for some reason... Hey Papaya or Yeebaagooon could you guys fix it so the description in the main post on this page shows up? It won't for some reason.
Rating: 5
This is great help for any designer. I never knew what was possible with the transform trigger, or about anti gravity triggers. This has to be the best help scenario I have seen. The AI sort of failed, but it got better as it went along. I really enjoyed the weather effects, although it was a bit ardous watching them. All in all a great program which I recommend to everyone. Both thumbs up!

Additional Comments:
Thank you for showing me things.
Swift sword Edit: Edited my review, probably will edit it again due to the 26th update...

[Edited on 09/26/09 @ 07:33 PM]

lostrozzacavalli I've tried it, and, as if as I already knew all these things, was really intresting and fun to see them again in a well-made scenario.
P.S. The AI has defeated me, but I was handicapped...
File Author
thanks charlie, nice one there. Im gratitude ness. And italien guy, nice one. You lost to it? Im not all that of an expert player but i did manage to beat the opponent myself without handicap. And um swift? thanks for the review. But I want you to know, everything worked fine. Nothing didnt work, trust me. I made it all work, it might be hard to see. And just replay it to watch the weather effects. Then I would ask you to see if you could make your review a bit better (5.0) after you have seen the weather effects. I think that the weather effects will make you change your mind and want to bump your review up to 5 stars. Winks at you. Just give it a second chance , k?

And let me explain the antigrav triggs. Many people liked them quite alot. If you understand the power they have for making realistic life in scenarios, then you hit it. Thats what they do. Basically all they do. Dont expect anything else. And you didnt understand how they work. The sheep were stubborn, because the wolves were scaring them and the shepherd was attracting them at the same time. If the wolves are the bigger magnet attract or repel, then the sheep will want to first get away from the wolves. There are different strengths for each of the attractions, the wolves have a stronger influence than the shepherd. Hope you get it now. And know, that it shoudnt hurt my review just because you didnt understand it. Thats all. Oh and I hope i wasnt too harsh. I wasnt trying to be mean. :)

[Edited on 09/08/09 @ 11:58 PM]

Swift sword It's not that I didn't understand how it works- its just it was near impossible to get the sheep to a point where they weren't near the wolves. I did manage to get 3-4 sheep into the pen, however, once they got in they could also leave. You could've added a invisible gate to that part, as well perhaps slightly decreasing the speed of the wolves. One of the sheep were surrounded in the corner by at least 3- there was no way I could've gotten it out. I just wish the priest affected the wolves to make them move away slightly for some breathing room. I've seen this effect used in Brave Sword as well, and the old man in it moved so fast I quickly got stuck attempting to complete the mission. I just feel te effect could've been used in a better way.
That's my reasoning for taking off a half-point-the rest was wonderful. I plan on using it(as I've said) in my map, and it taught me quite a few things- one of which an ai for a map may not require coding to create (if I'm wrong about that, it still doesn't sound difficult).
It was well-created, and I'm sorry you don't like my review- It was my honest opinion, and still a very high score. Well done ;)
Edit: Oh, and I looked at your thread. The weather effects sound wonderful. I've little doubt I'll be bumping up my review after watching em'. Don't suppse there's a cheat for anti-grav part?
Edit: After some soul-searching, I have decided to change my review to a 5...

[Edited on 09/10/09 @ 10:42 PM]

File Author
Hey swiftt sword, I am surprised that you havent seen the weather effectss yet. Fully read the readme that was includedd in the download, it tells you how to skip parts. Well, read the readme, especially the must do factors. But also, read the other file, the skip sections guide, it tells you how to do it, and anyway, ingame, it lets you anyway. The antigrav part by the way, I did not intend it to be made to acually keep the sheep in the pen. I made it and intended it to be like a sandbox type playable part. Like, it does not end, you can just stop when you want. But the weather effects are a must try!!1 They were a new thing i tried, and in the end, they were my own design the way they work. It stays on and eliminates the needd for visible objects to be everywhere on the map, such as rain clouds. But Read fully everything and you will not go wrong and you will be able to see them!!!

I do very much beleive that the weather effects are so enjoyable that they will persuade you to increase your review. They are very very very very very very sososososo so COOOL!!!

Edit: And lol, thanks you very much for the kind review, it is very high. I would be happy with it otherwise, but with charliedog l0ving it, i now want to keep a perfect 5.0 score. But dont be forced by me, watch the weather effects, you will love them and freely upgrade the score i am sure. It completely all works. I did test it myself several times. Oh and check back here constantly for the explansion as i will include an endinng cinematic and text documents explaining some of the triggers.

[Edited on 09/09/09 @ 09:09 PM]

Swift sword Hmm....
Alrighty, gonna edit the review...after much soul-searching, I have decided to give it a 4.75, which luckily for you, rounds up. The scen taught me many, many things, and it's not your fault I'm stupid ;)
Swift sword
Rating: 4.75

A beautifully created tutorial to making triggers that's sure to be helpful to many is the best way to descrive this scenario. I've always been bad at triggers, particularly quest vars, although I think I'm beginning to understand them. This scenario shows people the reason the editor of Age of Mythology is the best of its kind- its flexibility. I wasn't sure if I'd like this or not originally due to the fact that I prefer documents, but it was nice. The part that brings it down is the anti-gravity part-I couldn't get past it. My sheep were stubbornly uncooperative and the wolves didn't seem scared of me at all. Really, all that did is warn me off the "amazing" effect. This caused me to miss out on the weather, which I'd love to have seen in action, and may put to use in a "Capture the Flag" scenario I'm busy creating.

Additional Comments:
Over all it was a well designed tutorial, although a few parts were unclear and you didn't tell me where the "pause" button was. I found it, though ;P

Additional Comments:
After some soul-searching, I have changed this to a 5 because it did teach me many things and is skippable.
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