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The Temple of Thakati

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Version: AoM: The Titans
A Singleplayer Scenario by aZeusDude and Azur_Fire... ~The Temple of Thakati~

"Cyrus Benovar always dreamed of finding treasure. This would mean entering a sacred tample... is the treasure worth the risk...? Little did he know that that temple had a deeper secret more valuable than he had expected..."

Azur_Fire- Triggers and Cinematics

aZeusDude- Eyecandy

Scenario Details

Game Type: Age of Mythology The Titans Expansion

Type: Singeplayer Scenario

Eyecandy/Map Design

This map will be taking place in an old temple. Find sacred relics, fight off scarabs, scorpions, and fufill your dream of finding the treasure within the temple.

This is an all original Age of Mythology The Titans scenario. Absolutely NO use of mods whatsoever. Even a simple texture.

Overall Description of Scenario:

This scenario takes place in an old temple. You control Cyrus, a man who enters the temple in a dream to find the treasure withing. Unfortunatly, there is something more to the place. A bigger secret. Cyrus will have to figure that out.

You search this massive temple for the treasure. Fight off scarabs, scorpions, and the booby traps set to defend these ancient treasures.

No mods will be used in this scenario, so it is completely Age of Mythology The Titans Expansion original. With not even a texture change.

This scenario is by aZeusDudeII, the eyecandier of the scenario, and Azur_Fire, the triggerer of the scenario.

We hope you will enjoy this epic, brand new style scenario with great, pleasing eyecandy and marvelous effects.


In-game Shots!

Going for a sword: Skeleton Is There.

[JPEG, (337.17 KB)]

The Skeleton Awakes!

[JPEG, (340.69 KB)]

Throne Room

[JPEG, (294.43 KB)]

[JPEG, (200.56 KB)]

Small Shrine

Warrior Tomb
[JPEG, (295.78 KB)]


Some Screenshots by Azur of the pit booby trap.
  • Before
  • After
  • Inside the pit

    This is sort of like a tomb raider scenario, but better. With many new special features soon to be announced, it is sure to entertain you with the stunning eyecandy by aZeusDude, and the brilliant effects by Azur_Fire.


  • [i]"As Cyrus approached the massive temple, the sun came over the horizon. This was a good sign. He looked up at the massive structure and closed his eyes. He remembered of the last time he came here. He didn't have the courage to make it in the previous visit. He opened his eyes, stepped forward, and he broke the lock with his spear. Then, he pushed some stones apart and tried to open the door. He pushed and pulled, but it wouldn't budge. Finally, the gave it a kick and the doors burst open. He stepped inside, and he walked slowly and cautiously...

    Cyrus was thinking of the treasures promised by the high elders of the Druid Clans of the Forests of Sahr. The mountains of gold and silver and the hidden treasure within. He looked around carefully. Finally he looked up and gasped..."


  • Booby traps. That's right. Fight off scarabs and scorpions coming from passages. Block giant boulder stones coming at you. Attempt to avoid being crushed between two walls. Anything to survive this temple and find the treasure within.

    Boulders: Giant boulder stones will roll towards you. Get out of the way, clear the hall, before you become crushed by the massive stone coming from a passage.

    Scarabs & Scorpions: Some passages hold scorpions and scarabs. Fight off these creatures with a weak health, but strong attack. Be careful, they also roam this massive temple, so be on your guard every second.

    Walls Crushing You: Be careful not to stumble upon moving walls. These nasty traps are hard to spot, since the temple is full of them. Be on your guard and be careful not to stay still while they are moving for you, for you will be crushed!

  • Puzzles

    1.) Yes, puzzles. You will be able to solve them in this massive temple. Find clues, secrets, but you have to do it with all of the challenges also in the scenario, such as the booby traps, the scorpions lurking about, and the Temple's massive secret.


    Azur_Fire for the awesome triggerwork and cinematics!
    All the various playtesters!
  • AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Map Design5.0
    Firstly I'd just like to say this was a great map. You have really achieved something. :p

    Playability: 5
    Cinematics: The cinematics of this map were great, they captured the viewer's attention and were fun to watch.
    Bugs: There really weren't any bugs to speak of, although the "ghost" started attacking the fence wall rather than the mummy at one point.
    Victory Conditions: It was possible to finish the scenario and had a great ending, I really enjoyed that part.
    Lag: No lag to speak of.
    Confusion: I was never confused at any point of what I had to do, great job.

    Balance: 5
    Difficulty: This scenario challenged me, you had to think quickly about what to do next. I think you crated a perfect difficulty setting.
    Losing: I managed to lose a few times, but everything was completeable (is that a word?) so it worked quite well. A scenario where you don't die at all is to easy, this worked well.

    Creativity: 5
    Trigger Tricks: These were truly great, the booby traps were made well using triggers, I haven't seen the floor move down before. The relics having to be in certain places worked well. I also especially liked the walls of Atlantis which closed in on me.
    Music/Sound: The sound was chosen well, it had a tomby feel to it and kept me entertained. I would have liked to see more sound when certain things happened.
    Uniqueness: I have never seen something like this before and thought it was very unique. The light stunning the skeletons worked very well. Great job.

