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Aden the Druid: DEMO

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Style: Mix
# of Scenarios: 1 (9 in real thing)
Version: AoM: The Titans
This is a Demo of my upcoming camaign, Aden the Druid.

After his Master’s murder at the hands of the evil Shadow Lord, Aden journeys to the Druids’ Council located at the Crossroad of the Realms, seeking refuge from the evil that killed his master.

The Druids’ Council explains that the Shadow Lord has escaped from the mountain in which he was imprisoned and seeks a bloody revenge upon the Order of the Druid. He has gathered a group of corrupt druids, luring them from the Order with promises of power. He calls this group the Shadow Circle, his primary means of wreaking havoc upon the world. However, the members of the Shadow Circle never quit the Order, but pretend to be a part of the Order, whilst spying for the Shadow Circle. Grouped with his most trusted comrades, the Shadowed Ones, he plots his notorious plans. The downfall of the Druids is at hand. Among the many Druids trying to stop this, the gifted Druid, Aden must use all his skill to stop this, or lose everything…

(If you didn't understand this the info is in the readme)

If you play this please comment, this is my first download, but I'll take any criticisim.

Check out the Showcase at:
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
After reading some of the comments from some kind community members I managed to get the scenario to work. But I must say it is really fun it was challenging enough that it didn't get boring.

Balance: 3
I had to do some tweaking in the editor as it only seemed to start me as Mother Nature, as I said before it's quite challenging especially considering you are a lone Son of Osiris battling droves of bandits. It did feel a bit overwhelming

Creativity: 5
This is by far one of the most creative scenarios I have played in a long time. The minigames were amazing, although the hydra although it got a bit of confusing after the maze as I couldn't get into the town for the relic. But I guess I must have missed something

Map Design: 5
The map was a joy to play on. Amazing terrains and great use of a wide variety of scenery to make out a lush paradise! Brilliant!

Story/Instructions: 3
This is one of my few gripes though. It was very confusing. I got stuck after the wadjets because I didn't get must help from then on, a few hints or an objectives screen would have been helpful.

Additional Comments:
I have to give you credit, it is amazing and it's only a demo. I am really looking forward to the full release.
Swift sword
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Well, I'd like to start off by saying it was a fun, playable scenario. No lag, however, a complete lack of instructions took you down in harshly. It was fun, but that lack of instructions caused me to play it over again once. It was also a little repttitive- shoot lightining, shoot lightning. The environments were nice, so you get a 4.0 here.

Balance: 3
Well...This is pretty much the first time I've had to take off for a scenario being to HARD. There's a complete lack of healing options, and the godpowers didn't seem to have any way to be used again except for the original 2. Oh, and you didn't take off original god powers (bolt) so some have an advantage.
We had to face a mass of enemies, so it was a bit harder than it should've been. You did edit stats, but perhaps give Son of O a bit of a higher hitpoint stat. It was near impossible.

Creativity: 4
Well, it's very hard to get creative around AoM because most options have been used before, but the story is sort of new. The puzzles in this scenario were nice, albeit simple, although a lack of instruction forced me to start over when Lightning statues killed me. The map design creativity was fairly simpilistic. My standards have been driven wayy up recently, so I do expect a bit more to be possible in this category

Map Design: 4
Well, the map design was good. Not great, but good. There could've been far more embellishments besides the rocks and bushes that were the primary objects. I did love the mist in the mountain area, and the rocks+ grass/bushes looked nice. I'd suggest adding more terrains (gaia forest, grass dirt 50 in some small areas) more tree types and more embellishments like rotting logs (they may've been used, but use them more frequently!) flowers, and gaia flowers.

Story/Instructions: 2
Well, I hate to give this category such a low score, but by the review guidelines, I have to. There were no instructions, and while it may've seemed none were needed, they were. I got killed by statues of lightning, and had no clue I wasn't supposed to try and kill them until viewing the map in the editor. The lack of instructions is an auto-3. And, the story wasn't well developed at all. For that matter, it was pratically non-existant in everything but the readme. There were no cinematics explaining it, and the few messages, while nice, did little for this. Try and put in a cinematic or two for the story and make sure to add objectives- it's a neccessity for a high score here.

Additional Comments:
This was a good scenario that needs some touching up on. However, there are very good ideas here, and it's a reccommended download to everyone. I'm sorry if the review seemed harsh, but my standards have been rising frequently lately as more and more great scenarios come out. I hope this was helpful, and I can't wait for the full campaign- I'm dying to know the ending to the story :D
Edit: So it's easier, I'll give a rundown of the suggestions here:
~Make it more balanced- either healing options and tougher fights or easier fights but no healing.

~I didn't mention this, but different lightings are nice- the normal one is a tad boring. Nottud'd editor allows a wider variety to surface- take your pick.

~More embellishments such as rotting logs, and flowers would look great. Keep the mist, it looked wonderful to me.

~Add objectives so people don't get confused.

~Make sure you've got some interesting boss fights- it may not be an rpg, but it's always nice. As it is, the gameplay is a tad boring.

[Edited on 10/11/09 @ 09:14 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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