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Heroines 3: Winter Solstice

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# of Players: 1-5
Version: AoM: The Titans
The final part in the top-rated Heroines series provides extremely rich gameplay in a beautiful, dynamic environment.

The gameplay would be best described as a mixture of tactical warfare, role playing and a boss battle, but there is much more. Custom spells, terrain effects, towns, recruits, morale, a shop...

There are a lot more features, but do not let that scare you - the learning curve is very smooth. Just play it and have fun!

Please post a review!

This is a true omniplayer scenario. Play this scenario on your own, or with up to five humans. Especially player five is brilliantly controlled by an artificial intelligence.

You can play this without teams, or in teams of two or four (player 5 alone).

View the detailed showcase here (AOMH) or here (raw).
View the release thread here (AOMH).

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Swift sword
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
What can I say? You're 3 for 3 in playability perfection. The map didn't lag, and it's extremely fun to play. Capability could be included here in that you can play this singleplayer OR multiplayer- a unique feature that very few maps have. The music at the beginning was good, and the cinematic was short but sweet. The only flaw was the edge of the map viewable in the cinematics. Near perfection.

Balance: 5
It's kind of hard to give you anything but a 5 here...every player is equally matched, and the triangle seemed pretty good to me. I will say I wish the difference wasn't so evident, because if you lose the wrong heroine and your opponent loses one that's not needed as much, you're doomed. Basically, a infantry and cavalier is going lose to an infantry and an archer unless you get very lucky or have alot of bonuses or your opponents are just flat out stupid. Despute those things, it was great. I had my archer on a clifftop but Kabuto could still reach her, which was good. I couldn't abuse the fly option, and it's hard to get that perfect.

Creativity: 5
All of the heroines games have been creative, but this brought yet a new aspect to the game. Kabuto is a fun, exciting new aspect- you have to not only be watching your captured towns for enemies, you have to watch that he doesn't come after you. The abilities of the heroines were pretty cool, although I wish there had been multiplayer hotkeys if they're possible, athough I can't blame you if the trick isn't public yet (SOV's doing it for Half-blood, right?) The idea that terrain effects stats is new as well- and very cool. Over all, as good as it gets.

Map Design: 5
The map design was effectively good. It didn't lag the map at all, and the thing I love most about heroines is the map design isn't there to LOOK good. It's there to add strategy to the map. For example, Kabuto was chasing my hersir so I put him on a narrow cliff-passage Kabuto couldn't easily reach. Not only was this strategical map design evident, there was also some nice bits of look-good eyecandy. Nothing stood out, but I loved it- fading into the background, it seemed to fit the setting perfectly.

Story/Instructions: 5
The instructions were great-the cinematic told me everything I needed to know and the objectives were there if I needed them. I do wish the triangle had been in the objectives, because I forgot it a couple times, but overall great job here. The story was simple enough, albeit a tad nonexistant, it was still there. The few messages that popped up were great, and really provided everything we needed. The map design was also very fitting, because it basically TOLD the story. Great job in both categories.

Additional Comments:
It's hard to find a better map to play around AOMH- I'll vouch for it. Everything is great, and overall this makes for one of the best multiplayer scnearios out there. A highly recommended download to everyone.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4.5 (ROUND UP)
Well, to start out with, superb job! The game was 100% enjoyable from start to finish. The terrain effects were a great addition, as well as the rampaging Titan (I forget its "formal name"). The gameplay is quite strategic for having 3 or 4 units. The two ways to win are simple, yet somewhat hard to achieve. I really enjoyed the few single-player type of themes. The numerous features, such as relic upgrades, and hero's from towns, really added to the strategic gameplay.

Unfortunately, there was a problem: lag. It wasn't bad, but it was continuous. I don't know if its just my computer, but I DID have lag when I played single-player... Oh well, playability doesn't deserve a 4, so have a 5.

Balance: 5
There was absolutely nothing to make the map uneven. The only possible thing I could think of is starting positions, which I find no REAL difference in. The unit system was very easy to grasp, most likely because its closely related to the normal AoTT unit system. The 3 villages where spread out nicely, each with there own weaknesses and strengths (choke points, etc). No problems here.

Creativity: 5
Well, what can I say? Sure somethings here and there were a bit ordinary, but you added original features to these things. Some might say "This map is to similar to the other two Heroines", but its a trilogy, so who cares... I don't have anything else to say for this.

Map Design: 5
B-E-A-UTIFUL! I never thought it was possible to make a good looking swamp in a snowy map.

The map was superbly designed. Each city had numerous ways for access. There were many strategic points to take advantage of. The eyecandy was brilliant on pretty much every part of the map. There isn't to much to say for this section, very self explanatory, I'll leave it here.

Story/Instructions: 5
Story? Bah, who cares. It was good enough for a multiplayer map.

The cinematic at the start was great, very easy for any newbie to learn. It wasn't very long or annoying either, which I find rare in most scenarios. The basics were well explained, and the camera shots helped explain and weren't in bad spots either. Although not everything was covered, that's actually a nice addition if you ask me. The random messages got anything that you missed, if it really matters.

Additional Comments:
UBER DUPER AMAZING LOL! Yah nothing to say here really. Keep up the good work.

[Edited on 12/01/09 @ 09:06 PM]

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Map Design5.0
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