    Map Design: 5
    I thought the map was the best part of the scenario. You used building mixes perfectly, the automaton base stairs were made extremely well. The tomb where you find the Thakati armor really looked like it was old and ruined.

    Story/Instructions: 4.5
    The story was well thought out, but I would've liked to know who he was. So I gave the story a four. The instructions were perfectly laid out though, I never had any trouble knowing what to do. So I gave the instructions a five. Luckily it got rounded up.

    Additional Comments:
    When the guardian asked me the riddle I told him "You'ra a guardian," and it was wrong :( Trigger trouble there :P

    [Edited on 09/12/09 @ 10:01 PM]

    Map Design5.0
    Now that Temple of Thakati is finally out, I do believe that I shall make a review for it, as I myself am beginning to take an interest in RPG type games now. So here goes.

    Playability: 4
    Ok, just to say, this was great. It was really fun to play, walking around and avoiding traps. I really liked it that you re sized the scarabs and scorpions so that they weren't huge and bulky, they seemed normal size the way you did it. The ending boss fight was very fun, and had me trying everything I could to live. Although, there was a major problem that stopped me from giving you a five here. Sound. There was virtually no sound at all from after the beginning part. The only music I heard at all was at the ending boss fight, which was good for the setting. But for the 30 or so minutes that I played through the game, I was just walking around in silence. This made it seem extremely boring and dull, and I didn't like it one bit. You should put in music through the whole game so that it fills the silence and lets people have a funner time.

    Balance: 4
    This was a well balanced map. It wasn't hard at all if you just did the right stuff, but that made it difficult, because if you forgot to react and move away so the skeleton would stop, then you die. Also, the traps were easy to avoid, but if someone didn't pay attention, then they lost instantly. That made it very well balanced. You still could have used difficulty levels, but you didn't, so I wasn't free to choose if it got harder or easier. This was minus half a point. And a big problem that I had was after I had gone to the spring of healing so I could heal all the way for the next battle. One, it should have healed you by integers, and continuasly, so that the fight against the bugs wouldn't be so hard. And two, the fight against all the scarabs and scorpions was very hard. I had to draw a few of them away, and then kill them, and then wait a few painful minutes for the self regeneration to heal. Then I had to keep going until I had killed them all. This made that part very frustrating and long. So there, you get minus another half point. The final battle was equally balanced, I did die once, but then I realized I had to keep moving, because the mummy was a poor shot. So then, I did manage to win, and I was happy.

    Creativity: 4
    Simply amazing. The creativity was great. I mean, the type of game play itself was creative. You could never imagine taking the real time strategy game that age of mythology is and turning it into a role playing game. This in itself was fun and innovative. And the traps. Oh man, this was fun. The pitfalls were slightly away from amazing because it was instant shutdown. You should have made it so it showed him falling and dying and then making the losing box go in the middle of the screen. The walls closing in on me was fun, I actually lost once from it. I was disappointed that there was only one of those though. You had all of the right units named correctly, so that made the game fun further. There was not a quicksave right before the big fight against all the bugs, so I had to start back a long way after losing that.

    Map Design: 5
    Ok, I myself know about how map design should go right. I get really critical here, so I have my own category scoring methods. I beleive that I am singly addressing you Scarr, as you did the map design. This category shows the rewarding of all your hard efforts, and I believe you will be pleased.

    Terrain-This would be how well you put on the terrains and mixed them. You hit it perfect here. The ground was all mixed and made exactly right to the environment. I liked it.

    Elevation-This is the elevation differences in your map. You did have elevation in parts, but not natural and gradual. Lots of it was flat. BUT, this was set in a temple, and being in a building, it would naturally be flat. So, you were not negatively effected here.

    Nature-This would be the natural objects that you place within the map to make the nature seem real. You did fine here as well. Grass, rocks, stones. It was all in the right places and perfect.

    Life-This would be the opposite side of nature, the actual units that you interact with, like buildings and people. The buildings and structures were amazing. You have taken the concept of overlapping, and abused it to a point that I could never measure. It was great, how you could take one simple item, like the hammer of Thor, and make entire buildings out of it. And I beleive that they are Egyptian. They are stone blocks, and Egyptians used that material all the time. All in all, great work.

    Story/Instructions: 4
    This was a great story. It was original, creative, thoughtful, and suspenseful. I greatly enjoyed it, and making for a tomb raider type game, it was very interesting. However, I had to sadly take away a point because the objectives messed up for me. At one of them, about the third fourth or fifth, it made it look like I had completed it when I hadn't, and there was nothing after it. This made it look like I had finished with the game, but I knew otherwise, I was angry because I couldn't see the hints with it like that. Also, sometimes, the important objectives, like the one telling you to run to the alter and you are safe there from the skeletons, and the one at the end telling what to do to fight the mummy, didn't show up fast enough. This gave me a few seconds to wonder what to do and attack the enemies, losing, and not knowing that I shouldn't have.

    Additional Comments: I waited for a while for this, and I was only dissapointed by the size of the map. It was pretty small, I expected at lease 400 by 400. However, it still is a good solid 30 minutes of great fun, and that makes it gold. And also, I give my greatest thanks to Scarr(azuesdude2) for his outstanding and amazing map design, and Azur_Fire, for his complex and inventive use of triggers. Thanks both of you.

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    Map Design5.0
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