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Great Tirok

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Style: Mix
# of Scenarios: 3
Version: AoM: The Titans
First Scenario Is Intro, Just lags at the end with exiting.

Second -is You behind Double Stacked Trojan Walls Under invasion By Darius king of Babylon. (Play On moderate or Easy unless you want a near impossible Scenario)

Third- Under Construction (Its done but Trigger work is going bananas) :(

Fourth- Most Challenging where you take the Battle to the Heart Of Babylon itself. - guys for this Scenario MAKE SURE THE LIGHTHOUSE DOESN'T GET DESTROYED or it will completely change the Objectives. (and your fun).
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Your Scenarios very playable due to the way you thought about computer Vs. human, and that if You had those same Gaming Conditions and Put 2 computer players the A.I. (Babylon) Would Always win, Forcing the player to think Criticaly and actually immerse themselves in the action, rather then let the computer do all the work for them. I Didnt award a 5 However Because some of your triggers made the player lack interest, such as the reinforcments trigger in the First Scenario going off a minute early.

Balance: 5
I gave a Full score here because The armies and The conditions of play were perfecty Balanced in your scnerio, When I first PLayed this and I see a titan Gate(First Scenrio) I thought You were just another Guy putting Titans In for the SFX, but I could tell you actually Tested this over and over as when I tried to Defeat the Babylonians without the Titan I found it Impossible on Moderate Diffictuly, and It was Just Possible when the Titan Came into Play. Well Done!

Creativity: 5
You get a Five here due to the fact that You Mixed up almost all historical Ledgends and put them in one great big scenario Like the, Intro reminds me of the Movie 300 when the agean Sea is Crushing all the Babalonians, Yet As the Cinematics furthers on you see a Monstrous Force Obliterating a Town, also The last scenario reminded me of Alexander the Great as He moves in with his Forces united from a sea, and Conquers the Mighty City of Babylon. Great Ideas here, Be sure to think up different Storylines to spice things up a bit in your other Campaigns.

Map Design: 5
Now, your map design was VERY nice almsot every bit of land was done over and those walls in the first scenario were pretty Impressive, Obviusly taking Considerable time to make them double high, double thick.. however you didn't just stop there you elavted the land Between them to give room for archers and Ballista on its tops, Giving you a real sence of actually BEING THERE, rather than just watching a game. And your Cinematic in your final Scenario was just WOW!, with a hint of a comedic element and perfectly timed music, your last scenario Makes Babylon The city it is boasted about so much in the previous Scenrios. One Big enourmous Mighty army, obvousbly needed to come from One big enourmous Mighty City. eh? :) Map Desgn is probably your best feild. as your mapping fits perfectly in the story lines and Gameplay Not just being overdone and just good to look at.

Story/Instructions: 4
Your Story line was very interesting Starting as People being invaded by an enourmous army and how small they are having to crush that army and the places from witch it came, I didnt award a 5 however because of the instructions being a bit Overdone, taking away the sence of YOU being in control. Objectives are supposed to Tell you what to do... Not HOW to do it.

Additional Comments:
Just simplify your objectives, and perfect all your triggering and youll be a 5/5 Guy, Never stop making Campaigns , because this is just your Second campaign and your getting high Scores a few weeks more practice and you'll be as good as... (A master of campaign making) ;)

Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
(Ok, lets start. In playability I gave you a 3 'cause the campaign was entertaining and very well designed because it kept you in the game.
But I have a bug in the third scenario, where I have to attack Darius's city: I destroyed the two Sphinx Wonders but the Titan never came :( So I can't take over the city only with my army.)

Balance: 5
(The balance was great. It seems that there are lots of enemy units and that they will crush you. But if you know how to use your units wisely, defend or attack the city is not a hard objective. It's very well balanced.)

Creativity: 4
(Altough this styles of story are very seen here, this makes an exception. The trigger work was great, the prologue very good, quite good story ... I could see that you putted a lot of effort on the making of the campaign.)

Map Design: 4
(I loved your cities. Tirok and Babylon were very well disegned. Altough the maps too. There wasn't a bunch of eyecandy, but the way you did it fixed really well in the context.)

Story/Instructions: 5
(Here I gave you a 5 because I have seen this type of stories everywhere, but, how I said before, sometimes the way of how you make the things change the final result. And that's what happened here. The story was entertaining, and the instructions VERY clear, so I decided to give you a 5.)

Additional Comments:
I really enjoyed the scenarios altough they were not completed. I hope you do so :)

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Map Design4.5
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